5 Trends To Watch For At #SXSW 2013 -- #SXSWOgilvy


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Here are 5 trends to watch for at South By Southwest (#SXSW) 2013.

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5 Trends To Watch For At #SXSW 2013 -- #SXSWOgilvy

  1. Gemma CravenHead of Social@Ogilvy New YorkMarch 2013
  2. Trendsto watchfor at 2013
  3. The Age of Context is Upon UsThe Nike+ Fuelband launched at SXSW12. The mountains of social data wegenerate combined with the rapidly evolving technology and devices we allown means we entering the age of context. How can social data make you andyour phone smarter? How do apps such as Google Now (& Google Glass) easilytake disparate data sources and help enhance your life? How does all thisinformation make your life more efficient? This is a space to watch at SXSW thisyear to see any new product launches, emerging trends and discussions.
  4. Gaming + Social = Mainstream ConversationSXSW Gaming is the fast growing video game component of SXSW Interactive.It brings the world of video games to the mix in Austin, and is one to watch asthe intersection between gaming and social connectivity spills over into themainstream conversation at the event.
  5. Social TV Strategy ExpansionSocial TV is not a new topic but what is new is how TV shows have placed socialat their core, and they appear aplenty in Austin this year. From Andy Cohen’sonsite episodes of Watch What Happens Live to panels from many in theecosystem including the WWE, Conan, Deadliest Catch and TMZ, Austin 2013 isthe place for the broadcast industry to get social.
  6. Twitter andInnovation lead the ChargeTwitter first blew up at SXSW in 2007 - could this be Twitter’s year againat SXSW13? With the recent launch of its advertising API, the latest SynchTweet collaboration with AMEX (client) and new direct marketing tools forbrands are among many recent innovations to the many panels featuringTwitter at their core this year, it feels like the bird is certainly having amoment in Austin this year.
  7. The Sky is No Longer The LimitSpace ships are in vogue this year, appearing in everything from commercials(AXE) to branded content (RedBull) – and at SXSW that trend continuesapace. Elon Musk the CEO and chief designer at SpaceX, will keynote inAustin this year alongside panel appearances from five-time NASA astronautJohn Grunsfeld, who visited Hubble on three missions; as well as expertsin astrophysics, Microsoft’s Worldwide Telescope project, and Webb primecontractor Northrop Grumman.