Increasing Inbound Marketing With A Social Media Strategy 20120429


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Presented by Shona Mackin at the Internet Show Melbourne

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  • Introduce social face\nBackground on shona - started working with businesses on social media in 2007\n
  • Here’s the shareable tags, we appreciate you tweeting as you go through the presentations today, thank you\n
  • No doubt about it - marketing has changed. It’s so exciting with all the platforms to support each other.\n\nSource: Linda Coles\n
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  • Create a One page plan\n\nTools - \nTwilert\nManage Flitter\nGoogle Alerts\nNimble\n
  • Responses in 20 minutes where possible\n
  • Content is king\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • Consistency also comes into play when you are posting content and communications as well\n\n
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  • \n
  • \n
  • Source - Learn Marketing with social media in 7 days - Linda Coles (ref page 53)\n
  • Lets look at some of the more popular platforms\n
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  • add a widget to your existing digital marketing\n
  • This gives business owners ultimate control in offers to their fans\n
  • Making your page look good\nDragging and reordering tabs by dragging the pencil icon\n\n
  • \n
  • This was a campaign based page that was never shut down\n
  • Disaster 2 swearing etc left on page and page has posted above - competition based page campaign\n
  • Disaster two and three swearing and a customer service question being ignored\n
  • Automated post\n
  • \n
  • Analogy of social media being like a busy cafe\n
  • Analogy of social media being like a busy cafe\n
  • Analogy of social media being like a busy cafe\n
  • Analogy of social media being like a busy cafe\n
  • Analogy of social media being like a busy cafe\n
  • Post 1... bad.\nPost2... same post but better.\n
  • Post 1... bad.\nPost2... same post but better.\n
  • Post 1... bad.\nPost2... same post but better.\n
  • Post 1... bad.\nPost2... same post but better.\n
  • Post 1... bad.\nPost2... same post but better.\n
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  • \n
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  • I posted a question on the socialface Facebook earlier today…\n\nSome live feedback would be great!!\n
  • Pick these up from the front of the room\n
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  • \n
  • \n
  • box\nWordpress app\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • The best thing about what we do, is we keep up to date on the changes in social media and then act as a member of your media team, looking after the daily posting so your team stays focused on what they do best.\n
  • Take a moment to review your notes and write down the top 3 action points you will do when you get back to the office\n
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  • We love looking after social media on going management - daily posting etc so drop your business card to me, or come and see me and we will give you a call to see how we can help.\n
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  • Increasing Inbound Marketing With A Social Media Strategy 20120429

