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SMWNYC Event Partner Guide

  1. 1. CALENDAR OF DATES SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK 2014 SPONSORSHIP AND MARKETING PROSPECTUS "This year's Social Media Week was the most comprehensive discussion of issues, opportunities, and culture relating to ‘connectivity’ that I have ever attended or been a part of."   Ian Schafer, CEO of Deep Focus EVENT SUBMISSION OPENS Oct 10 EVENT SUBMISSION DEADLINE Dec 6 PRESENTED BY: POWERED BY:
  2. 2. ABOUT mission & global reach Social Media Week, powered globally by Nokia, is a leading news and publishing platform and worldwide event that takes place in 26+ cities each year. Our mission is to capture, curate and share the most meaningful ideas, trends, and best practices with regard to social media’s impact on business, society, and culture. GLASGOW VANCOUVER LONDON PARIS TORONTO SAN FRANCISCO LOS ANGELES CHICAGO NEW YORK CITY COPENHAGEN HAMBURG BERLIN TORINO MILAN SEOUL WASHINGTON DC SHANGHAI MIAMI MUMBAI MEXICO CITY FEBRUARY CITIES TOKYO LAGOS BOGOTA SINGAPORE SEPTEMBER CITIES PAST CITIES SÃO PAULO BUENOS AIRES GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES. CAPTURED LOCALLY. SMW hosts two worldwide events each year in February & September, where on average 10 cities participate simultaneously. SMW REACH The SMW global footprint grows on average by 20% each year, with new cities being added all the time. PARTICIPANTS 60K 60K 2,000 EVENTS 500K SOCIAL ACTIONS 18,215 HOURS 26 CITIES 4,000 SPEAKERS OF STREAMED VIDEO VIEWED Sponsorship Package Discounts: Save 15% by October 31 and 10% by November 30. “Social Media Week does not disappoint. It is a real-world manifestation of some of the best that new technology has to offer - ideas, strategies and insights shared by the people who are shaping the future.” Ellen McGirt. Senior Writer, Fast Company Magazine
  3. 3. PRESS & TRENDS media mentions & influence SMW’s February 2013 event received 5,000 press mentions globally, generating more than 400M impressions. Top mentioned session Sources included CNN, NY Times, Fox News, TNW, Huffington Post, The Guardian, GQ Italia, Wired and more. 3,135 2,643 1,487 1,455 1,030 854 815 Topics Covered in Press Articles Social media used during crisis Warby Parker Food Tumblr o Ford Fiesta Social TV Nokia Lumia 820 Design Challenge Colombia NOT Columbia NYC's Tech Bubble Publications that Covered Social Media Week Publications that Covered Social Media Week Billboard, FOX News, Vogue Italia, The Guardian, Web, Next AdWeek, New AdWeek, New Billboard, FOX News, Vogue Italia, The Guardian, The Next The CNN, Web, CNN, York Times, Business York Times, Business Insider, Globo, Entertainment Weekly, DigitalTrends, Wired Italia, Insider, Globo, Entertainment Weekly, DigitalTrends, Wired Italia, GQ Italia, Corriere,Huffington Post GQ Italia, Corriere, Huffington Post 730 597 581 529 528 509 503 450 443 433 429 HASHTAGS #smwogilvy #rejectedcitizenshipquestions #socialmedia #smw140resume #smwsmac #smwbuzzfeed #smwnative #smwscience #smwfastcompany #smwknd #visual #smartereveryday #smwregulated #sonyc #smwford #storify #aolddbsmw #smwofferpop # Over the course of the week, more than 717 hashtags were used.
  4. 4. ABOUT NEW YORK voted one of the most influential tech conferences in NYC Social Media Week New York is now in its 6th year and serves as the flagship city for the February event. Due to its scale and impact, SMW NYC is considered the global hub of Social Media Week. It attracts some of the world’s most high profile speakers, press, media, and brands, together with a sophisticated audience of hyper-connected influencers. Paris 21,391 Lagos Copenhagen 9,529 21,473 Hamburg 7,955 New York Milan 31,652 49,862 Washington DC # 10K Miami 13,711 # Tokyo 48,419 60K PARTICIPANTS 2013 FACTS & FIGURES FEBRUARY2013 FEBRUARY 2013 MOST SOCIAL SMW CITIES MOST SOCIAL SMW CITIES 250+ EVENTS 280K SOCIAL ACTIONS 11k HOURS NYC 600 SPEAKERS OF STREAMED VIDEO VIEWED 11,890 Singapore 10,871 Sponsorship Package Discounts: Save 15% by October 31 and 10% by November 30.
