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Presentation about Samsung's Customer-Centric Approach to Twitter and Social Media. Created by Esteban Contreras and shared initially at the Corporate Social Media Summit 2010 in NYC. #csm10

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  • NOTE: This is a presentationby Esteban Contreras, Social Media Manager for Samsung Electronics, for the “CORPORATE SOCIAL MEDIA SUMMIT” in New York City on June 15th, 2010. You can find Samsung on Twitter: @SamsungTweets. You can find me on Twitter: @SamsungEsteban. What is Social Media really about? These are words that have been used to describe, understand, and measure social media
  • - When it comes down to it, it’s all about: Human Connections Marketers have looked to the 4 P’s as a guide for 50 years now. Putting PEOPLE at the center of them is key to going beyond being a company that makes things, to a company that cares about those it impacts on a daily basis so it can better identify and meet their needs.
  • My name is Esteban Contreras and I’m the Social Media Manager for Samsung Electronics. I started in January, only a few months after I sent a tweet to Samsung’s @SamsungTweets account looking to interview Samsung’s Social Media Leaders on my podcast. I had interviewed several other people in the industry, but my conversation with Samsung continued for a few weeks and soon after I decided to join Samsung. I resigned from my technology & business consulting position, sold a house and a car, and moved with my wife and 2 dogs from TX to NJ, right across the Hudson.When I heard about where Samsung wanted to go in terms of social media, I knew I had to be part of Samsung’s transformation to become a better, and more social, company.
  • - Twitter’s Biz stone has been quoted saying that Twitter’s future is in “helping companies be better companies.” Twitter has become a platform that can help companies of all sizes.. To participate in the lives of people To communicate To provide customer service To be part of a global community To be creative and innovative To become more transparent Even to sell more products and services, and generate more profitsOf course, with some exceptions, people don’t really join Twitter to talk to companies… |Note: Quote from “Twitter power: Learning from ourselves, in real time” (USA Today)
  • People are on Twitter to share about their lives and connect with others. They’re on Twitter because it’s fun and because it’s a way to stay informed. And when you get immersed in Twitter you start see how everyone is connected and how 140 characters become conversations and even friendships. Except for email CRM, mass traditional advertising, and participation in forums, Samsung has not really had a direct relationship with its customers for most of its history. Samsung initially saw its customers as other companies, retailers, and mobile carriers. Twitter has been very instrumental in setting the tone for Samsung’s Customer-Centric approach to Social Media because Twitter allowed us to actually have a 2-way and authentic dialog with a global community of people interacting and expressing themselves online.  Twitter has really helped us become a part of this picture.Note: Photo taken from
  • - So if you’re going to be customer-centric you really need to focus on providing value for your followers, especially customers.Think of the 5 C’s from their perspective What kind of community do they want to be a part of? What kind of content do they like to watch, share, and create? What kind of conversations do they like to have with companies? What kind of collaborations would they be interested in? What makes them want to connect with you and your brand? Remember that everyone behaves differently on Twitter. There are a lot of “spectators” out there, but we are seeing a bit of a shift towards more and more “conversationalists” and “creators”. It’s important to not see people as customers or non-customers. Instead, see everyone as a potential customer, and try to enhance their overall experience with the brand. Btw, people have different needs so having a Service Mind-Set regardless of what department you’re part of will help ensure that you help people who are shopping, using your products, looking for support, or anything else.
  • You should always start with your business goals. If you’re part of the marketing organization like I am, you should look at your Marketing goals and work on your SM and Twitter Goals, which on a high-level could be something like this: Building the community, engaging with people, and actively listening. Initiatives like integrating with overall marketing, creating videos, live tweeting, and providing customer service will come from the SM goals. You should then track your progress by measuring things like followers, reach, @replies, share of voice, sentiment, and issue resolutions.
  • Here’s another way of looking at your main initiatives. You’re using Twitter and various apps to engage with people in near real-time, convert them into believers and customers, and transform them into loyal brand advocates through a long-term commitment to provide valuable information and experiences.
  • - So what do conversations look like?
  • - Let’s say you start with different ideas of the kind of messages you want to put out there.
  • - When people respond, don’t let it end there, keep the conversation going, and don’t take it for granted.
  • - Use those broad messages to craft questions and conversation starters. - When people respond, don’t let it end there, keep the conversation going, and don’t take it for granted. I feel fortunate that many of the people I’ve had conversations with on Twitter now see Samsung not just as a company, but as a group of people that they can reach out to at any moment.
