BOUNTIES OVER $25,000.00


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BOUNTIES OVER $25,000.00

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BOUNTIES OVER $25,000.00

  1. 1. 12 BOUNTIESBOUNTIES OVER$25,000.00
  2. 2. BOUNTYGet 250 people to wear social tech T-shirts and take a picture:$5,000.Claiming it:Send us a high-resolution photo of the group.$5,
  3. 3. BOUNTYGet Websters to add social technology as a term: $5,000.Claiming it:Press release by Webster’s that makes the announcement.$5,
  4. 4. BOUNTYSend link for the book’s page to more than 2,000 ofyour social networking connections (first 100 people): $50$50( first 100 people)3Claiming it:Show us a screen shot of your account and the connections, and ascreenshot of what the delivered message looked
  5. 5. BOUNTYGet Michael Arrington (founder of TechCrunch) to read the book:$2,500 cash, or a $2,500 donation to charity of his choice.$2,5004Claiming it:Michael has to send an e-mail to, telling us thathe read Enterprise Social Technology and what he thinks of theconcepts it
  6. 6. BOUNTYGet Robert Scoble (author of the Scobleizer blog) to read the book:$2,499 cash, or a $2,499 donation to charity of his choice (he gets$1 less so Michael Arrington is not mad at us).Claiming it:Robert has to send us an e-mail to, telling usthat he read Enterprise Social Technology and what he thinks of theconcepts it shares.$2,
  7. 7. BOUNTYReview a chapter of your choice on your blog (at least 200 words,and must have at least 1,000 subscribers): Five free books signed bythe author.5 free bookssigned by theauthor6Claiming it:Send us a screenshot of the blog and the number of subscribers
  8. 8. BOUNTYFor college professors-adopt the book as part of your curriculum:Twenty free copies (or $500).$5007Claiming it:Send us a copy of the syllabus for the
  9. 9. BOUNTYPublish an article in a major periodical (circulation of at least fiftythousand) about the making of the book (first ten people): $500.$500(first 10 people)8Claiming it:Send us a copy of the printed article and the masthead of thepublication the day it was
  10. 10. BOUNTYFor organizations-purchase at least two hundred copies foremployees and/or customers: $1,000 to the charity of your choice,and the purchased copies will be signed.$10009Claiming it:Provide a copy of the receipt, or contact us to provide the
  11. 11. BOUNTYHave the text translated into another language and pub- lished inanother country: $2,500.$250010Claiming it:Send us written confirmation that it will be printed (from thepublisher) and a copy in the language to which you have
  12. 12. BOUNTYCreate a viral video about the book that gets at least ten thousandviews (first person only): $1,000$100011Claiming it:Provide a screenshot of the video site with the number of views, sowe can verify
  13. 13. BOUNTYComplete the twelve-step process described in this book at yourorganization, and send us a case study of the results (first fiveorganizations): $500 to the charity of your choice.$500(first 5 organizations)12Claiming it:Provide a written case study and allow us to interview the
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