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5 Steps to “Ooh and Aah” a Potential New Employer Using @Pinterest



Published in Business , Career
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  • 1. By @NandoRecruit Sr. Social Media Recruiter, NA, Social@Ogilvy@CharleneRecruit, Talent Recruiter, NA, OgilvyActionMay 2013
  • 2. To kick off your job search, you’ll want tocreate a public board on the industry/careeryou’re curious about. Use the search box toenter key words and phrases to pull uprelevant pins. Having a board solely dedicatedon a new career or industry will increase yourjob search motivation, because having directaccess to job “eye candy” will super-chargeyour visual cortex.
  • 3. Discover and maximize the use of the threesecret pin boards Pinterest gives you accessto. Log in, go to your boards’ section, andscroll to the bottom and activate yourimagination. You’ll want to dedicate one boardto the specific company you’re targeting.
  • 4. You want the focus to be on you, yourpersonal brand and your experience. Pin yourresume, and make sure it links to yourLinkedIn profile, but that’s just the beginning;you’ll want to dissect your background inorder to inspire the “ooh” factor in potentialemployers and recruiters. Pick your resumeapart and pin your past employers, youreducational institution and past volunteerexperiences. For each item, use thedescription box to add a little spice and flavorto your pin, describe your experience at eachcompany, a memorable project, a mediaplacement, awards, or the even the reason youleft (be transparent).NAME:DON DRAPER
  • 5. Pin some of the company’s greatestaccomplishments that have inspired you—andin the description, add text that reflects yourreasons why you’d like to work for thatcompany. You’ll also want to pin social causesthe company participates and/or believesin—this will show alignment all around.WINNING!
  • 6. Once you have created your board, work thelink into your cover letter (if you’re still in1955), job application, or even in a follow-upto an interview that you didn’t have theopportunity to showcase any earlier.Hello!
  • 7. Click hereto view the full post onSocial@Ogilvy’s blogwith Infographic