  • I feel fortunate that many of the people I’ve had conversations with on Twitter now see Samsung not just as a company, but as a group of people that they can reach out to at any moment. Again, don’t take it for granted and keep the conversation going.
  • Today, we have 3 main Samsung US accounts @SamsungTweets focuses on all things Samsung. This is the account that I directly manage. We also have @samsungservice and @samsungmobileus, and we collaborate both publicly and privately to help people out and ensure our efforts are integrated and consistent.
  • Here’s with a link to @SamsungTweets
  • We also allow people to share products and reviews to Twitter.
  • Here’s our Samsung USA Facebook page, which displays our most recent tweets.
  • Mock screenshot from upcoming Samsung Channel on Seesmic Look – Promo
  • Mock screenshot from upcoming Samsung Channel on Seesmic Look – Users (Chris Brogan)
  • Mock screenshot from upcoming Samsung Channel on Seesmic Look – Samsung Tweets
  • Here are some tips..
  • Some more tips..
  • The future of Twitter is uncertain, but Twitter has already impacted the web in a way that few companies have been able to do, so here are some things we might see: Richer and more immersive experience Device convergence Deeper integration and personalization Complex data visualizations social shopping advanced searches More Augmented Reality Real-Time Updates Contextual connections Specialized business pages Enhanced Customer Service Channels As much as we all love Twitter, it’s important to remember that your commitment to be more “social” and engage with others does not depend on a community like Twitter. The commitment is to people, especially customers, wherever they may be.
  • Slides will be posted on my personal blog www.socialnerdia.comFeel free to contact
  • Twitter @ Samsung: Customer-Centric Approach to Social Media

    1. 1. Connect<br />Fan<br />Trust<br />Conversations<br />Community<br />Networks<br />Expression<br />Attention Economy<br />Buzz<br />Engagement<br />Semantic<br />Influence<br />Social Graph<br />Live Streaming<br />Citizen Journalists<br />Humanized<br />Blog<br />Distribution<br />Transparent<br />Feed<br />Via<br />Friends<br />Followers<br />Sharing<br />Joining<br />Real-Time<br />Presence<br />Identity<br />Viral<br />Clout<br />Open<br />Mobile<br />Chat<br />Location<br />Sentiment<br />Friending<br />Generosity<br />Crowdsourcing<br />ReTweeting<br />Content<br />Authentic<br />Participate<br />Wall<br />Sentiment<br />Share of Voice<br />Listen<br />Technographics<br />Service<br />Collecting<br />Vote<br />Meetup<br />Collaboration<br />User-Generated<br />Resonance<br />Earned Media<br />Like<br />
    2. 2. Connect<br />Fan<br />Trust<br />Community<br />Conversations<br />Networks<br />Expression<br />Attention Economy<br />Buzz<br />Engagement<br />Semantic<br />Influence<br />Social Graph<br />Citizen Journalists<br />Humanized<br />Live Streaming<br />HUMAN<br />CONNECTIONS<br />Blog<br />Distribution<br />Transparent<br />Feed<br />Via<br />Friends<br />Follower<br />Sharing<br />Joining<br />Real-Time<br />Presence<br />Identity<br />Viral<br />Clout<br />Open<br />Mobile<br />Chat<br />Location<br />Creativity<br />Friending<br />Generosity<br />Crowdsourced<br />ReTweeting<br />Creating<br />Authenticity<br />Liking<br />Wall<br />product<br />price<br />Participation<br />Value<br />Listening<br />Technographics<br />place<br />promotion<br />people<br />Service<br />Collecting<br />Collaboration<br />Vote<br />Meetup<br />Resonance<br />Earned Media<br />Like<br />User-Generated<br />
    3. 3.
    4. 4. “We think our future is in helping companies be better companies”<br />via@Biz<br />Twitter helps companies…<br /><ul><li>Participate in the lives of people
    5. 5. Communicate & gain real insights
    6. 6. Establish a new customer service channel
    7. 7. Realize just how flat the world is
    8. 8. Innovate in a rapidly changing web
    9. 9. Shift towards a more open and honest culture
    10. 10. Positively affect the bottom line</li></ul> …be better companies<br />
    11. 11.
    12. 12. Provide value for customers… not just for the company<br /><ul><li>Think of the 5 C’s from their perspective
    13. 13. Not everyone is equally “Social”
    14. 14. Everyone is a “Customer”
    15. 15. Different Needs Require a Service Mind-set</li></ul>Collaboration<br />Connections<br />Conversation<br />Content<br />Community<br />Creators<br />Critics<br />Conversationalists<br />Joiners<br />Spectators<br />Collectors<br />Unsatisfied Customer<br />LoyalCustomer<br />ReturningCustomer<br />First-Time<br />Customer<br />Potential Customer<br />Shop<br />Own<br />Fix<br />Other<br />
    16. 16. Business Goals<br />Marketing Goals<br />Social Media Goals<br />Engagement<br />Community<br />Listening<br />Marketing<br />Integration<br />Conversations<br />UGC <br />Solicitation<br />Content <br />Creation<br />Customer <br />Service<br />Monitoring<br />& Searches <br />Reporting<br />Followers &Relationships <br />Share of Voice<br />@Replies, RTs, Lists & DMs <br />Sentiment<br />& SIM Score<br />Issue<br />Resolutions<br />Tweet Reach& Impact <br />
    17. 17. LEVERAGE TOOLS<br />. <br />Hello @world !<br />ENGAGE<br />in Conversations & Valuable Experiences <br />CONVERT<br />Non-believers into believersNon-customers into customers<br />TRANSFORM<br />Customers into Brand Advocates<br />
    18. 18. What do conversations look like?<br />
    19. 19. How was your day?<br />Samsung Cares About People<br />Samsung Makes Life Easier<br />Do you need help?<br />What does it mean to be a geek?<br />Samsung Creates Cool Technology<br />
    20. 20. How was your day?<br />Do you need help?<br />What does it mean to be a geek?<br />
    21. 21.
    22. 22.
    23. 23.
    24. 24.
    25. 25.
    26. 26.
    27. 27.
    28. 28.
    29. 29.
    30. 30. Do<br />Don’t<br /><ul><li>Tell your company’s story
    31. 31. Be Passionate
    32. 32. Be Generous
    33. 33. Acknowledge Mistakes & Apologize
    34. 34. Respond at Surprising Hours
    35. 35. Write like People Speak
    36. 36. Schedule Tweets
    37. 37. Be Personal
    38. 38. Reach out to Influencers
    39. 39. Play with your Background
    40. 40. Follow Back
    41. 41. Engage in Private
    42. 42. Focus on Conversations
    43. 43. Outsource your company’s soul
    44. 44. See Twitter as a To-Do List
    45. 45. Start Every Tweet with “RT”
    46. 46. Forget the Legal Side of Things
    47. 47. Forget about nights & weekends
    48. 48. Corporate Speak
    49. 49. Automize Tweets
    50. 50. Be Too Personal
    51. 51. Become a Concierge for Celebs
    52. 52. Overdo the Background
    53. 53. Follow Everyone
    54. 54. Send Mindless Auto DMs
    55. 55. Buy Followers</li></li></ul><li>Do<br />Don’t<br /><ul><li>Be Spontaneous
    56. 56. Create Content
    57. 57. Ask Questions & Request Feedback
    58. 58. Stay silent if necessary
    59. 59. Live Tweet
    60. 60. Contests & Giveaways
    61. 61. Use Favorites, Hashtags, & Lists
    62. 62. Consider Ads
    63. 63. Collaborate with other teams
    64. 64. Increase your Social Media Budgets
    65. 65. Reach Out through Searches
    66. 66. Prepare for The Worst
    67. 67. Be Too Random
    68. 68. Create Bad Content
    69. 69. Assume Twitter is a Focus Group
    70. 70. Lie, Block, or be Mean
    71. 71. Live Tweet Too Much
    72. 72. Become a Spammer
    73. 73. Overuse them
    74. 74. Alienate with Ads
    75. 75. Oversell Social Media
    76. 76. Think Money Replaces Creativity
    77. 77. Stalk Everyone Who Mentions You
    78. 78. Think you’re Ready for the Worst</li></li></ul><li>What will Twitter be like Tomorrow?<br /><ul><li>Richer & more immersive experiences
    79. 79. Convergence: Desktop + Mobile + Other Devices
    80. 80. Deeper Web Integration & Personalization
    81. 81. Complex Data Visualizations
    82. 82. Social Shopping
    83. 83. Advanced Searches
    84. 84. Real-Time Updates
    85. 85. Contextual Connections
    86. 86. More Augmented Reality
    87. 87. Enhanced Customer Service Channels
    88. 88. Specialized Business Pages
    89. 89. Twitter Substitutes?</li></li></ul><li>Slides will be posted soon at<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />e-mail:<br />