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Mobile Apps, Viewers and Readers for Business Intelligence
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Mobile Apps, Viewers and Readers for Business Intelligence


Mobile Apps, Viewers and Readers for Business Intelligence

Mobile Apps, Viewers and Readers for Business Intelligence

Published in Technology
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  • 1. Mobile Apps for BusinessIntelligence
  • 2. With the BoardVantage Collaborate iPad app, members of the board andexecutives can access the information they need for board meetings and decision-making. This app combines rich social media with enterprise-caliber business tools toprovide unprecedented visibility for directors and productivity for administrators.BoardVantage CollaborateNote: Requires a BoardVantage subscription. Platform: iOS.Tablet
  • 3. Provides analytics tools for small businesses. With its cloud-based service andmobile app, Cyfe provides small business owners with all-in-one businessdashboards for a monthly subscription fee. Dashboards are easy to set up andinclude ready-to-use widgets that connect to social media, marketing, monitoringand sales data sources such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, Constant Contact,Twitter, Gmail, Amazon Web Services and FeedBurner.Cyfe Tablet
  • 4. Monitor Everything Pre-built WidgetsCustom Data Sources Real-time ReportsCyfe also connects to internal databases and lets you combine internal andexternal data to create dashboards. There are currently five pricing models, rangingfrom a free version to a Pro version at $49 per month to a customized White Labeloffering (contact Cyfe for details). Platforms: Android or iOS.Cyfe Tablet
  • 5. Tablet ApplicationsProvides the capability to view BI content from many types of mobile devices, tocreate multiple dashboards and to push those reports to devices. (This app doesrequire IBM Cognos Business Intelligence content in the backend and Cognos MobileServer.)IBM Cognos
  • 6. IBM Cognos Mobile Tablet ApplicationsCognos Mobile provides drill up, drill down and drill through capabilities;moreover, this data interaction is available online as well as offline This app supportsall the intuitive iOS touch gestures. The native iPad version of Cognos Mobile alsoprovides impressive data visualization capabilities. Contact IBM for pricing.Platform: BlackBerry and iOS native and Web clients; Android, Symbian andWindows Mobile Web
  • 7. Supports both a native application for the iPhone and browser-basedarchitecture for the iPad. This lets organizations decide with option would best suitits needs. Features for end users include an ad hoc design environment that allowsfor on-the-fly creation of new reports or dashboards. A mobile SDK is available fordevelopers, and IT departments can use server-side authentication for securitymanagement. Platform: iOS.Jaspersoft Mobile BI
  • 8. Enables companies to deploy any BI application to all types and any number ofmobile devices with no additional effort or cost. Once deployed, the application willleverage the specific features present on a specific device, such as phone and GPSfunctions. Comes in two versions: Logi Info is the developer version, which can beused to create dashboards, reports and analysis tools without the need to use code.This is achieved via pre-assembled elements. Logi Ad Hoc is the self-service version.Non-IT users can harness it to create their own Web-based ad hoc reporting tools.LogiXML Mobile BI
  • 9. Delivers dashboards by mobilizing business intelligence. The app providesinteractive scorecards and the capability to use the iOS app Airplay to present andcontrol visualized data onto a TV. MicroStrategy also includes transactional apps;these provide real-time interactions designed to trigger business processes in aninternal system. MicroStrategy Mobile differentiates itself from other mobile BItoolswith its support for multi-language content, offline analysis capabilities, andcustomized alerts that use push notifications when specific thresholds or criteriahave been met. Platforms: Android or iOS.Microstrategy Mobile BI
  • 10. Mobile BI ApplicationsMakes existing business intelligence tools go mobile by pushing data to deviceseither onsite or in the cloud. PushBI supports several data source types, rangingfrom SQL Server and SAP Business Information Warehouse to XML, Atom and RSS.Since this product provides Web-based content, you must be connected to theInternet at all time to access information.Platforms: Androi, iOS, Blackberry, Windows
  • 11. Delivers a compelling mobile BI experience that puts you in touch with your dataanywhere, anytime. There’s no learning curve. Just touch, pinch, zoom, and swipe toinstantly access and explore a complete set of liveinformation. Take advantage ofbeing in a particular place at a particular time. Stay in touch while you’re on the run.See what’s happening with your business and make better decisions on the fly. WithQlikView on Mobile, you get a complete Business Discovery.QlikView Mobile BI
  • 12. Experience—including interactive analysis, rich visualization, and associativesearch. Unlike lightweight visualization tools that require power analysts to createdata queries, QlikView on Mobile provides purpose-built apps you can leverage tomake smarter, faster decisions any time, any place. It’s also enterprise-proven, withbrowser-based client technology and server-side security and manageability.Platforms: Android and iOS.QlikView Mobile BI
