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Staying connected with family, friends and
service providers is of primary importance
to the Retired digital persona group...
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Social Frontier | Digital Consumer Persona Profile Retiree | Wendy Meadley


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The Social Frontier is the term coined by Wendy Meadley (aka @SocialWendy) in 2009 to identify the state of ongoing change in social and digital marketing reflected as a continually new frontier. This book is simply a starting place for experienced marketing & communications professionals to translate their current expertise into this relatively new discipline of social media marketing. What you’ll find here is not a prescriptive approach but a framework to shape your own strategy and plans with proven business-focused models. Should you want to dig deeper into these, or have them expertly applied to your organization or brand, feel free to reach out to me to explore the possibilities.
Thanks for joining me on the Social Frontier!
Here's the link to the Social Frontier on Amazon #social #ebook #kindle

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Transcript of "Social Frontier | Digital Consumer Persona Profile Retiree | Wendy Meadley"

  1. 1. Staying connected with family, friends and service providers is of primary importance to the Retired digital persona group. They are on Facebook to see their grandchildren grow up, their mobile phones now share photos with their friend instead of photo prints. Accessing shopping of all types and health care services continues to grow as businesses and providers increase their digital product and service offerings. Their digital presence is based on their necessity and personality. Life Purpose | Connect with family and friends where they are, on various digital technologies and channels, on Facebook and/ or Classmates social channels Connectivity | Still have an analog phone in addition to the recent edition of a mobile feature or smart phone, have a home computer that may be a laptop or a shared computer at a facility Personal | If not working for money, this digital persona group takes the time to travel, entertain themselves, and shop online in addition to photo-sharing with their extended family and friends Digital Persona Group The Retiree 2014 Digital Listeners Brand Loyal Facebook Grandparents Online Holiday Shoppers Analog News Readers Digital Environment Experiences Paper Payers Active Searchers eMailers Coffee Shop Meeters ®2014 Wendy Meadley | All Rights Reserved. Creative Commons License 2.0 Subscribers