10 iPad Apps For Boats And Yachts


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10 iPad Apps For Boats And Yachts.

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10 iPad Apps For Boats And Yachts

  1. 1. 10 iPad Apps For Boats And Yachts
  2. 2. SiMON2• SiMON2 is a fresh new graphical design of the SiMON Monitoring/Alarm system for avessel’s owner, captain and crew.• SiMON2 operates wirelessly around the yacht and dock to provide the captain andcrew direct, remote viewing of Engines, Generators, Electrical Bus, Bilge Status,Tank Levels, Security, and Alarms.www.fpov.com
  3. 3. Charts & Tides• Charts&Tides is the first full resolution, seamless charting iPad app for marinenavigation.• It offers a secondary navigation solution for backup and alternate views, andprovides the most comprehensive point of interest (POI) data available with supportfor ActiveCaptain markers.www.fpov.com
  4. 4. iNavX Marine Navigation• iNavX Marine Navigation provides detailed chart coverage: West Coast, Gulf Coast,East Coast, Great Lakes, Alaska, Hawaii, and US Virgin Islands.• With iNavX™ you can use the built in location services (i.e. GPS, cell tower, WiFi) toplot your position in real-time on the multi-touch scrolling and zooming and rotating(including course up) marine chart.http://www.boatbookings.com/yachting_content/iphone_yachting_sailing_apps.phpwww.fpov.com
  5. 5. Ship Finder• Ship Finder provides near real time “virtual radar” AIS maps.• It’s easy to use and is an amazing app for anyone interested in shipping, cruisingand sailing in ports and locations across the world.• It’s also great if you simply want to know what boats are out there or want to seewhere your friends and family are.www.fpov.com
  6. 6. MotionX GPS HD• MotionX-GPS HD has all the Maps and Navigation Instruments you need for youroutdoor life: walking, hiking, sailing, off-roading, flying, geocaching, or exploring,anywhere in the world.• Use the MotionX navigation instruments and mapping tools to know where you are,where youve been, and where youre going – anywhere in the world!www.fpov.com
  7. 7. NMEAremote• Whether it is navigation data, wind speed or water depth, your new crew member"NMEAremote" shows at a glance everything that you need to know.• View your position, Speed, SOG, Depth, App Wind, True Wind, Compass and more ina super clear, LARGE readout.www.fpov.com
  8. 8. Hurricane HDhttp://gadgetwise.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/08/26/apps-to-track-hurricane-irene/• With information from the National Hurricane Center, this Hurricane HD app provideslots of raw data for wonky storm chasers, but also moving radar maps, mapsshowing the forecasted storm track, wind maps and others as well.• The app shows the current and forecasted path of a storm on an interactive chart.www.fpov.com
  9. 9. Yachting Weather• “Yachting Weather” is the cost-free and user- friendly weather App for iPod Touch,iPhone and iPad build to receive precise sea weather predictions for the next 3 days-or with an update to “Yachting Weather PRO”- for the next five days.• You receive exact predictions for your designated position due to the high spatialresolution of 0,25o.www.fpov.com
  10. 10. Clipper 11-12 Round the World Yacht Race• Keep up to date with the latest news and boat positions in the 2011/12 ClipperRound the World Race.• Plus find out about the team members, the ports they will be visiting and the photosand video they take along the way.www.fpov.com
  11. 11. Boaters Pocket Reference• The Boater’s Pocket Reference caters to all levels of boating expertise with a widevariety of content including 457 illustrations, 94 photographs and a myriad of chartsand graphs.• Boater’s Pocket Reference is a popular and useful printed book and the app is evenbetter.www.fpov.com
  12. 12. Teaching Technologyto the Non-Technology Leader.Technology never stops evolving and we never stop following it. Led byinternational technology speaker Scott Klososky, we’re a teamrelentlessly focused on capturing and translating ways organizations canuse technology to win markets, adapt cultures, and remain ahead of thecurve for years to come. From public and private workshop tracks to full-scale organizational technology assessments and digital outreachblueprint strategies, we’ve got enterprise technology growth covered.Take a closer look at:www.fpov.com(405) 359-3910info@fpov.comvision you can use
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