  • 13. Spotfires enterprise analytics empower the broadest spectrum of users acrossthe widest range of analytic use-cases and processes. Whether you need operationaldashboards delivered on a tablet, exploratory apps on the desktop, or to interactwith a predictive application running in a web browser, Spotfire delivers. For yourorganization, that means that users at all levels can act on data-driven insights tomake the best possible decisions in the fastest possible time.TIBCO Spotfire Mobile BI
  • 14. Specializing in customizable personal dashboards. Refresh and analyze all yourkey performance indicators — wherever you are, whenever you need it. Flickthrough financial charts and graphs. Interact with, filter, sort and analyze your data— all with the touch of your fingers. With Yellowfin, once you publish a report ordashboard it’s immediately available across multiple devices, in exactly the sameformat that you created it in. This makes your BI content visually consistent, nomatter where you access it from. Also discuss, share, collaborate or present yourideas in a meeting right from your tablet.Platform: Android, iOS.Yellowfin Mobile BI
  • 15. Using the Roambi Analytics Visualizer iPad app, which works with most businessintelligence applications, enterprise businesses can access documents, spreadsheets,and analytics on the go in order to make effective decisions in real-time. Roambi isalso intuitive to use and easy to integrate with systems that range, SAP and IBM Cognos to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft ReportingServices. This iOS app, recently listed among the "40 Best Apps for Business" inFortune, is fast and has amazing graphics, too.Roambi Visualizer Mobile BI
  • 16. Roambi Analytics ES4.4 for the iPad, for example, offers rich and crisp graphicsand colors, while charts are interactive and fast to load. The product comes in threeversions: Lite (free), Pro ($99 per user per year) and ES4 (contact Roambi forpricing). Platform: iOS.Roambi Visualizer Mobile BI
  • 17. Provides viewing capabilities for existing SharePoint reports and charts, as wellas Microsoft Business Intelligence Dashboard data available through SharePoint.Mobi Reports Pro, available for $39.99, offers additional functionality, including thecapability to download and view Reporting Services reports from multiple reportingservers and bookmark and history features for quicker navigation. Platform: iOS.MobiWeave Mobile BI
  • 18. Gives business users complete data discovery and interactive analysiscapabilities with a powerful visual experience. Pentaho is the first to deliver ad hocanalytical reporting for the iPad, letting users instantly become more productive byaccessing, analyzing and sharing business information from their iPad.Pentaho Mobile BI
  • 19. A data visualization app launched via SharePoint. Power View Mobile has fullsupport for Windows Mobile and is compatible with the Excel plug-in PowerPivot.Power View offers the self-service capability of the Microsoft Business Intelligenceplatform. Through Power Pivot, meanwhile, you can design your own reports andcharts, and publish them to mobile devices. Power Pivot is priced as part MicrosoftSQL Server and may require SharePoint Add-ons as well. Microsoft plans to delivertouch-based data exploration and visualization capabilities in a browser on iOS,Android and Microsoft platforms later in 2012. Platform: Windows Phone (original);coming soon to Android and iOS.PowerView Mobile Mobile BI
  • 20. Provides robust analytics and interactive charts for the mobile workforce andallows you to make informed decisions based on targeted, personalized informationanywhere and anytime. The app connects to the SAP BusinessObjects BusinessIntelligence platform and allows your mobile workforce to stay up-to-date withinsights into the right customer, product, and work order information.SAP Business Objects Mobile Mobile BI
  • 21. Since this app uses the existing SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise, it provides astrong level of security and flexibility. Using SAP StreamWork, you can discussdifferent reports with fellow employees; such collaboration capabilities makeBusinessObjects Mobile a useful enterprise tool. The app is free to existingBusinessObjects users. Platforms: Android, BlackBerry iOS, Symbian, WidowsMobile.SAP Business Objects Mobile Mobile BI
  • 22. The answer for those who need to deliver reports and dashboards to their mobileworkforce. Using the SoftMaster Intelligent Mobile Business Adapter (SIMBA),reports and dashboards can be delivered to any mobile device with a browser. Alsoallows you to keep any investment you have made in BlackBerry infrastructure byadding the SIMBA middleware to bridge the gap between mobile devices andreporting servers.SoftmasterSIMBA Reporting Server SIMBADeviceIndependentMarkupOBIEECatalogAPIMobile BI
  • 23. Connects to any Actuate BIRT iServer to access interactive reports, documents,and dashboards. This app includes demonstration reports to let you enjoy andexplore business data in reports, graphs, and interactive dashboards on your Appledevice. BIRT Mobile is compatible with iServer deployments of Actuate 11SP2 andhigher. Platforms: iOS and Blackberry.BIRT Mobile Viewer BI Readers/
  • 24. BI Readers/ViewersEnables executives and other financial professionals to have mobile and web-based access to their decision-critical Hyperion Management information. CXO-Cockpit for iPad allows you to use Hyperion Management information using iPad’sintuitive interface.CXO
  • 25. BI Readers/ViewersFor enterprise businesses that use SAP, the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer appprovides access to all data and includes mobile search and visualization features toanswer business questions and make decisions on the fly.SAP BusinessObjects
  • 26. BI Readers/ViewersWith GoodReader, employees can access and edit PDF, Microsoft Office, andiWork documents from enterprise
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