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  • 1. Crime and Deviance
  • 2. What is this ???
    • What is it?
    • What do you do with it?
    • When do you use it?
    • Is it normal ?
    • Is it legal ?
  • 3. Learning Objectives
    • L.O 1 - what is the difference between
    • crime and deviance?
    • L.O 2 - what is meant by ‘deviance is a
    • socially defined behaviour’ ?
  • 4. L.O. 1- What is the difference between crime & deviance?
    • Are these the same thing?
    • If not, how do they differ?
  • 5.
    • A crime is…
    • An act of behaviour that break the formal, written laws of a given society
    • Deviance is…
    • Behaviour that does not conform to the dominant norms of a specific society
    • It involves the breaking of social rules
  • 6. Criminal or deviant?
    • Study the image provided :
    • what is happening?
    • is this act; criminal, deviant or both ?
    Acts Criminal Deviant Both Stealing a bottle of milk from a doorstep Taking paper clips home from work Crossing a pedestrian crossing when the ‘red man’ is displayed Keeping money you have been given in error in your change in a supermarket Exceeding the speed limit by 5mph
  • 7. L.O.2 - When is meant by ‘deviance is socially defined behaviour’?
    • Deviance is behaviour that does not conform to
    • society’s norms and values.
    • Society has ‘normal’ ways of behaving (norms).
    • When these are broken…this is called deviance.
    Deviance is ‘socially defined behaviour ’
  • 8. What do we mean by socially defined behaviour?
    • Social setting includes:
    • Time
    • Place
    • Social situation
    • Culture
    Whether an act is seen as deviant or not depends upon the social setting where it takes place
  • 9. Deviant or normal ? Shouting Nudity Eating Kissing Breaking someone’s nose Claiming to be Elvis Presley Shooting someone Drinking alcohol Playing a vuvuzela Playing a vuvuzela Settings Acts Assembly On a beach Classroom During war At the dinner table At a party A place of religious worship A Sporting event
  • 10. Deviance is socially defined…
    • Time..
    • ‘ when an act takes place’
    • time of the day
    • in history
    • drinking alcohol at 8am
    • July 2007 – Smoking banned
    • in public places
    • 1974 USA – being gay was no longer illegal
    Social situation.. ‘ the context in which an act takes place’
    • flag waving at a funeral
    • laughing in an exam
    Culture.. ‘ different cultures have different expectations of appropriate behaviour’
    • use of cannabis in many Arab states is legal when alcohol use is not
    Place.. ‘ where the act takes place’
    • nudity in public/
    • private
    • killing in wartime
  • 11. Sociologists believe that ‘deviance is relative’
    • The ‘context’ that a behaviour occurs in determines if it is seen as deviant or not.
    • Crime and deviance are defined in relation to certain standards in cultures at different moments in time.
    • No standards are fixed forever!
  • 12. In the summertime when the weather's high, you can stretch right up and touch the sky, when the weather's fine, you got women, you got women on your mind. Have a drink, have a drive, go out and see what you can find. No standards are fixed forever!
  • 13. Homework
    • ‘ Explain what factors may influence whether an act is
    • seen as deviant or not.’
    • Short essay
    • Define deviance
    • Explain what is meant by ‘deviance is socially defined’
    • Explain each factor (time/place/culture/social situation)
    • Give examples of each factor
    • Conclude by mentioning ‘deviance is relative’
    • Deadline : Tuesday 6 th July
    Next Lesson : How much crime is taking place in society?