    1. 1. Increasing inbound marketing with a social media strategy Shona Mackin
    2. 2. Before we startLets get connected, tweeting, trending and sharing ★ Twitter: @socialfacechat | #socialface @theinternetshow | #internetshowmel ★ Like us – facebook/socialface
    3. 3. Old v’s New Marketing OLD NEW Newsletters Linkedin Website Facebook TV and Radio You Tube Business Directory Blog Referrals Webinars / Podcasts Surveys Forums Intranet Google+ Other social sites
    4. 4. Why use social media•It’s free •It’s easy to run•Its easily accessible multiple campaigns•You have access to to differenta HUGE audience audiences•You can target your •It’s a way you canadvertising own the front page of google with more real estate •You can engage
    5. 5. The Plan• Look at your existing marketing strategy and work out where social media can support you.• Be clear on why you are embracing social media, whats the purpose?• Know your outcome• Know your target audience, who you are talking too• Develop a content strategy - this is the foundation• Set objectives for your social media to deliver - 3, 6 and 12 months• Start Listening
    6. 6. The Team• Work out who is on your team• Do not relinquish control of your social media to a junior because you think they know Facebook better than you• If you would not trust the person to write a press release for you or a newspaper headline, they are not the best person to be your social media manager• Think carefully about who has the time so their existing work is not effected, if you try and keep it in house.
    7. 7. The Platforms• Your Website - Foundation• Facebook - Business to Consumer• Twitter - Short messages to everyone• Linkedin - Business to Business• Google + - SEO and ratings• Blog - Content Creation• You Tube - Video Broadcasting
    8. 8. Basics of using social media in marketing
    9. 9. Conversation Styles
    10. 10. Consistency Set clear brandguidelines to ensureyour business looksconsistent and your online foundations are solid no matter where people find you.
    11. 11. Digital Rules apply• The easier you make it for your customers to interact with you the better - aim one click and get a results on the same page where possible• Avoid the wild goose chase around digital sites• Take note of the user experience when they interact with you, is it easy and enjoyable?
    12. 12. Have a clear Call to action• Add social buttons to your existing marketing (after your pages look great)• Remember, Social media is best used as an extension to your marketing strategies, not as a stand alone tool• Integration is everything• Be transparent, let people know what they get from choosing to interact with you.
    13. 13. Design your content to work with your existing marketing Calendar• Know and use your business keywords• Build an editorial calendar• Write posts in advance• Build links to drive traffic where you need people to interact, make decisions and /or buy• Ensure key marketing messages align so you reach out on as many places as possible• Design the visual component of your campaign to support more visual platforms
    14. 14. What MYOB says“The process is an ongoing one, and being successfulin the social environment actually requires realdiscipline. Like any social situation, once engaged inthe conversation, you have a responsibility to maintainyour side of it - and to leave abruptly or let a questiongo unanswered is as rude as it would be if you werehaving that conversation face to face.”
    15. 15. Where to start?• You don’t need to be everywhere• Know where your customers are.• Select the platforms where your demographic hang out• The most common places Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, Pinterest and instagram• Look at the voice on each platform• When you start you are in
    16. 16. Facebook• Look at the demographic of your facebook page - use the insights.• This is where people want to be your friend• They want to see behind the scenes and get to know you.• Use recommendations and offers• BUT make it fun – boring does not cut it on facebook
    17. 17. socialwidgets to yourwebsite andEDM’s toshowcase yourplatforms andfollowing
    18. 18. NEW! Facebook Offers Just Launched!
    19. 19. Get your pages looking Great Facebook Timeline Image sizes• Cover image size 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels high• Profile image size 160 pixels wide and 160 pixels high *just changed last week• Custom Photo Tab image sizes 112 pixels wide and 75 pixels high
    20. 20. Facebook Don’ts...
    21. 21. Avoid: the abandoned page 22 months ?!? 19
    22. 22. Avoid: swearing and spam not moderated 20
    23. 23. Avoid: customer service ignored No Response? ... Fail! 21
    24. 24. automated posts and Liking your own posts Like clapping your own awesomeness 22
    25. 25. Facebook … please avoid 1. the abandoned page 2. swearing and spam 3. ignoring customer servicealong with...• automated feeds• liking your own when no-one else is• poor design and positioning 23
    26. 26. 24
    27. 27. • Be Popular! ... Likes help 24
    28. 28. • Be Popular! ... Likes help• Looking Good ... Design!!! 24
    29. 29. • Be Popular! ... Likes help• Looking Good ... Design!!!• Fresh is good ... Be current 24
    30. 30. • Be Popular! ... Likes help• Looking Good ... Design!!!• Fresh is good ... Be current• Great conversation ... Quality posts 24
    31. 31. • Be Popular! ... Likes help• Looking Good ... Design!!!• Fresh is good ... Be current• Great conversation ... Quality posts• Safe & Secure ... Monitor 24
    32. 32. Mix it up : different types of posts 19
    33. 33. Mix it up : different types of posts 19
    34. 34. Mix it up : different types of posts 19
    35. 35. Mix it up : different types of posts 19
    36. 36. Mix it up : different types of posts 19
    37. 37. Mix it up : different types of posts 19
    38. 38. Tell people you are social• Add social media links to your teams email signatures• Business cards• Print Marketing• EDM’s• WebsitePeople won’t know where to find youunless you tell them, make it easy.
    39. 39. Words that work and calls to action Words that seem to generate ‘Likes’ • Like • Take • Submit • Watch • Post 26
    40. 40. Words that work and calls to action Words that seem to generate ‘Comments’ • Post • Comment • Tell Us • Check • Like 27
    41. 41. Response, timeliness and monitoring 28
    42. 42. It’s social… ask for feedback, start a conversation 29
    43. 43.
    44. 44. Are you ready! 31
    45. 45. Pinterest Now the 3rd largest platform behind facebook and linkedin1. Is your website Pinterest friendly2. Is your strategy involving a heavier use of images3. Are the images linking to relevant content that showcase your business (ie your blog)4. Ask – is this re pinnable? Why would someone want to add this to their personal pinterest board, what value does it add?5. Does your current strategy need
    46. 46. First things first
    47. 47. Google +• Yes people are there and yes it’s important BUT not as a social networking tool.• G+ is useful for SEO and for indexing your brand• More importantly, if someone +1’s your page or website, your brand will show up in the google “Search + your world” more often, meaning you get in front of your target audience more often
    48. 48. Linkedin• Professional people want to do business hang out here• Share insights about your company• Add your blog and articles about you using app’s• Think about how can you add value to the people who find you• Linkedin is where people come to you for “no fluff” news and practical advice• Use your keywords in your personal tag line• Uniform your teams pages for consistency• These guys mean business, so do not mess them around with irrelevant content about team drinks or who just got pranked.
    49. 49. Twitter• Twitter is a great tool to tie everything together• Its a short blast tool that can push messages out quickly and be a great traffic driver• Use it to repurpose your blog content• Link back to your website• Share your pinterest pins• Just keep it short and relevant
    50. 50. Know which buttons to push Just like you would have a different conversation with your grandparents than you would your friends, social media is the same. Know who you are connecting with.
    51. 51. Internet Show Offer• THE SOCIALFACE MAKEOVER PACKAGE• Is your business Facebook page feeling a little unloved and uninspired despite your best intentions?• Let Socialface give your page the makeover it needs to be active and attractive in the new financial year!• We’re offering you a fabulous custom design and three months of consistent, loving upkeep by our team until the end of July 2012.• Sign up on or before 4th May 2012 and get the Socialface Makeover Package for just $2,980. That’s a saving of $940 AND we will throw in $50 of Facebook Ad’s to get you started• Of course, you’ll need to hurry. We only have 5 Socialface Makeover Packages at this amazing price. If you sign up before Friday, we will have your page up and running within 2 weeks.
    52. 52.
    53. 53. We’re here if you need us
    54. 54. Still got questions? Post them on our wall!