The Effects Of Gangs Pp X Meghan Mc Ghee
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The Effects Of Gangs Pp X Meghan Mc Ghee






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The Effects Of Gangs Pp X Meghan Mc Ghee The Effects Of Gangs Pp X Meghan Mc Ghee Presentation Transcript

  • THE EFFECTS OF GANGS By Meghan , Amy , Siobhan , Nicole , Shauni . Louise . Lauren
  • How They Affect Your Neighbourhood
    • People are scared to leave homes
    • Scared in case their properties get damaged.
    • People who have money leave , but the people who have no money are trapped .
  • Anti-Social Behaviour
    • They are out of control.
    • They make the area look bad .
    • They scare people who live among them.
    • They cause trouble ,
  • What Makes Them Fight
    • Alcohol
    • Drugs
    • Being Bored
    • Defending their area
    • Revenge
    • Adrenalin Rush
    • They Say It’s a laugh
  • Vandalism
    • They Vandalise so they can show that it is their territory.
    • They use different signs and pictures to create their gang logos.
    • They also use them so people know they are in that gang.
  • Weapons
    • What they use to fight and harm different gangs.
    • Hammers
    • Knifes
    • Baseball Bats
    • Coche/planks of wood
    • Golf Club’s
  • Poverty
    • Glasgow is blighted by "epidemic" levels of drug and alcohol abuse and has the same number of teenage gangs as London, according to a think tank .
    • It warned that there were 170 teenage gangs in Glasgow - the same number as in London
    • The proportion of young people not in employment, education or training was about 18% - 50% more than the Scottish average and roughly twice that of Manchester .
    • .
  • Facts
    • KNIFE seizures have soared in gang hotspots as police try to break the generations-old culture that wrecks communities .
    • However, residents of the area with the most knife seizures - Wellhouse in the East End - say they are sceptical about anti-knife campaigns, which they fear may be "publicity stunts" and happen too infrequently.
    • A grandfather who has lived in the area for more than 25 years said: "Whatever the police say, they are rarely here. When they are it seems like a publicity stunt because it is all over the news they are carrying out crackdowns' or whatever."
  • More Facts
    • There are 580,000 people in Glasgow City or 1.75million in Greater Glasgow. Great
    • London has 7.5million - either nearly 13 times or just over four times the Glasgow/Greater Glasgow population. Where does the 'six times' come from and can we actually trust any of these figures?
    • "There are estimated to be more than 170 gangs in the Glasgow city region - this compares to 169 identified by the Metropolitan Police service in London.
  • How Much It Costs
    • Couldn't the government or the courts consider the end cost to society and take this into consideration when looking at crime and punishment?
    • I read constantly of yobs causing £5,000 worth of damage and then being fined something lousy like £100
  • How They Organize Fights
    • Msn
    • Bebo
    • Phone Calls
    • Texts
    • My Space
    • Yahoo
  • How To Solve The Problem ?
    • More Clubs In The Area .
    • Police Patrolling Area’s .
    • More Education in school .
    • Fine Them For Fighting .
    • If there caught in a gang they should be punished immediately.
  • Thanks For Watching
    • We Hope You Enjoyed Our Power Point