Social media for hotels - beyond pr and marketing


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Social media for hotels - beyond pr and marketing

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Social media for hotels - beyond pr and marketing

  1. 1. Social Media for Hotels - Beyond PR and MarketingA Bit About Me…..• Others say I am a thought leader, idea factory and a marketingmaverick...................I would not disagree!• Worked in sales and marketing for over thirty years and as a freelancer orconsultant for nearly twenty of those years.• Work internationally with clients ranging from the global chairman of TNS to smallone person consultancies.
  2. 2. Social Media for Hotels - Beyond PR and MarketingA Bit About Me…..• Speak at conferences internationally from the Association of Project Managers(APM) knowledge share conference in London to IT conference in Moscow andgolf course owners conference in Marbella and a myriad of others.• Run a talent portal for marketing people to find jobs, bid on freelance and projectwork and find on-line training to sharpen their marketing skills.• LinkedIn• Facebook• Social Media Strategy Blog• Marketing Talent Portal
  3. 3. Social Media for Hotels - Beyond PR and MarketingThe Importance of Social Media to Your Hotel BrandThink of social media like a platform to enhance your hotel, and it automaticallybecomes a tool for enhancing your brand and its reputation. Help your guests to findplaces of interest in the area. Give members of your social circle access to specialoffers. Update frequently about your new rooms, or new items on the hotel menu.Upload video clips of the entertainment you had on last night.The first importance of social media for the hotel brand is its ability to render all brandtransactionsThat’s every interaction between your hotel brand and its guests or staff becomestransparent. One of the biggest concerns that large organisations have traditionallyis the potential discrepancy between the brand values of the MDs and the behaviourof employees they have never met, in departments they have never seen. Socialmedia allows the brand message to feed the whole infrastructure without dilution orchange.
  4. 4. Social Media for Hotels - Beyond PR and MarketingSuccessful use of social media for hotel brands involves managing all areas of thebusiness’ reputationFirst by identifying the current stage of that reputation by following your brand onlinethrough Twitter analysis and customer feedback (creating a Facebook page is idealfor this) and then by altering brand behaviour to improve the reputation that you find.The need for Inside out branding and joined up thinkingHotels, particularly big ones and chains, have plenty of departments that barely knowwhat each other are doing. How often does the restaurant manager have an ideawhat is going on in the bedroom cleaning department? Yet this disparity ofexperience within the hotel departments can lead to a disjointed customer serviceexperience, which ultimately damages the brand.
  5. 5. Social Media for Hotels - Beyond PR and MarketingA Hotel’s Brand identity can also be reinforced through interaction with customersIf the hotel team responds to them – either personally or reactively, it makescustomers feel involved in the brand. You can also easily expand the interactivity ofyour business and boost your customer loyalty by using social media tools to offerpromotions that shape your brand identity or meet new corporate strategiesFor example, if you want to entice more young people to take weekend breaks atyour hotel, you can easily use social networking tools and hashtags to reach thataudience.For the more expert social media marketers you may consider cross culture socialmedia to improve the customer experience. Analyse the emotional touch points inthe service delivery and build in social interaction so the customers are encouragedto engage their social media when they are on an emotional high and want to tell alltheir friends.
  6. 6. Social Media for Hotels - Beyond PR and MarketingBut savvy hotel owners shouldn’t just be paying attention to their external socialmedia presence, they need to use internal social media tooInternal social media networks allow a business to create a unique bond amongst itsworkforce, whilst allowing it to simultaneously and instantly drive its brand strategiesand ensure all employees adhere to the business’s vision.Internal social media is also a huge facet of maintaining a business’ brand, corporatestrategy and workforce morale. By equipping your business with an internal socialmedia network you can engender and manage a unique brand identity within yourcompany, making sure that your workers stay on message and key areas of thebusiness aren’t neglected.By opening up a chain of communication that stretches from the lowest employee tothe highest executive, businesses can democratise their business model and maketheir employees feel like stakeholders, facilitating idea generation and problemsolving.
  7. 7. Social Media for Hotels - Beyond PR and MarketingThank you for your time and if you wish to ask further questions you can contactme or view my sites through any of the following…… | | |
  8. 8. That’s all we have time for todayfolks. For more insight andinformation call Peter Wilkinson on07930 330125 or visit his blog on