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SocialShout! - the Social Commerce Marketplace
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SocialShout! - the Social Commerce Marketplace


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SocialShout! is the new and exciting social commerce marketplace. …

SocialShout! is the new and exciting social commerce marketplace.

Users get points based on how active and connected they are across the social graph. They can then redeem those points for great discounts, deals & offers.

So come and see what everybody's talking about...

Published in: Technology
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  • (#1)Welcome to SocialShout! the social commerce marketplace.
  • (#2)To help you understand what SocialShout! can do for you, let’s have a look at how we helped Bob.Bob’s been selling online for a while now and is always looking for ways to drive his sales.Over the years, he’s found that spending money on traditional advertising was kinda like pouring money down the drain.Like any good businessman, Bob knows that Word of Mouth advertising is by far the most effective AND that in the online world, Word of Mouth is really all about the social networks.
  • (#3)What Bob really needed was something that not only helped him sell more online but could also help spread the word across the social networks.If he could find a way to do that, he could reach hundreds if not thousands of potential new customers.
  • (#4)Lucky for Bob, he found SocialShout! ....the social commerce marketplace.At SocialShout! users earn points based on how connected and active they are across the social networks and can then redeem those points to get great discounts, deals and offers in the SocialShout! Store.When they redeem, we automatically post an update to their social networks (we call that a SHOUT!), giving sellers like Bob that oh-so-valuable Word of Mouth promotion they are looking for.
  • (#5)Users earn points for their activity on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. (We’ll also be adding more social networks soon.)Here’s how it works… a Friend on Facebookwould earn 10 points, a Tweet on Twitter is worth 7 points, a Check-in on Foursquare,4 points and so on.Users get points not only for what they do in the future but also for what they’ve done in the past. So as soon as they join SocialShout! they’ve already got lots of points. It’s like they’re already in the game and they didn’t even know they were playing.Theycan then go and join any number of the many SocialShout! Leaderboards where they can become fans of their favourite brands,products or businesses and see how they rank against other fans and followers of the same.For Bob, he can use these Leaderboards to quickly & easily identify the movers & shakers who like the brands and products that he sells.He can then reach out through their Private Message Boards and make direct offers to them.
  • (#6)With SocialShout!’s easy to use merchant interface Bob had his products in the SocialShout! Store in no time at all.Bob’s free to decide how much discount he wants to offer and how many points are needed to get that discount.Remember, the more points a user has, the more reach they have so if Bob’s got a SUPER DUPER special deal, he can set the points high, knowing that the people who get it will reach A LOT more people when they buy and SHOUT!
  • (#7)SocialShout! let’s Bob setup pre-defined SHOUTS to make sure the right message is getting out there and he can also allow shoppers to personalise their SHOUT by adding extra comments.Then, with just one click, all of their social networks are updated with news of Bob’s great deal.
  • (#8)From just one sale, news of Bob’s great deal will be spread to hundreds, maybe even THOUSANDS of potential customers.And hey, these are not just boring ads sitting on the side of some someone’s profile page, where nobody ever really looks.These are personal updates from a real friend and appear right in the stream.
  • (#9)Bob could even set up aLeaderboard for HIS store. He can then have this Leaderboard appear on his own site. Kinda like the Facebook Social Plug-in that shows how many fans you have on Facebook. But the big difference with a SocialShout! Leaderboard is that Bob can see who are his most active and connected fans, based on their points.Also, coz Bob’s smart, he’ll follow the Leaderboards of the brands that he sells in his store.By checking out the Reebok Leaderboard, for example, Bob can identify and target specific users whenever he has a special deal on Reebok gear.
  • (#10)Of course, we’ve also got lots of reports and analytics on the back end to help Bob get the most out of SocialShout! and to help him better manage his business.
  • (#11)WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?We’ll be launching really soon so come visit us and sign up now.You can also reach out to us by sending an email to if you want to know more.So, come and see what everybody’s talking about.
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