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  • 1. The Big Education Quiz
    Objective: Revise key areas in sociology of education
    Total Marks Available = 63
  • 2. Round 1 (7 points available)
    Name 2 reasons why compulsory schooling was introduced for all?
    Which group argue that education provides only positive roles?
    What is meant by meritocratic?
    Name 2 functions of education according to functionalists?
    What is meant by equality of opportunity?
  • 3. Round 2 (6 points available)
    Name 2 functions of education according to Marxists?
    Which sociologist argued that education is part of the ideological state apparatus?
    Bowles and Gintis argue that school mirrors the workplace – what is this theory called?
    What is the hidden curriculum?
    Who wrote ‘Learning to Labour’?
  • 4. Round 3 (15 points available)
    In what year was the Tripartite System introduced?
    Which three schools were introduced as part of this system?
    Name two criticisms of the Tripartite System?
    What type of schools were introduced in 1965?
    What is meant by the term catchment area?
    What is a selective school?
    Give three features of the 1988 Education Reform Act?
    Name 3 ways in which the government have tried to improve standards in schools?
  • 5. Round 4 (10 points available)
    Name 5 factors that affect class and achievement?
    What is meant by material deprivation?
    Name one way in which the government have attempted to tackle class inequality?
    What concept did Bourdieu come up with?
    Which sociologist researched speech codes in schools?
    What is a self-fulfilling prophecy?
  • 6. Round 5 (8 points available)
    Which ethnic group are the least likely to perform well in education?
    Name two reasons for this trend?
    Which ethnic group are said to be the highest achievers in education?
    Name one reason for this?
    Name two sociologists who have studied ethnicity and achievement?
    By what grades is achievement in education usually measured?
  • 7. Round 6 (11 points available)
    Name 3 reasons why girls achievements have improved?
    Name 4 reasons why boys are said to be underachieving?
    Name 2 sociologists who have researched gender and educational achievement?
    By what percentage are girls said to outperform boys?
    Which is the most important factor affecting achievement: class, ethnicity or gender?
  • 8. Round (6 points available)
    The process where children are taught to respect authority, accept rules etc is known as what?
    Which sociologist studied male subcultures in school?
    Name 2 of the groups his research found?
    What is meant by setting?
    The process of all children being taught together is known as what?