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21 ideas that changed marketing
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21 ideas that changed marketing


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Social Squared presents 21 ideas that changed marketing forever. …

Social Squared presents 21 ideas that changed marketing forever.

These ideas have shaped not only changed the brand marketers's approach, they have transformed our culture too.

Please feel free to share.

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  • 2. THE 21 IDEAS THAT CHANGEDMARKETING is a humble attempt tocapture the numerous transformationsthat the discipline of marketing hasundergone over the many years,particularly the last decade.While radio & TV were game changers intheir own right, the appearance of the newmedia tools like email, search enginemarketing, mobile & social media havealtered the landscape beyond recognition.While some of these ideas are beingexplored by many brands, there are AN IIM ALUMNI VENTUREothers that promise a great deal but Social Squared is a digitalhaven’t been fully exploited. media & marketing agencyIf you have any suggestions, please feel helping marketers managefree to write to us at: owned, bought & Cheers! media.
  • 3. ANALYTICS Digital marketing has exposed marketers to the most advanced marketing analytics. It makes the analytics that you get on newspaper reach, TV audience & radio listeners seem like intelligent guesswork. Not only do you know who but also when, what, how much & how often – when it comes to website visitors & online sales. What you can measure, you can manage.1
  • 4. BLOGGING A blog is a long term marketing asset that will generate traffic & create trust in your business. Blogs improve searchability by associating your website with the keywords that define your business. Smart marketers use blogs to position thought leadership & consequently earn trust. If a website is your small office, a blog is like infinite real estate that allows to place signposts & sales counters (CTA).2
  • 5. CALL TO ACTION One click is all it takes to move from reading a news article to checking out a video to following the artist on Twitter. People jump from one topic to the another because some marketer somewhere has created an effective call-to-action. One click is all it takes. The rapid growth of information causes scarcity of attention. Marketers who thrive & get attention do so by having3 effective CTA.
  • 6. CUSTOMER When was the last time you bought something withoutREVIEWS reading a great customer review? Whether you believe it or not, your product is getting bouquets, brickbats, kisses & curses as you read this. It’s no longer about how you market your product, it is more about meeting expectations. Customer was always the king. Now, he is also your biggest brand ambassador.4
  • 7. EMAIL Email is the default mode for official communication. However, email marketing is a proven tool to reach specific customers, distribute information & further your marketing message. Transactional, Promotional & Newsletter emails are the 3 tools in your email marketing arsenal. Email marketing is perhaps the cheapest mode of mass communication available today.5
  • 8. FLASHMOBS Sometimes it makes sense to take the online marketing effort offline – on the streets, in malls or even in airplanes. Flash mobs are those flash & awe techniques that generate buzz, get you free publicity & energize your employees & customers alike. The phenomenon, not even a decade old, has already been employed successfully by major brands like Pepsi & IBM.6
  • 9. GAMIFICATION What Foursquare has shown us is that people are happier when they earn something rather than rather than when it7 is given to them free.
  • 10. INFOGRAPHICS What better way to illustrate an infographic than an infographic? SOURCE: content/uploads/2012/05/infographicstatistics.png
  • 11. LEAD CAPTURE Websites today need to be ready to capture leads through landing pages. A landing page makes visitors comfortable, provides relevant information & in return gets to know the visitors better. If your PPC ad takes visitors to your homepage, you may need to rethink your plans. Website strategy needs to be changed to collect leads. That’s the most important reason for your online presence.9
  • 12. LINK BUILDING If your website doesn’t generate inbound links, you don’t get traffic routed to you from other websites. Building links creates navigation paths to guide visitors to your website. So build links from the social media, from blogs or from local directories. Nothing helps search engine optimization more than inbound links.10
