Day 4 Reflection at #SXSW 2013 -- #SXSWOgilvy


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Day 4 Reflection at #SXSW by Gemma Craven, Head of Social@Ogilvy New York.

Day 4 Reflection at #SXSW 2013 -- #SXSWOgilvy

  1. 1. Day 4 2013Reflection Gemma Craven Head of Social@Ogilvy New York March 2013
  2. 2. The art of the mash up, via Downton AbbeyThe Mashup is a big part of life on the internet today. Creating the perfect Mashup requirescreative skills and an irreverent creative eye. The team from College Humor talked about thesynergies between visual content and music, and the techniques behind such pieces as theirexcellent Fresh Prince of Downton
  3. 3. BLACKENTERPRISE.COM Shaq chooses the next big thing in socialThe bigman himself put in an appearance at his first SXSW this year. The NBA vet has long been a forceon Twitter, with a whopping 6.8 million followers. Also a shrewd business man, he bought a lucrativestake in Google before its IPO in 2004 & currently sits on the advisory board for Tout, a social mediastartup that lets users make and share 15-second videos. At South By, he launched a "Pitch Shaq"contest. He invited registered attendees to submit 15-second elevator pitches about their startups. Thewinner was promised a personal audience with Shaq and possibly an infusion of his cash. Shaq said hehad viewed more than 150 pitches and had chosen two winners: Beam, which makes a mobile videoconferencing device that rolls around on wheels like a Segway; and Speakerfy, a social-sound app thatlets you wirelessly sync music between different Apple mobile devices.
  4. 4. Sports gets socialSports teams really were prevalent at SXSW 2013, talking on a wide range of topics fromactivating the new fan experience, the importance of compelling content all with sharinglearnings across the different teams in mind. This ranged from discussions about thedifferences between soccer and football in social, the presence of UK teams such as Arsenaland Tottenham Hotspur to the MLB sharing its command center for digital content, which ituses to produce 250-300 pieces of content nightly.
  5. 5. Music is a comingOne of the core strengths of the SXSW experience is the concentrated intersection of thecreative industries, from Music to Film to Interactive and beyond. As Interactive draws to aclose the vibe of SXSW definitely shifts, with many more bearded faces arriving in Austin andthe launch of installations such as The Spotify House. This opened its doors on Day 4 of SXSWioffering everything from Spotify Sessions, local food truck flavors, ping pong, giveaways+ more. The Flavorpill + #FEED collaboration at the AMOA Arthouse was also notable -offering daily spin classes, yoga, and a juice bar in the mornings, then DJs and live music fromthe afternoon onwards.
  6. 6. The Computer Whisperer - Stephen WolframArguably one of the smartest men on the planet - Stephen Wolfram - talked about thefuture for his Wolfram Alpha computation knowledge engine, as well as demonstrated hisupcoming Programming Cloud. He also indicated he was developing a mobile platform forengineering and mathematical applications. Did you know Wolfram Alpha contains morethan 10 trillion pieces of data cultivated from primary sources, along with tens of thousandsof algorithms and equations? Solving complex math problems is a particular strength: simplytype one into the search bar, and the system produces an answer. Wolfram described itsdevelopment and how he thought that it would require building something "like a brain.”In the future, Wolfram Alpha will become more anticipatory of peoples’ queries.