  5. 5. ATTENDEES registrant statistics from February 2013 The SMW audience is made up of senior marketers, founders & entrepreneurs, influencers, & digitally connected consumers. CAREER LEVEL CONNECTING ONLINE Entry Level Professional (0-2 years) 19.1% Experienced Professional (3+ years) 33.6% Management (Below C-Level) 21.9% Student Represented businesses span most industries and range from small and medium-sized to the world’s largest and most high profile brands. 7.7% 4.8% Facebook Fans 53.7k 58.0k 13% Executive (C-Level) 74.8k Watching Livestream Founder & Investor Twitter Followers Social Mentions 280.2k Total Impressions 663.6M INDUSTRY 1-10 31.40% 11-50 20.0% 201 -500 6.9% 16.4% 501 -1000 6.5% Arts & Entertainment 1001 5001 10000+ -5000 -10000 7.3% 3.3% 8.10% 15.1% 6.0% Non-profit 5.2% Information Technology & Services 4.5% Fashion / Luxury 51200 35.8% Media & Publishing COMPANY SIZE OF ATTENDEE Marketing, Advertising, PR & Communications 3.6% Other # I was there! # # @ 28.0%
  6. 6. VISION FOR 2014 The Future of Now campus experience SMW NYC’s official program will take place at Highline Stages, the premier event space in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan. 2014 CAMPUS VISION During Social Media Week NYC, we will set the stage for the world’s most influential thought leaders, brands, agencies, startups, and digital change makers to share best practices, ideas & inspiration. 2014 THEME: THE FUTURE OF NOW In a world where we are always on and always connected, we believe passionately that examining the technologies that are changing the ways we work, live, and create will lead us to live better & more productive lives. - 3 floors 42,000 square feet Located in heart of Manhattan Exhibition and Marketplace - Cafe Lounges 2 Classrooms 3 Theaters Co-working WHAT TO EXPECT NUMBER OF ATTENDEES 6,000 EVENT SESSIONS (CAMPUS) 140 SPEAKERS 500 EXHIBITORS 35 INSTALLATIONS 10 NETWORKING LOUNGES & CO-WORKING SPACES 6 FOOD VENDORS 5 VIP PARTIES & SPECIAL EVENTS 5
  7. 7. THE FUTURE OF NOW CAMPUS three floors of official content, where attendees will learn, connect, and explore LEARN ENGAGE EXPLORE SPEAKERS, SESSIONS & MASTERCLASSES CO-WORKING, NETWORKING, & POP-UP STORES EXHIBITION & INSTALLATIONS Programming will be divided across three main stages, two classrooms, breakout rooms, and open collaboration spaces. With a marketplace for brands and collaboration spaces for co-working, Campus will provide attendees with compelling ways to connect with each other and cutting-edge digital brands. The Future of Now concept will be represented as a public exhibition and series of immersive installations. The Future of Now theme will address how we can live in an always on, always connected world throughout all aspects of business, society, and culture. Additional program tracks and masterclasses will focus on emerging trends in marketing, advertising, business, social innovation, government, technology, and entrepreneurship. With Campus, SMW NYC provides specialized networking and engagement opportunities for attendees on various levels. Attendees will find compelling ways to connect with each other and some of the world’s most cutting edge brands, startup and technology companies. such as Warby Parker, Jack Threads, Quirky, Etsy, AirBnB, Threadless, and Spotify. Campus will showcase how technology is shaping our lives and changing how we connect with the people and world around us. Open to all SMW NYC Passholders, the exhibition will feature brands, startups, and technology companies such as as Nike+, GE, IBM, Makerbot, Nokia, Google, Makey Makey, and Nest who are changing of our lives in meaningful ways. TOPICS: PAST SPEAKERS: + Advertising & Marketing + Innovation in Business + Society & Culture Neil Blumenthal, CEO of Warby Parker Steven B Johnson, Author David Karp, CEO of Tumblr danah boyd, author, researcher MIT Ben Kaufman, CEO of Quirky Esther Dyson, Chairman Edventure Holdings Cindy Gallop, MakeLoveNotPorn,tv David Carr, The New York Times Dennis Crowley, CEO of Foursquare Jennifer Pahlka, Founder Code for America Beth Comstock, CMO of GE Tonya Surman, Center for Social Innovation Larry King, Host and Presenter, CNN Dale Dougherty, CEO, Make Magazine Kevin Slavin, MIT Media Lab Scott Monty, Ford Motor Company Jessica Jackley, Founder of Kiva Jonah Peretti, CEO of Buzzfeed + Social Impact & Enterprise + P2P & Sharing Economy + Future of Media and Publishing + Creativity & Growth Hacking + Gender Equality and Diversity + Digital Natives + Internet of Things + Big Data
