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Ogilvy On: Blogging for Business

  1. Blogging for Business More Social Media webinars on www.asiadigitalmap.com
  2. Co-Presenters thomascrampton.com Brian Giesen Asia-Pacific Director | 360° Digital Influence Regional Director | 360 Digital Influence Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide @thomascrampton @bdgiesen
  3. Blogging for Business A Red Belt Training
  4. Twitter Hashtag #blog4biz
  5. Broadcast! Microblog! Connect! Engage! Share Links! Share Images! Blog! Audience!
  6. Home-Base Strategy! Gary Home Base! Vaynerchuk! Gary Vaynerchuk is more like a marketer than a wine critic, but he has been incredibly successful reaching a wide range of audience by providing free and valuable content and establishing expertise online. ! Wine library TV is a daily updated video blog that drives most of the traffic to the online retail store.! Although he might not be as conventional as other wine personalities like Robert Parker, heʼs very smart at using all his content to differentiate himself as a more informal wine expert.! Home base: ! Blog! http://www.winelibrary.com/ ! Twitter: ! http://twitter.com/garyvee ! Garyʼs blog is more personal than the video blog. Although many blog entries include a video, these videos are more personal about he daily life. This Youtube: channel is more about Gary Vaynerchuk himself than http://www.youtube.com/user/ winelibrary.com.! jancisrobinson !
  7. Home-Base Strategy! Gary Vaynerchuk! Video! Gary doesnʼt have a Youtube channel, most of his videos on Youtube are posted by others. Itʼs because he has a very strong fan base on his daily updated video blog. All the wine recommended on videos are featured on every post and people can buy these wines through winelibrary.com. Very clever way to drive direct sales. ! Home base: ! Twitter ! http://www.winelibrary.com/ ! Twitter: ! Garyvee is a verified account on Twitter, heʼs a a very http://twitter.com/garyvee ! heavy user who has more than 850 thousand targeted followers who he named as “Vayniacs”. He is very much engaged with his followers and responds in a Youtube: very personal and friendly manner.! http://www.youtube.com/user/ jancisrobinson !
  8. Home-Base Strategy! Gary Vaynerchuk! Facebook ! Winelibrary.com has a Facebook fan page of more than 24 thousand fans, who are very active on commenting on each othersʼ postings. It is a very successful community Gary built. ! Home base: ! Monthly Wine Club! http://www.winelibrary.com/ ! Twitter: ! A very interesting and clever tactic on Wine Library TV. http://twitter.com/garyvee ! Users can purchase the membership and they will receive “secret packs” every month. This secret pack includes wine of the month which Gary selects, users Youtube: can then taste them virtually with Gary on Wine Library http://www.youtube.com/user/ TV.! jancisrobinson !
  9. How to start a a blog What Is A Blog? •  A blog is a website where an individual or group can provide commentary on a particular subject or journal their thoughts. Time stamped posts are displayed in reverse chronological order.
  10. How to start a a blog Why Should You Blog? •  Blog because you want… –  To share a unique point of view –  To fill a void in the current online landscape –  To share your knowledge and passion for a particular topic –  To connect with others who have similar interests –  To promote yourself professionally or personally –  To gain a first hand understanding of social media and the ways in which online two-way communication is increasingly defining the way we live
  11. How to start a a blog What Should You Blog About? •  Something you’re passionate about! •  Great blogs have some things in common… –  Organized around a particular topic or interest area that attracts a core audience –  Updated frequently –  Authors who participate in the community both online and off •  Offline participation can include everything from conferences to on- topic meet ups to social media clubs
  12. How to start a a blog Where Will Your Blog Fit In? •  Figure out what’s already happening in the online community you’ll be joining. –  Use Technorati Tag and Blogs About searches (under advanced options) to find relevant blogs •  As you’re finding blogs, ask yourself some questions… –  What do you like/dislike about the blogs you’ve found? –  How do you think your blog could look and feel different from these blogs? –  What will your blog posts look like? –  What features or categories do you envision having on your blog? Are there elements that keep reappearing on blogs that you’re interested in?
  13. Marriott Official blog maintained by the CEO himself. Interesting information on the Marriott World, from his point of view.
  14. Hyatt The CEO communicate as a guest blogger on USA Today’s Hotel related blog. Guest blogging is a new trend. He uses it to communicate about the latest Hyatt digital news (e.g. Concierge) and reach a broader range of people than he would on the company website.
  15. How to start a a blog Do Some Reconnaissance •  Compile the blogs that you want to follow and check them daily/weekly. Blogs can be monitored using the following tools: –  RSS Feeds –  del.icio.us –  Traditional bookmarking using your browser •  Get involved in the discussion by commenting – this will help you develop a sense of the blog community that you’ll be joining, and provide insight into how your blog will fit in.
