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Priya darshini
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Priya darshini


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This article has been written for Techkriti Blog for a Cause Contest. …

This article has been written for Techkriti Blog for a Cause Contest.
The topic was:
“We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children.” Keeping this philosophy into account how can we make sustainable development in the world

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  • 1. “We do not inherit the earth from ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” Keeping this philosophy into account how we can make sustainable development in the world. The world that we live in is a temporary place for us to accomplish our goals. This was created by the almighty not for a single person or a community but for all Homo sapiens; it was created in such a way that the entire human race had enough resources to cater all their needs until their extinction. This shows that, "We do not inherit the Earth from ancestors but we borrow it form our children", as the human race on Earth is not going to end with us and it is to be followed by our children who own the right of enjoying and cherishing Earth's resources. In the earlier days, although there were no big technological inventions our ancestors lead a hail and healthy lifestyle compared to us, they had pure air to breathe in and clean water to meet their needs. But these days though we are technologically developed in many ways, we lack the basic
  • 2. amenities of pure air and clean water. This is due to the carelessness of individuals that has lead to the degradation of the most valuable wealth needed for the sustainability of human life. The most important thing that one must remember is that, “The thing that is borrowed has to be returned back either as the same or in a much enhanced manner, but never in a degraded manner.” These days the factors that impose major threat to Earth are Global warming and Deforestation. Even small things that are done by people on the whole has a huge impact on nature, it is never too late for us to realize the importance of nature and get into the act of protecting mother Earth which will lead to a sustainable development. Every individual on Earth is in debt to the future generation in creating a sustainable environment for their survival. Keeping this in mind we should do things that have only positive impact on nature and that aids in sustainable development. This can be done by changing our simple lifestyle habits such as using eco-friendly paper or jute bags instead of plastic bags to carry things, using bicycle short distance and public travels for long distance transportation thereby reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, gifting samplings instead of toys, indulging in gardening instead of watching videos, practicing organic agriculture by utilizing bio-fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers which in long-run degrades the fertility of soil, enforcing well-planned waste management system, etc. These acts although seems simple plays a major role in sustainable development. We should thereby in every act of ours remember about "Nurturing Nature for Better Future". Already many NGO’s and Governmental Organizations have started to spread awareness among people about the importance of nature, its resources and our role in protecting it. This should be carried out in a much wider way so that every individual on Earth gets to know about his duty in protecting the environment for the future generations. Eco-friendly
  • 3. products must be made available to people in a more attractive and abundant manner that they tend to use only these products which will automatically lead to the development of the world in a better way. Thus, by letting everyone know about the benefits of leading an eco-friendly life will naturally create a sustained development in the world without having any major change in the lifestyle of people. If the development is not going to be a sustained one then it’s going to be the robots which will rule the world in the place of humans, hope that situation never arises.