Social Media Metrics and Objectives


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Before using Social Media for your organization it’s important that you reflect your business objectives and measure Social Media metrics

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Social Media Metrics and Objectives

  1. 1. Social Media Metricsand Social Media Objectives
  2. 2. Before using Social Media for your organization it’s important that you reflect yourbusiness objectives.Social Media Objectives1) Listening: Market research, customer insight and intelligence2) Increased visitor traffic3) Improve Google rankings4) Increase qualified leads5) Increase mention on Twitter/Facebook6) Build relationships with customers7) Engagement: 2 way dialog with customers8) Improve online reputation9) Increase sales10) Build online brand
  3. 3. • In order to know how an organization is performing, they must be able to measurethese Social Media metrics.• What gets measured gets done. If you don’t measure your progress with Social Techyour adoption rate and ROI will
  4. 4. • Even though the underlying tools can be free, there is a cost in the labor to workthem.• The trick is learning what to measure, how often and who communicate the analyticsto within your
  5. 5. Measure Website Metrics• Pageviews• Unique visitors• Return visitors• Incoming referring traffic via• Keyword ranking of your website• Ranking of Social Media URLs• Incoming links• Number of qualified leads• Social Platforms - Slideshare, Twitter,• Facebook, Scribd, Squidoo, YouTube,• Blogosphere,
  6. 6. Measure Blog Metrics• Pageviews• Unique Visitors• Time Spent on Site• New Visitors• Return Visitors• Number of Blog Posts• Frequency of Blog Posts• Number of User Comments• Number of
  7. 7. # of Followers# of Mentions# of Replies# of Retweets# of additions in ListsTraffic to your web properties viaTwitter (use,449 following248550 followers18,336 listedTwitter
  8. 8. 4,843 others like this923 commentsFacebook metrics for business Fan Pages# of Fans# of Comments# of Likes# of Post on WallNewsletter signups Coupon coderedemptionTraffic to your web properties viaFacebook (use Facebook Insight: Gives youmuch richer data than just
  9. 9. Reads: 702# of Subscribers# of Reads# of Comments# of DownloadsScribd
  10. 10. # of Favorites# of Comments# of Downloads# of Views# of EmbedsSlideshare
  11. 11. All Social platforms have built in metric measurement, which can be used along withtraditional web metrics like (page views, visitors, inbound links, etc)
  12. 12. Measure the value of the conversations and content that you are providing. Value willbe measured by the loyalty of your readers, the amount of people they share it withand the amount of organic growth with connections to yore content.Use these measurements to set stretch goals so you can force yourself to dramaticallyincrease connections with
  13. 13. Online reputation needs to be measured so that you have a general ability to see whatpeople think about your organization positively or negatively and what the trendsmight be.The measurement system needs to be dynamic and should change depending onspecific Social Tech campaign that you
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