  8. 8. CONTENT & PROGRAMMING theater style sessions, keynotes or masterclass formats INNOVATION ADVERTISING & MARKETING SOCIETY & CULTURE STAGE 1 STAGE 2 STAGE 3 TOPICS: TOPICS: TOPICS: + The Future of Now + Trends & Future Gazing + Early Stage Innovation + Big Data Analytics + Social Media Measurement + Mobile Advertising + Government & Politics + Social Innovation + Charities & Non-profits + Emerging Technology + The Collaborative Economy + Open Innovation + Second Screen Advertising + Storytelling & Content Marketing + Native Adverting + Education & E-Learning + Health & Wellness + Design, Art & Photography + Internet of Things + Open data + Platforms and Tools + Future of Media & Publishing + Fashion, Lifestyle & Food + Music & Entertainment EVENT PARTNER BENEFITS: + Thought Leadership + Recruiting & Talent Acquisition + Brand Awareness + Company Announcement + Case Study Presentation + Industry Collaboration + Local Market Engagement + Hyper-social Influencer Engagement + Employee Engagement + Market & Product Testing EXAMPLE COMPANIES THAT PARTICIPATE
  9. 9. EVENT PARTNER GUIDELINES content formats for talks and sessions EVENT FORMATS: WHICH FORMAT IS RIGHT FOR MY CONTENT? + + + + + + + + + + KEYNOTE: SOLO or INTERVIEW an industry thought leader providing a unique perspective TALK, INTERVIEW, or MODIFIED-PANEL a structured panel or presentation on a given topic area MASTERCLASS a technical expert provides useful how-to’s and tutorial SINGLE EVENT a specialized event, party, or experience for attendees BRAND SHOWCASE marketplace, trade show, exhibition, or single installation Interviews Panels Content Tracks Debates Mixers / Networking Parties Roundtables Fireside Chats Masterclasses Special Events Performances EVENT SUBMISSION OPENS EVENT SUBMISSION DEADLINE HELPFUL GUIDELINES FOR YOUR EVENT: + CONTENT: Plan content that pushes boundaries, provides thought leadership, and shares fresh insight. + THEME: Focus on themes, topics, and conversations that serve your audience needs. No sales pitches. + STRUCTURE: Encourage interactive discussions and debates through balanced and objective assessments. + FORMAT: Consider creative event formats that promote openness, collaboration, and inclusivity. + SPEAKERS: Select speakers and participants who have proven credibility in their respective fields. + DIVERSITY: Support cultural, ethnic, and gender diversity in your programming and speaker selection. Oct 10 Dec 6 "Social Media Week in NYC is at the forefront of my favorite social media events around the world. The quality of the content, the speakers, and the attendees are first class, and I'm already thinking about how I can participate in other SMW events around the world!" + VISUALS: Integrate technology and/or multimedia into your event in value-adding ways. + ETHICS: Follow best practices, such as providing attribution where needed. + THINGS TO AVOID: Steer clear of self-serving, self-promotional, or rehashed content or events with speakers offering little or no diversity of background, culture, or perspective. Freddie Laker Director of Digital Strategy, Asia | SapientNitro
  10. 10. EVENT FORMATS presenting content in ways that will benefit attendees the most KEYNOTES SESSIONS MASTERCLASSES SOLO or INTERVIEW TALKS, ROUNDTABLES, OR PANELS IMMERSIVE EDUCATION SESSIONS A CEO, entrepreneur, or thought leader providing insight on a company or topic that was disruptive in an industry or created a new landscape in the social web that has affected people on a global scale. Bringing together several key voices on a given topic that can sound-off on opposing perspectives, provide a rousing dialogue, or elevate the conversation around a current issue to new levels. A hands-on collaborative learning seminar with project-based tasks to get up to 45 students actively involved in the experience. Classes target a higher skill level audience and are firstcome, first-served. 