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Brief overview of Twitter for writers, presented to the Business of Pet Writing Conference in NYC, February 2012. Assumes some familiarity with Twitter; includes a little bit of strategy and some tactics/how-tos.

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  • Twitter does not consider itself a social network – in fact, it advocates people using Twitter just to consume (and not engage), as they would any form of media465 million Twitter accounts in total100 million active users per monthRapid growth rate: 65% account growth since May 2011, 11 new accounts per secondYetOnly 1/8 of Facebook: 800 m active users
  • I’ve included a great list of hashtags for writers in your handout
  • If you create an active Twitter stream, you will always have somewhere to promote your work to people who will most likely be receptiveYour Twitter presence and followers will be valuable to editors, publications and publishers
  • olibac
  • Twitter as a broadcast channel is best used by media outlets and some brands; people are expected to be conversational
  • If your followers follow more than a few people, they will rarely see your tweets
  • Twitter for Writers | Pet Writing Conference 2/2012

    1. 1. Twitter for WritersThe Business Of Pet Writing Conference February 11, 2012 Presented by Stephanie Schwab flickr: kevin dooley @socialologist
    2. 2. Some Strategy….and Some Tactics  State of the Twitterverse  Why Twitter is important for writers  How to find people on Twitter  Using hashtags  Twitter chats  What to tweet  Using photos and videos  Twitter time management flickr: cliche1
    3. 3. 2 source: Twitter flickr: bullfrogphoto
    4. 4. flickr: damien_farrell Why Writers Need To Tweet  Find sources  Validate story ideas  Chat with other writers  Twitter chats: #poetry, #litchat, #nicheinfo  Chat with others interested in pets  Twitter chats: #furchat, #petchat  Get motivation and info on how to freelance  Hashtag: #freelancewriters  Hone your writing skills  Expand your online visibility Most importantly: Become the Media3
    5. 5. flickr: 62693815@N03 Become the Media  Create your own audience  Promote your work to people who are receptive  Make yourself more valuable to editors, publications and publishers4
    6. 6. flickr: captainmcdan Some (Maybe Obvious) Basics  Put a Twitter button or your Twitter feed on your website  Be descriptive in your profile and include a link to your website  Give credit where credit is due  Use an @mention for authors/sources for links you tweet  You may gain followers if they notice you tweeting at them  #Don’t #Overuse #Hashtags  Don’t link your Twitter account to Facebook (and vice-versa)  People who follow you in both places will be bored  Format and length is different, take advantage of each  Ditto for LinkedIn  Automation is usually bad  Setting up automatic feeds or automatic “thank you for following” messages will make you look like a robot  People want to tweet with humans, not bots5
    7. 7. Finding People on Twitter  Search twitter bios for people talking about topics of interest  Tools/sites: followerwonk, listorious, tweepsearch, twellow, wefollow  Use Twitter advanced search to find people  Look at peoples’ Twitter lists to find people in a particular subject area  Use a hashtag to search for topics of interests flickr: olibac6
    8. 8. Hashtags  Hashtags indicate a topic, event, group or trend within a Twitter message  Hashtags are created by individuals or companies; they are not “official” Twitter  Anyone can start and use a hashtag  Search for your desired hashtag first to be sure it’s not in recent use flickr: jeffisageek7
    9. 9. Using Hashtags  To indicate that you’re taking part in a Twitter meme  Follow Fridays, indicated by #FF  #fail  #fictionfriday  #wrotetoday  To categorize your tweet within a larger conversation that’s happening, as with current events  #sotu  #MLKday  To indicate that you are at a conference or event  #ces  #evoconf  To participate in a Twitter chat or party  #petchat  #litchat flickr: londonlooks  To discuss a brand, product or service  #KateSpade  #iPhone8
    10. 10. Twitter Chats  Use a hashtag to “group” together conversations  Keep up with the group by searching for that hashtag within Twitter or a 3rd-party tool  Third party tools:, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck  Public Twitter chat list:
    11. 11. flickr: be.futureproof What to Tweet  Don’t just tweet your own content  Curate your own “media outlet” by tweeting links and information in your niche or areas of interest  Broaden your content core to reach people who may not have ever known about you  Be generous with Retweets (RTs), @mentions (acknowledgements)  Most people will be generous back  Curate from your own Twitter stream, blogs, email newsletters, mainstream media10
    12. 12. Using Photos & Video  While Twitter is largely a text medium, images are important  Images convey warmth, depth and personality  Importantly, your profile image should be a photo of you  Attach photos directly to your tweets  Use photos of your subjects, travels, writing process  They will appear in your follower’s Twitter stream (on  Link to videos in your YouTube or Vimeo channel flickr: banoootah_qtr11
    13. 13. Twitter Time Management  Twitter is “evaporating media”  You have to put a lot of tweets out there to reach even some of your followers  Many people tweet multiple times a day  Business best practices: tweet 5-10 times a day or more  You do not need to be tied to your desk  Preschedule interesting content you curate  Respond to @mentions and Direct Messages as quickly as possible, so monitor throughout the day flickr: decafinata  Useful 3rd-party tools:,, Hootsuite12
    14. 14. 13 Additional Resources & Reading Twitter Tips for Journalists Thirty Three Twitter Feeds to Follow (all writers) 2011/08/19/updated-and- expanded-twitter-tips-for- e_twitter_feeds_to_follow journalists/ 5 Twitter Tips for Journalists 40 Twitter Hashtags for Writers twitter-tips-for-journalists/ twitter-hashtags-for-writers/ Twenty Twitter Tips for Writers Twitter for Writers: Powerful Tool http://www.changetheworldwithwo or Evil Time Sucker? writers/ 05/28/twitter-for-writers-powerful- tool-or-evil-time-sucker/13
    15. 15. Thank You!Stephanie SchwabCrackerjack Marketingwww.crackerjackmarketing.comSocial Media flickr: quinet