  • 13. LIVE CHAT Analytics can provide you the data on your website’s visitors. But Live Chat? It helps you replicate real life sales process by engaging customers at the place & time of the sale. Can you think of a better sales tool? Live chats reduce shopping cart abandonment rate for ecommerce websites. When your marketing team runs live chat, you are able to collect data, understand behaviour & modify accordingly.11
  • 14. MICROBLOGGING With increasingly shorter attention spans, microblogging finds itself very popular. Twitter & Tumblr have evolved as first-point-of-contact, customer service tools. They help you listen to the voice of the customer & respond at lightning speed. Twitter is a great way to connect with your audience & tell compelling stories.12
  • 15. PERSONALIZATION Personalization makes your marketing campaign relevant. Today, websites are introducing dynamic content in the form of text & images that are based on our previous interactions with them. This brings visitors one step closer to conversion. Most websites are designed to be relevant for a majority audience but they are largely irrelevant to the individual visitor.13
  • 16. PAY PER CLICK You pay only if people click. You don’t pay even if they see but don’t click. Pay-per-click makes internet advertising the most transparent form of advertising. Keywords, ads & landing pages are the 3 elements of PPC. With close to 75% of the Google search screen dominated by advertising, PPC ads help you complement your organic14 presence.
  • 17. REAL TIME Internet has converted sales & marketing into a real time activity. Now you can react to changes in the environment (competitor ad) or news reports, instantaneously. 24X7 response is not only desirable it also increasingly the expectation of your customers & vendors. Marketing has moved from being reactive to being proactive at best or reactive but faster at the least.15
  • 18. RETARGETING Remember the Hutch ad where the puppy follows the owner? Retargeting does precisely that. When a visitor visits your website, a cookie is created that follows the user. When, he lands on another website that allows banner ads, your message is displayed to the user. Retargeting helps you reach back to users who have shown an interest in your offering previously.16
  • 19. SMARTPHONES With high-speed internet moving to the mobiles, your customer is no longer searching for you just on the desktop & laptop. Social networking & search are the top activities that users engage in on smartphones. Today, your marketing plan is incomplete without mobile. How your content displays on the small screen & how you engage users on the mobile will determine if you succeed in17 the future.
  • 20. SOCIAL Social networks allow two-wayNETWORKS communication. Today, no marketing plan can be complete if it doesn’t integrate Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & the like. Social networks are ideal platforms for providing customer service, getting feedback & doing market research More than changing communication & conversation, social networks have changed our culture.18
  • 21. VIDEO The TV of yesteryears has more or less been replaced by YouTube. Marketers are now running video ads that are never ever meant for TV; they’re meant for exclusive consumption online. e.g. Shopper’s Stop 500 years of YouTube are being watched on Facebook everyday! In 2011, YouTube had over 1 trillion views or 140 videos for every living person on Earth. READ ALL YOUTUBE STATS HERE: HTTP://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/t/press_statistics19
  • 22. VIRALITY Viral marketing has existed for centuries as word-of-mouth. The tools of the digital era (email, YouTube, links, social networks & smartphones) have only made things easier. The difficult part is to come up with something that can go viral – it needs consistent effort, understanding of the market & a strong community to help your cause. Viral marketing is an idea that spreads--and an idea that while it is spreading actually helps market your business or20 cause. - Seth Godin
  • 23. VISUAL Images, presentations & infographics are getting sharedCONTENT by the millions. Tools like Instagram (the billion dollar app), Pinterest & Slideshare are sending huge traffic to websites & generating sales. Facebook is a social network where a majority of the conversations happen around shared images. Use it to your advantage. A picture speaks more than a thousand words.21
  • 24. THANK YOUPlease incorporate the ideas from this list intoyour marketing mix.To understand how to do it, you can get intouch with usSOCIAL SQUAREDFutuready Services Pvt. Ltd.274, V MallNext to Sai DhamOff WEH,Kandivali East AN IIM ALUMNI VENTUREMumbai 400101INDIA WEB | SEO | SEM | PPC0091 22 4264 5743 SOCIAL | © Social Squared, 2012Twitter - @socialsquaredIN (Original Article on