Social Planning Framework


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Social Planning Framework

  1. 1. Social@OgilvyPlanningFrameworkPrepared by:John Bell, John Stauffer, Leo Ryan
  2. 2. 2Our approach to planning effective,integrated social media programsLike any marketing or communications program, our bestwork is built upon insights and an understanding of userbehaviors, technology, our client‟s business and culturaltrends. And social media is no exception.The Social Planning Framework & Tools represent bestpractice today in planning programs that include socialmedia, or are socially led “pure play” efforts. This is howwe use research to find insights, align an integratedprogram around a core strategy and measure the results.
  3. 3. Why the #@&#! do I need aso-called „social‟ way to plan?
  4. 4. 492 percent of global consumers say theytrust recommendations from friends andfamily above all other forms of advertising– an increase of 18 percent since 2007.- Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Study 2012
  5. 5. 5The Social Customer
  6. 6. 6The Social BrandResponsiveCommittedTrustworthyOpen
  7. 7. 7The Social (Media) Marketer…instead of being integratedaround the customer journeyToo often social is called a“channel” by marketers……versus focusing on earningattention, advocacy and actionOr we obsess about creatingsome content novelty to triggeran avalanche of sharing……when we could be alwaysbuilding a relationshipOr we are trapped intransactional campaign thinking
  8. 8. 8The Social Planning FrameworkListen Know Create Drive LearnSocial &Search InsightMeasurementBenchmarksSocial BrandPrintSocialAdvertisingContentSyndication PerformanceMeasurementOptimizationDigital MediaRelationsSocialExperienceCommunityManagementInfluencerManagementContentActivationOptimize & Continue
  9. 9. 9The right questionsCreate• What insights can drive a strategy?• What is the compelling socialexperience?• What content can use to engage users?• How can I use community andinfluencers?• What principles of behavioral economicsshould we apply?Learn• How is my activity meeting goals andhow can I improve on it?• Am I driving important business goals?• Is the program reaching KPIs?• Is the program succeeding and how?Drive• How can I use different forms ofadvertising to extend the reach?• Where can I distribute content to reachmy users?• How can I use owned, earned and paidmedia?• How else can I amplify my program?Know• How is my brand behaving in socialtoday?• Is my content relevant and discoverable?• Are my communities growing and highlyengaged?• Is my brand voice consistent and clearacross my social platforms?• What platforms will we use?Listen• How does the user behave in digital andsocial media?• What are customers & stakeholderssaying in social?• What are they searching for?• What are the digital paths users take togoals?Define• What is our Business Ambition?• How does the business makemoney/achieve its goal?• What do I need to know aboutcompetition, channel, category,company?• What are the measureablecommunication goals?
  10. 10. 10Our suite of Social Planning appsCreate LearnDriveKnowListenDefineConversation Map PlusSocial PersonasSocial PathsSocial ArchitectureSocial Brand PrintSocial ExperiencePrincipals of SocialDesignSociaLab Social Ad PlanConversation ImpactDashboards
  11. 11. 11A quick hit research project that maps out 5 key indicators of a brand‟s socialhealth against 1-2 competitorsTwo styles of collaboration workshops intended to bring an integrated teamtogether to develop strategy and the social experience based upon insightsand the principles of social design.Three different tools for integrating social media behaviors into your existingpersonas and customer profilesA framework for good social planning and research that clearly shows wheresocial media can provide a brand with the most “lift”, helping to guide resourceand investment decisionsSocial Brand PrintSocial LabSocial PersonaSocial PathA research report that distills actionable insights to drive strategy from sociallistening across social media and social networks and mining search behaviorConversation Map PlusThe apps and their definitions
  12. 12. 12A social ecosystem that clearly defines the role that various social platformsplay in engaging audiences and delivering on business objectivesSocial ArchitectureThe social experience combines the creative idea and social design to definehow we will earn the attention, advocacy and engagement from our audiencesthat actually drives business resultsSocial ExperienceCombines social advertising, search marketing and other paid media to amplifythe social experience, extend the reach and discovery of our programSocial Ad PlanBest practice evaluation metrics for reach, preference and action to understandthe efficacy of our programs. All displayed in dynamic dashboardsConversation ImpactDashboardsThe apps and their definitions
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