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  • Of the mind/mental


  • 1. Lesson 5: Crime and deviance
    L.O. How do we explain criminal and deviant behaviour?
  • 2. Learning Objective:
    What are the different explanations for crime?
    Learning Skills: Reasoning and making links
  • 3. What is happening?
  • 4. Biological explanation
    Are we born criminals?
    Lombroso 1876 believed that
    You could tell if a person was a
    Criminal by the shape of
    their head, jaw, forehead and
    What are2 questions you would like to ask Lombroso if he walked into the room right now…
  • 5. Lombroso
    Features of a criminal:
    Sloping forehead
    Long arms
    Large ears
    Asymmetrical head and face
    If you had these features and liked tattoos then Lombroso said you were a savage primitive man who was born a criminal!
  • 6. Characteristics of a criminal
  • 7. Lombroso
    Lombroso studied prisoners in Italian prisons I in 1876.
    He said that criminals were a separate species and did not have any morals.
    He distinguished different types of criminals
    murderers were said to have:
    Cold, glassy, blood-shot eyes, curly, abundant hair, strong jaws, long ears and thin lips
    Whilst sex offenders have:
    Glinting eyes, strong jaws, thick lips, lots of hair and projecting ears.'
  • 8. What questions would you like to ask Lombroso
  • 9. A Biological Explanation for criminal behaviour?
    Tony Mobley:
    his lawyer argued his
    genes meant he was born
    to kill.
    One of you is a defence lawyer one a prosecutor of Tony Mobley: Discuss this case.
    14 care homes.
    Post traumatic stress.
  • 10. Sociologists view of criminal behaviour
    How crime and criminals are socially constructed
    Socially constructed: views of what is criminal or deviant behaviour are influenced by the values and norms of the society we live in.
    So… society creates what is criminal and deviant if it goes against the norms and values of that time.
  • 11. Socially constructed
    Laws can change from culture to culture and time to time.
    Before 1967 to be a practising homosexual was illegal.
  • 12. Psychological explanations
    PMS: what is it?
    abdominal Bloating, Cramps, including leg cramps, Swelling of body parts, hypoglycaemia
    Depression, anxiety, Anger , Guilt, Fatigue, Aggressiveness
    Intolerance, Irritability, Restlessness, Sugar and Salt Craving, Increased intake of Alcohol, Hysteria
  • 13. PMS case study
    Do you think the women mentioned in the case study should have been acquitted (freed) for their crimes?
    Yes… because
  • 14. Maternal deprivation
    Research has shown that early childhood deprivation, lack of secure attachment in childhood could also lead to a person developing a criminal personality as they are looking for attention and affection from elsewhere.
    Deprivation: a lack of something
  • 15. Explanations for criminal and deviant behaviour so far…
    Explain one theory to the person sat next to you