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  • It’s obviously an ensemble sales strategy, and it does a couple of things:
    - It leverages the wisdom and creativity of crowds to market the product
    It provides social validation of fashion choices to enhance selling.
    This is a step beyond user reviews. You can think of it as user-generated merchandising.
    It leverages the wisdom and creativity of crowds to market the product.
    It provides social validation of fashion choices to enhance selling.
  • In 2009, the same year Bailey became Burberry’s chief creative officer, the company launched Art of the Trench, a photo-sharing website dedicated to images, past and present, of people sporting the Burberry trench coat. Art of the Trench showcases images from professional fashion photographers, Magnum photographers and the public and includes contributions from celebrated fashion photo-blogger Scott Schuman, better known as The Sartorialist. The company describes the site as ‘a living document of the trench coat and the people who wear it’.
    Although showcasing specially commissioned professional photography, importantly Art of the Trench is also partly user-generated. Visitors can submit their own images, as well as choose their favourite photos, comment on individual pictures and share them with others. The gallery also links out to the websites or Facebook pages of each contributor. A simple but slick interaction design aids browsing the collection (pictures can filtered by popularity, gender, style, colour and weather) and the deft use of a fading soundtrack completes the experience as users navigate in and out of the gallery.
  • Social Media for Ecommerce

    1. 1. Social Selling Social Selling Hareesh Tibrewala Hareesh Tibrewala
    2. 2. Social Media • Brand Advocacy tool – Existing customers get new customers • Brand Loyalty tool – Remain in consideration set of your existing customer • It is a market creation tool. Not a sales tool – Brand advocacy and brand loyalty will eventually lead to sales
    3. 3. Social Media • It is also a listening tool – What are people talking about my brand – What are people talking about the competition – Where are the conversation opportunities • Use tools like Radian6 for listening • Just like you are looking for customers, customer are actually looking for you. Find them using monitoring tools • The ROI of social media lies in listening
    4. 4. Social Media It is not about technology It is about influencing people So how to “influence” people to advocate about your brand Use some fundamental human insights Make the customer a carrier of your message
    5. 5. Creating Brand Advocacy • Create “Scarcity” – Less is more – Exclusive, Limited Period, First 500 promotions – 48 hour POP online shops on Facebook – GAP offered 10,000 free jeans to first 10,000 FB check ins, 40% discount to everyone else – FB Offers now available in India
    6. 6. Creating Brand Advocacy • Reciprocity – Adidas : If 5 of your friends buy our product, your shoes are free – Ford Fiesta : Create a video about us and 100 cars are up for grabs – Starbucks : Mayors of the outlet get free coffee – Toys’R’Us : Toyologits : Free sampling of our products for writing reviews
    7. 7. Creating Brand Advocacy • Crowdsourcing – : Your designs, your votes – Burberry : Art of Trenchcoat : everyone is a fashion model – : Customers “create” products that appeals to them
    8. 8. Creating Brand Advocacy • Building Communities – So what are you going to do with your 1mn fans ? • Segmentation based on fan engagement • Most engaged fans are your brand advocates • Create opportunities for them to advocate you • Advocates are different from influencers
    9. 9. Zappos Online Highly strategic approach that focuses on service and culture Service • They have a Twitter account dedicated to service issues • To uncover service opportunities • Initiate response • Amplify praise’ • Reinforce service reputation Culture • 400 employees of the company have active Twitter accounts • Who they hire is consistent with this culture of service • Most of their social media initiatives are about exposing the people at Zappos, who through their actions reinforce the companys competitive advantage.. It makes the company seem real. replied to 100% of daily customer service questions posted to Twitter by STELLAService analysts in a 45-day study of the top 25 online retailers. It’s an impressive accomplishment considering the average for replies within 24 hours was just 44% across the top 25 online retailers.
    10. 10. Wetseal. - Social Shopping WetSeal has tied its social media strategy directly to ecommerce. They launched a community area of their site last Spring, where Wet Seal fans can build ensembles and publish them to the community for reviews. So what are the results of this crowd sourcing approach? Within a couple of months of launch : • WetSeal saw sales increases of 10% on its’ site, and they have seen a 10% increase in average ticket for purchases where people visit the community section of the site. So, both in total revenue and in avg. order, the integration of social media directly into the shopping process has proven beneficial.
    11. 11. Burberry – Art of Trench • Burberry created it’s own social community inspired from it’s core product • The trench coat. The company describes it’s site ‘Art of trench’ as a living document of trench coat and people who wear it. • Impact on Awareness: Between its launch in November 2009 and mid-2010 the site notched up more than 7 million visits. • On Facebook, it took a year to have 1 million fans, 6 months to double it and around 2 years to cross over 6.4 million fans. • Value Creation? • Brand growth 86% • It’s ranked the 4th fastest growing brands by MillWardBrown • After a couple of years after they ran the campaign revenues had risen by 30% to £ 860 million • Things they got RIGHT! • Every image post was ready to be connected and shared through the internet. • Original content is created and spread through social networks and online • Created awareness of the brand online
    12. 12. Levis Friends Store – Social Commerce • With the new Facebook “like” plugin launched Levi’s jumped in to created a social shopping experience. • They’ve integrated the new “like” feature with every product on the site so at a quick view, you can see the number of Facebookers who like the item and also cast your own vote. • On individual product pages, it even pulls in pics of your friends who’ve “liked” the item. The site extends the Facebook connect integration out to create a “friends store” • This essentially customizes the entire experience to be Facebook friend centric and also allowing you to invite all your friends into that shopping experience! Results • More engaged shoppers. • Real-Time custom shopping experiences. • Enhanced insights into demand signals
    13. 13. Social Selling • It is not about you selling to your customers, it is about your customers selling your products • Social will have a transformational impact on shopping. The key is to begin to experiment. Christopher Payne, Chief of Ebay, North America • There wont be commerce without social Anand Rajaraman Co-Founder of Kosmix
    14. 14. Social Wavelength • India’s largest social media agency – Founded 2009, 150 member team, 50+ brands – Red Herring Asia 100 Award – WAT Award for being “Social Media Agency of the Year” – Radian6 authorised partner for India • Our services – Social media communications and monitoring – Strategy, content production, app development – Complete social ecosystem • Mumbai – Delhi – Chennai - Bangalore
    15. 15. Questions? If you need a copy of this presentation, please leave your business card. We will email it to you. Hareesh Tibrewala Jt. CEO, Social Wavelength. Company blog: LinkedIn: