Using social media to reach youth markets in india


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Talk given by Sanjay Mehta, our Jt. CEO, at Social India Conference, in Bangalore, on 13th Nov, 2011.

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Using social media to reach youth markets in india

  1. 1. Using SocialMedia to reach YouthMarkets in India Sanjay MehtaJt CEO, Social Wavelength
  2. 2. Using Social Media to reachYouthMarke ts in India? Sanjay MehtaJt CEO, Social Wavelength
  3. 3. Using SocialMedia to reach YouthMarkets in India ? Sanjay MehtaJt CEO, Social Wavelength
  4. 4. Using SocialMedia to reach YouthMarkets in India Sanjay MehtaJt CEO, Social Wavelength
  5. 5. A Quick Introduction: About Me
  6. 6. One of the Top5 IT Companies in the World
  7. 7. What we will cover:1. Social Media Strategy 1012. Some Youth Market Insights3. Brands and Youth Markets4. Case Study
  8. 8. Social Media Strategy 101 (slide 1/2)WHAT is Social Media?•The Online Technologies and Practices..•That People Use…•To•Share Opinions, Insights, Experiences and PerspectivesSo where do BRANDS come in here?? What Opportunities do Brands have?•Listening•Talking•Engaging•Evangelizing•Adopting
  9. 9. Social Media Strategy 101 (slide 2/2)And so the Strategy? Back to the 4 P’s•People •Authors •Critics •Collectors or Curators •Joiners •Consumers •Inactive•Purpose•Plan•Process
  10. 10. Some Insights about the Youth Market
  11. 11. FUN…
  12. 12. ME…
  13. 13. FAME…
  14. 14. BOLLYWOOD…
  15. 15. MUSIC…
  16. 16. NOW…
  17. 17. HUMOUR…
  18. 18. THRILL…
  19. 19. ROMANCE…
  20. 20. TECH…
  21. 21. Brands and YouthMarkets?
  22. 22. Enough andmorestatisticsabout theYouthMarket, I amsure..
  23. 23. The Youth Market, then.. •EVERYONE wants a slice.. •Wanting is NOT the same as Doing! •Still use Old Wine in New Bottle •Traditional Media •New Media but old ways!
  24. 24. What’s youth more likely to be doing? And yet, where does the marketing money go??
  25. 25. •Well thought out strategyIt’s not about carpet • Measurable, clear objectivebombing anymore… drivenUsing Social Media then..
  26. 26. The way that the youth takePurchase Decisions has changed
  27. 27. Get into the youth’s buying decision journey i. Awareness / Consideration ii. Evaluate – critical touch point iii. Buy – Point of Sale Issues iv. The Loyalty Loop - Advocacy
  28. 28. “For the critical touch points, have you got Budgets to Spare?”
  29. 29. •Most budgets allocated to creativeand media buy•Allocations are usually aboutplatform choices (radio / TV / Print),with digital getting loose change•This doesn’t work – for youthmarkets at least•Also need budgets for “non-work”areas like creating, managing andmonitoring owned and earned media
  31. 31. The Channel [v] ChallengeWhat Was Involved?i. Target Group: college students from all across the country (core TG for [v] anyway)ii. Event: India’s largest inter collegiate event, Indiafest, in Goaiii. Reach as large a number as possible, in as short a time as possible, at as low a cost as possible ** as always, the marketing wish list 
  32. 32. Used Our Learning in Social Media What works, what doesn’t? A very simple idea..1. As a brand, don’t try to create Farmvilles – keep it simple2. Causes that get large scale participation are not about ‘changing the world’, but about simpler issues in life3. Passion drives viral engagement4. Arm chair activism works5. Impulsive participation is good6. Easy way to recruit more7. In doing all this, stay close to your core TG and to your core focus area
  33. 33. What was involved?1. Application ran on [v]’sFacebook page2. On the Facebook page, there was a Pre-like lure, and Post-like revelation (fan build strategy)3. The Display Picture of the [v] Facebook page promoted the activity4. The simple 3-step participation was highlighted5. Simply go and ‘like’ your college; if you don’t find your college, add it, and then ‘like’ it6. One could vote for more than one college7. On the mini-page for each college, one could see names and photos of all those who had voted for that college8. A Leaderboard was shown prominently; if your college was not there, you could work on it!9. An ‘invite friends’ link also beckoned10. Sabse Liked College was promoted on various college forums and groups11. Regular posts happened from [v] FB page
  34. 34. All about Increasing Awareness And Amplifying Growth Through Contest
  35. 35. Results of Sabse Liked Collegei. Ran from Dec 12, 2010 to Jan 31, 2011ii. [v] fan base on Dec 12: 343,185iii. [v] fan base on Jan 31: 648,079iv. Growth of 89% in just 50 days!!!
  36. 36. THANK YOU Sanjay Mehta Joint CEO, Social Wavelength +91-98200-40918 @sm63Since I see a lot of students in the audience, I must add this…WE ARE HIRING! If you are interested to work on Facebook and Twitter all daylong  , then write to