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  1. 1. GC @ RFD A2 Crime and Deviance Theory Crime - Under ScrutinyDifferent sociological perspectives explain crime differently. They share certain ‘ concepts’ ( status frustration can cause deviance) but they explain things slightly differently. In terms of social class, many people see crime as a working class issue and caused by something within‘the culture of ‘those people’ – this distorts our perceptions and lead us to underestimate crimes by middle-class and wealthy people.Good sociologists should be able to stand back and explore the many sides to the issues and thevarious contributions to our understanding of deviance. Most sociologists in fact agree on a greatdeal, but at the end of the day they may have a core idea and perspective that they feel is thestrongest explanation for things.In this activity, you will mainly focus on the Marxist viewpoint, but you will compare it to otherarguments to show similarities and differences. Remember to use the different branches ofMarxism. THE ACTIVITYYou are a team of investigative reporters working for a Marxist magazine called Power to thePeople (feel free to change this title if you can think of a better one).The editorial team thought it would be a good idea this week to show the valuable insights ofMarxists arguments on crime compared with others that exist, to show how Marxists are moreopen-minded and can offer a much fuller, structural explanation of crime in capitalist society.So this is a special CRIME edition. You should;Compare to Functionalist - subcultural theories, labelling theories (you might have to apply lastyear’s education theory here.)Your magazine should include: Interviews Adverts / accommodation for rent etc Articles Lonely hearts – just a thought! Advice -Consider the following: 1 A sound review of the argument you are comparing yourself to 2 Consider how Marxists are similar to and different from those ideas. 3 Use key studies – but present in a news style e.g. ‘In a recent TV debate Lauren Snider highlighted ………’ 4 Think about the concepts you need to use. 5 Examples of laws/crimes which illustrate your case. 6 Use current issues where possible – e.g. summer riots 7 If possible use Desktop publisher in a newspaper format. 1
  2. 2. GC @ RFD A2 Crime and Deviance Theory Task Tracking SheetBy the end of lesson 1 we have decided1234We need to do the following by the start of lesson 2At the beginning of lesson 2 we are going toBy the end of lesson 2 we have accomplished; 2
  3. 3. GC @ RFD A2 Crime and Deviance TheoryLesson 3 - We need to do the following to complete our task NOTES – problems etc 3
  4. 4. GC @ RFD A2 Crime and Deviance Theory EvaluationHow pleased are you with your newspaper?Which piece do think is the best and why?Do you think you have contributed equally to the task?Do you think you have worked well as a group?Do you feel more confident in your knowledge of Marxism?Do you feel you were able to apply that knowledge to the task successfully?Which Assessment Objective skills do you think you have practiced? Knowledge Understanding Analysis Application EvaluationBe prepared to explain with evidence how / where you have done this.How do you think this task could have been done better – what could improve yournewspaper? 4