  16. How to start a a blog Becoming A Blogger •  Get into the habit of thinking like a blogger –  Carry a notebook or use your camera phone to start collecting ideas on the go –  Save links to story ideas using del.icio.us or your browser –  Create a Word doc and jot down ideas for posts •  Start creating great content to help launch your blog –  Practice blogging on your social networking page –  Draft posts in Word
  17. Intel Blogs 12 group blogs organized by topic.
  18. Intel CES Blog An event-focussed blog that builds reputation and amplifies presence at an important event.
  19. How to start a a blog What Blog Platform Is Best For You? •  There are many platforms you can use to blog •  The following are three of the most popular: –  TypePad (Paid) –  WordPress (Free and paid options) –  Blogger (Free) –  Tumblr (Free) •  Paid platforms tend to offer additional functionality and control over your blog’s look and feel, while free options are generally more basic. •  Research these blog platforms, and pick one that you like best
  20. How to start a a blog Creating Your Blog   Register with your blog platform of choice   Fine tune and organize content that will appear on you page. Most blog platforms have options to automatically engage the following: –  About Page: This allows readers to find out more about you, your affiliations, accomplishments and interests. Many include an email address here. –  Archives: Archives are generally sorted by month and allow users to scan through your old posts. –  Blogroll: Creating a list of blogs that you read and are associated with your subject area is useful to your readers, and will also encourage others to link back to you. –  Recent Posts: Most bloggers display a list of their most recent posts for readers to browse. –  Categories: Carefully select between 5 and 15 categories that your forthcoming blog posts will be organized around. Display these categories so that readers can drill down into content that interests them.
  21. How to start a a blog –  Widgets: Widgets are small applications that you can embed in your blog. Widgets you may be familiar with include a Google or Technorati search function embedded in a blog or an RSS feed subscriber. Browse your blog platforms widget gallery and consider adding basic functionality to your site.   Create a unique banner for your blog. You can do this on your own, or work with a designer to create one for you. -  A standard blog banner measures 725 pixels X 180 pixels   Sign up for a Technorati account and register your blog -  This will automatically index your blog with the popular search site -  A Technorati bot will crawl your site regularly so that your most up to date content can be found in search results -  Technorati’s “Authority” rankings can also help you track inbound links to your site
  22. How to start a a blog Plan Your Posts   Use your notes/ideas “from the field”   Choose one idea or theme to write about   Pick a voice and tone that’s appropriate for your post topic – ideally your “blog voice” will be consistent   Before you write, you may bullet out your main ideas – this will help you outline your post and stay on topic initially   Choose a descriptive and creative title for your post. Titles should be less than 50 characters. Use keywords in your title – this will help optimize your post.
  23. How to start a a blog Write Your Post   Posts can be short, medium or long – aim for the length that fits with your topic.   Write concisely – if your post feels meandering and longwinded when you re-read it, chances are that it won’t appeal to your reader. Write something you would want to read!   Use paragraph breaks, bullet points and numbering to break up longer ideas.   Remember to include links to relevant content you are blogging about, this helps create a rich experience for your reader and draws folks you’re linking to back to your blog.   Spice up your post with pictures – they can speak 1,000 words (or at least 25 – 50…)   Without getting repetitive, try to work keywords into your post as often as possible. This will help optimize your post in search engines.
  24. How to start a a blog Optimise Your Post   Links: Make sure that you insert hyperlinks for all terms, sites and resources that you mention. This will prompt the sites you’re linking to navigate back to your post and check it out.   Images: If you use images in your post, make sure you attribute them to their owner or secure appropriate permissions for use. Before you insert the image, make sure the file is named using key words that match those used in your title and throughout the body of your post.   Tags: Insert tags into your post for del.icio.us, Technorati and IceRocket using Keotag.com – a site that automatically generates HTML tags for keywords you select. Consider using multiple versions of tags (ie – SuperBowl and Super Bowl).   Videos: If there is a relevant video for your post, embed it. Most video sharing sites now have embed codes right next to a video – all you need to do is copy and paste it into your post.
  25. How to start a a blog Promoting Your Blog   To Other Relevant Bloggers –  Comment and link to blogs that you respect and read. This will encourage reciprocal linking and visits. –  Join relevant blogging communities (i.e. BlogThis) –  After you develop a presence on certain blogs, email the bloggers to make a personal connection.   To Colleagues –  If your blog relates to work, share with your team. Link to colleagues’ blogs, and request that they link to your blog in return.   To Friends and Family –  Once your blog is up and running, send a blast email to friends and family encouraging them to read, comment and share with others.
  26. Potential issues •  You’ve got to keep it up! To start out with, dedicate one morning a week to posting, then you can increase it to twice a week. •  You are a publisher, so your ideas are open to scrutiny and potential criticism. Engage with critics, openly, honestly and be receptive to new ideas, but be prepared to defend your own. Ignore the trolls. •  For some organisations it will require a cultural shift. Speaking plainly and in an interesting manner will be difficult for some people and organisations. Don’t force it or rush it, set goals and take baby steps.
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  28. One company that goes with this online- initiated flow is Ogilvy. Contact us on Twitter: @thomascrampton @bdgiesen Ogilvy's digital specialist Brian Giesen outlined the best strategies for getting business results on social networking site Twitter. Or email, if you insist: thomas.crampton@ogilvy.com brian.giesen@ogilvy.com.au Our blog: www.asiadigitalmap.com 25 China Experts you should follow on Twitter… Thomas Crampton.