Putting The We In Web Media Ecology Conference 2009


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Melissa Sterry's presentation on the role of creativity in building Web 2.0 collaborative platforms and environmental messaging - shown at the Media Ecology & Post Industrial Production Conference at the Innovation Forum at University of Salford on 3rd November 2009.

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Putting The We In Web Media Ecology Conference 2009

  1. 1. Putting the ‘We’ in Web Creativity's Role in Creating Collaborative Web 2.0 Platforms & Environmental Digital Messaging By Melissa Sterry of Societás
  2. 2. ME ME ME
  3. 3. It’s my space, it’s all about me! It’s my channel, it’s about me! Guess what, it’s also about me!
  4. 4. It’s all about me, but who really cares? Who really cares who my ‘top’ friends are? Who really cares how many ‘friends’ I have? Who really wants to know what I ate for breakfast? Who really wants one of my vampire bites? Who really cares to see those photos of my boozy night out? Who really wants that virtual cake I sent them?
  5. 5. nobody really cares… they were bored. What will they do when they get bored of vampire bites, virtual cakes and reading what their ‘friend’ ate for breakfast?
  6. 6. WE WE WE
  7. 7. Biomimicry - mimicking natural systems when building online communities.
  8. 8. Tweehive’s plan bee… A crowd of bee enthusiasts invite friends to collaborate We gather on Ning to brainstorm/exchange emails Tweehive’s Twitter page is launched Together the growing crowd creates a ‘buzz’ online Day I of Tweehive and we enact a bee colony for the day Loop feedback, continue growing the ‘virtual’ colony Day II - the hive has grown and we create an even bigger buzz Third & Final Day of Tweehive - it goes offline too at a festival
  9. 9. The ‘people’s premiere’… is about everyone, not just the A list!
  10. 10. A Pacific island screening of The Age of Stupid
  11. 11. Harness crowd-power to promote your issue.
  12. 12. ‘We’ becomes the national, thereon global community.
  13. 13. The Age of Stupid from grass roots to government… Crowd-fund a film on a shoestring budget of £450K Gather an army of online supporters, local to national to global Create your own crowd-created film distribution network Premier the film in the UK, Australia and & Zealand Premier the film in USA - in over 444 movie theatres Premier the film worldwide - overtaking the Stars Wars global premier Launch 10:10 at the Tate - 10% reduction in 2010 Invite the the world to cut its carbon footprint by 10% in 2010 Invite your supporters to lobby Parliament - 10K emails sent to 96% of MPs
  14. 14. Group problem-solving on and offline - giving people space to raise the issues they care about.
  15. 15. Creating campaigns around people’s lifestyles - making it easier for them to get involved.
  16. 16. The Nag getting it off your chest… Move from a magazine where writers tell you what they think… to an online forum where you can share concerns and ideas Taking it offline too… share a pint down your local, share ideas… load them via your iPhone to The Nag online forum Get together with your mates, get together with The Nag community to tackle the issues you really care about
  17. 17. Don’t think it’s just NGOs leading on social issues; PLCs are taking bold moves too.
  18. 18. M&S Plan A COP15 Quilt - bringing faces and voices to a petition.
  19. 19. Upload your portrait, thoughts, logo or an image.
  20. 20. Link up with related campaigns and cross-pollinate your audience.
  21. 21. Engage your readers in the editorial process… let them tell you what they want to read!
  22. 22. Art as activism - a growing global movement connecting through the Internet.
  23. 23. Even the UN are in on the act! Latest COP15 summit news streamed through Twitter.
  24. 24. crowd-powered easy simple FUN bold meaningful original connected The common traits of successful online environmental and ethical campaigns.
  25. 25. GET IN TOUCH hello@societas.ltd.uk http://societas.ltd.uk Skype: societas @societas_