Social Media and Corporate Boards: 5 Key Questions


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Social Media and Corporate Boards: 5 Key Questions

  1. FIVE KEY QUESTIONS Corporate Board Members Should Be Asking About Social Media
  2. Do We Have a Social Media The policy outlines what is acceptable Policy for Employees? behaviour when employees engage in social A social media policy for employees is simply a media, particularly when their social media must-do today and is becoming a standard part profiles link back to the company or when they of every company's employment agreement. are talking about their work.
  3. Are We Listening? sites. Listening is important for many reasons, Listening involves using a monitoring but most of all it helps you identify if and when technology to collect and sort relevant a rumour or issue about your business takes conversations about the company across blogs, off online. Speed kills and you can’t afford not forums, Twitter, social networks and review to know when an issue is spreading.
  4. Are We Training Our People? marketer to speak at a lunchtime session, or Staff training is one of the most important developing an official "Belts" program, training ways to build capacity and understanding of will deliver a long-term and broad benefit for social media within an organisation. Whether the business – particularly when it comes to it's inviting in a blogger or social media such a quickly changing landscape.
  5. Do We Have a Digital Crisis Plan? figuring out who's in charge. Ask to see evidence of a plan - how quickly could we Most crises, by their nature, are unexpected. If update the Web site? Do we have a listening your company is confronted with a crisis, you program in place? Who is going to be don't want to be fiddling around trying to find commenting on the company's behalf via the username and password to YouTube. Or Twitter and blog commenting? Get answers.
  6. What Shows Up When You Google your company's homepage. One thing to know the Names of the C-Suite? is that search engines love social media Google is the first stop for most people when content. If your C-suite is active in social they go online, so what appears in the top 10 media, they'll have a great presence in search results is as important as what's displayed on engines which is important to the business.
  7. Additional Reading Ogilvy On: Social Media For Crisis Management Ogilvy On: Social Media for B2B Companies Ogilvy Red Chair Series Socialise the Enterprise Telstra‘s Social Media Engagement Policy (PDF)
  8. “ One company that goes with this online- initiated flow is Ogilvy. ” Brian Giesen Regional Director “ Ogilvy's digital specialist Brian Giesen outlined the best strategies for getting business results on social networking site Twitter. ” Ogilvy 360° Digital Influence p 02 8281 3853 e t @bdgiesen b “ 25 China Experts you should follow on Twitter… Thomas Crampton. ”