20-60 minutes 45 -90 minutes 60 to 75 minutes + Consider how the speaker best conveys the message: either solo or in an interview format. + Are there any visuals or media that can be included to enhance the story or experience? + What’s the call-to-action or lesson in the speaker’s message? + Provide time for audience Q&A. + Give context on each speaker’s opinion or perspective, either via presentations or an introduction from the moderator. + Have a strong moderator that does not let the conversation get side-tracked. + Connect all of the speakers in advance. + Provide a clear outline of the points to be discussed. + Provide a short period for audience Q&A. “Together with our amazing partners and our growing community, we are passionate about accelerating our understanding of social media’s role in society. We recognize that through collaboration we can deepen our knowledge, share ideas, and inspire each other to take full advantage of the incredible opportunities in front of us.” - Toby Daniels - Founder & Executive Director, Social Media Week + There is high demand for classes in design, programming, community management, growth hacking, and digital branding/strategy. + How can you present the strongest content and take-aways possible for the class? + What is the learn-by-doing project you would use to prompt the students to learn a new skill? EVENT SUBMISSION OPENS Oct 10 EVENT SUBMISSION DEADLINE Dec 6
  11. 11. EVENT FORMATS enhancing the attendee experience through high-level content, installations & activations CONTENT TRACKS SPECIAL EVENTS BRAND INTEGRATION RAPID FIRE, BACK-TO-BACK TALKS DINNERS, PITCH-EVENTS, GATHERINGS EXHIBITION AND MARKETPLACE A series of talks and events on a given subject or idea, hearing from speakers via short 5 to 10 minute presentations, combined with other keynotes, or interviews over a several hour period. Independently host a single event, curated gathering, performance, party, breakfast, competition, dinner, or an entire day of category specific programming at a unique venue. Partner with SMW NYC for the opportunity to have a physical and interactive presence at Campus and showcase your product or services to all attendees. 3-4 hours 1-3 hours + Is there a leading voice that can keynote to start the + What makes the event unique or compelling? content track and set the tone? + Short, rapid-fire talks can be challenging: will there be a coach or rehearsal to insure the talks go smoothly? + Will the presenters use projected decks / visuals? + Will there be a large enough community that will want to attend and dive deep into this content? + Who will emcee the track and introduce speakers? + Will there be any components that attendees will want to share or tout to their friends? + How will the event be marketed and promoted? + Do you have a team that can coordinate all details of the venue, A/V, signage, production, and streaming? + Is this covering the most current content / topics? + Integration includes a physical installation with WiFi, standard furniture, and a plasma screen. + Design and creative strategy support is provided + A great opportunity for digital branding and onsite physical signage at Campus. Please let us know if you would like to consider additional brand integration in the Marketplace or Exhibition spaces. EVENT SUBMISSION OPENS Oct 10 EVENT SUBMISSION DEADLINE Dec 6
  12. 12. CASE STUDIES & TESTIMONIALS stories from brands, agencies, tech companies, & industry thought leaders KEYNOTE TALK WITH WARBY PARKER CEO, NEIL BLUMENTHAL “Digital is revolutionizing the way people connect with each other — and Social Media Week has remained at the forefront of this trend by bringing together some of the most innovative thinkers in marketing, tech, and media at its global conferences.”   