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Sanjay Mehta's session on Social Media for Personal Care
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Sanjay Mehta's session on Social Media for Personal Care


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Our Joint CEO spoke at The Indian Society of Cosmetic Chemists (ISCC) on 'Social Media for Personal Care'

Our Joint CEO spoke at The Indian Society of Cosmetic Chemists (ISCC) on 'Social Media for Personal Care'

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Sanjay Mehta Know the modern consumer of Personal Care HOW SOCIAL MEDIA CAN HELP Sanjay Mehta Jt. CEO, Social Wavelength
    • 2. Sanjay Mehta Recommendations from Friends and Peers Recommendations From Professionals & ExpertsOther Online Influencers Suggestions from Online Communities and Relatives What is the best personal care product for my oily skin? Online Ratings and Reviews by others consumers How does a modern day consumer decide about her personal care needs… It is critical for brands to understand and utilize this new medium well…
    • 3. Sanjay Mehta Where do these insights come from? About Me..
    • 4. Sanjay Mehta Our clients include… (NOT an exhaustive list)
    • 5. Sanjay Mehta State Of Internet In India
    • 6. Sanjay Mehta
    • 7. Sanjay Mehta
    • 8. Sanjay Mehta
    • 9. Sanjay Mehta
    • 10. Sanjay Mehta
    • 11. Sanjay Mehta AGENDA
    • 12. Sanjay Mehta • Most brands have mounted the Facebook bandwagon • You create a Facebook page • Put your TVCs on to YouTube • Maybe a Twitter handle too • Is that the right way to manage Social Media?
    • 13. Sanjay Mehta
    • 14. Sanjay Mehta
    • 15. Sanjay Mehta • Conversations are largely public in nature • There can be opportunities to guide consumers on making the right choice: Thought Leadership • Consumers could be sharing wish lists: Market Research opportunity • They could be complaining about your products: ORM • Brand choices could be discussed: You have to listen!
    • 16. Sanjay Mehta
    • 17. Sanjay Mehta
    • 18. Sanjay Mehta
    • 19. Sanjay Mehta Forums
    • 20. Sanjay Mehta
    • 21. Sanjay Mehta
    • 22. Sanjay Mehta
    • 23. Sanjay Mehta
    • 24. Sanjay Mehta The Process of Listening.. Monitoring Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Sentiment Understanding PR Crisis Alerts Sales Opportunities Real time Customer Surveys Business Intelligence
    • 25. Sanjay Mehta
    • 26. Sanjay Mehta • What more does your TG do on social media? • Fashion, Lifestyle, Music, Films, Books..? • Going beyond chatter around your brand and your category – understanding consumer insights • Enables you to improve your products, service, marketing communication, etc. • A snapshot of Health and Beauty Conscious in India..
    • 27. Sanjay Mehta
    • 28. Sanjay Mehta
    • 29. Sanjay Mehta
    • 30. Sanjay Mehta
    • 31. Sanjay Mehta • Not a sales push, genuine conversations • Engage the influencers in the space • Lots of questions around personal care; can you be the one to provide wise answers? • No random chatter – be at the cross section of brand interest and consumer value
    • 32. Sanjay Mehta
    • 33. Sanjay Mehta
    • 34. Sanjay Mehta • Personal Care space is clearly about conversations • Traditional means of advertising or market research are slowly giving way to interactive, social media • Brands need to think beyond the hygiene of a “social media extension of a mainline campaign” • New media, new ways of engagement, new consumers will need new business structures as well
    • 35. Sanjay Mehta Sanjay Mehta Joint CEO, Social Wavelength +91-98200-40918 @sm63 THANK YOU