FAST COMPANY’s SOCIAL BRANDS David Berkowitz, Chief Marketing Officer of MRY Neil Blumenthal, Co-CEO of Warby Parker, gave a Fast Company presented their list of the Most keynote talk on Inventors Day during Ideas Innovative Social Companies of 2013 at the Connected at SMW NYC 2013. Neil shared insights into how he and his fellow co-founders started their BIG BOI & JANELLE MONÁE LIVE CONCERT Bloomberg Business & Entrepreneurship Hub, prior to publishing it in that month’s magazine. Presentations business as a way to disrupt and revolutionize the included the most innovative social media companies overpriced and outdated eyewear industry. Watch a and their plans for 2013. Watch this session here. video of this session. “Social Media Week is like a collective mind getting in touch with itself - an autonomous being reaching for new levels of intelligence. The facts everyone exchanges - though valuable - seem less significant than the acknowledgment we're all thinking and caring about the stuff that matters.” “Social Media Week is changing the definition of what a great conference is. Of all of the events I have a chance to speak at and participate in, this is by far my favorite.” During Social Media Week, Janelle Monáe and Outkast’s Big Boi performed live at an event hosted by Social Media Week and Nokia Music in downtown LA. More than 1,500 people attended, securing their Douglas Rushkoff Author, Program or Be Programmed tickets via a Twitter promotion and giveaway. Watch a recap video of this incredible performance here. John Winsor CEO of Victor & Spoils and Chief Innovation Office, Havaas Worldwide 
  13. 13. CASE STUDIES & TESTIMONIALS stories from brands, agencies, tech companies, & industry thought leaders THE 140-CHARACTER RESUME: HOW YOUR SOCIAL FOOTPRINT CAN GET YOU HIRED SCOTT HEIFERMAN PRESENTING IDEAS ON THE POWER OF MEETUPS SMW NYC 2013 CLOSING PARTY The Daily Muse hosted an event at AppNexus in To wrap up SMW NYC, organizers Crowdcentric and February 2013 that gave tips and best practices for MKG, together with Global Headline Sponsor Nokia getting hired through social media, with panelists from NPR, NBC, Mashable, and AppNexus. This WARBY PARKER & GOOGLE+ and Supporting Party Sponsors HouseParty and BuzzFeed hosted the Official Closing VIP Party at The Angel Orensanz Center for Contemporary Art. popular event generated 1455 social mentions for #SMW140Resume. Read a recap via Storify here. ALEXIS OHANIAN TELLING US ALL HOW INTERNET MAKES THE WORLD SUCK LESS BRIAN STELTER & DAVID CARR DISCUSS THE FUTURE OF MEDIA Eyewear designer Warby Parker teamed up with Google+ to replace the traditional mirror found in eyewear displays. Attendees used Google+ Hangouts, where they were able to get feedback from celebrities, influencers and fashion experts.
  14. 14. CASE STUDIES & TESTIMONIALS stories from brands, agencies, tech companies & industry thought leaders CREATIVITY & AUTHENTICITY IN THE SOCIAL AGE WITH BUZZFEED CROWDFUNDx NYC, TALKS AND LIVE PITCH EVENT FORD FIESTA MOVEMENT Media site, BuzzFeed, reminded us that, whether we know it or not, the content we share says a lot about our identity. They included best practices for SMW and Crowdfunder partnered together to bring crowdfunding leaders to discuss the latest rulings and share visions for the future of the industry, Kicking off SMWNYC on Tues. Feb 19 at Bloomberg, Scott Monty, Global Head of Social Media, gave a keynote address to launch the new Ford Fiesta social sharing under the analogy of a cocktail party, providing key take-aways and devices. Check out a recap and video of this session at JWT here. culminating in a pitch event for a $25k cash prize. Check out more on this event here. Movement, seen by a packed audience of journalists & executives. PEPSICO GLOBAL TOUR “This year’s Social Media Week was a truly global phenomenon — showcasing borderless brands, via the power of social media. We are proud to have been an integral partner — with PepsiCo employees contributing to discussions and idea exchanges on three continents.” Bonin Bough VP of Global Media and Consumer Engagement at Mondelēz International "Buddy Media is proud to be a partner of Social Media Week. This is one of the few events that enables us to connect with our customers and partners globally. We look forward to continued growth and innovation from the Social Media Week team.” As part of a global partnership, PepsiCo sent a number of key executives on a tour of three SMW cities, starting in New York, then London and Sáo Paulo. In each city they were able to speak at events and engage with local SMW communities. Michael Lazerow CEO of Buddy Media
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