Nonprofits Guide to Social Media (2011)
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Nonprofits Guide to Social Media (2011) Nonprofits Guide to Social Media (2011) Document Transcript

  • Nonprofits 2011 Social Media GuideHow is Social Media Shaping Nonprofits? tool when used correctly. This guide details how some nonprofits are using social media to their advantage andSocial Media allows nonprofits to establish a relationship how you can, too.with customers unlike any other media. It opens thedoor for nonprofits to establish a one-on-one dialogue Key Benefits of Social Media & with supporters and donors, build deeper relationships,spread the word about organizational issues, and fundraise Nonprofitseffectively. As the industry continues to progress more and more,A recent study released by Network for Good concluded Nonprofits have seen the impact social media can havethat the level of connection to an organization, or the on their organization. The following is a list of possibledepth of the relationship that a donor has with a nonprofit, benefits that can result by the use of an effective socialis directly tied to the donor’s likelihood of giving more and media strategy:more. As a result, the Network for Good suggests that  Provides a cost-effective way to boost site trafficeven small nonprofit organizations with limited resources  Has a viral effect – passionate supporters willshould make meaningful connections with their donors spread the word through their social mediaonline. accounts  Engages supporters and donors in a new wayNonprofits can interact with supporters more personally  Protects the brand’s reputation through consistenton Facebook Fan Pages or through Twitter. They can monitoring and repliesprovide news about their nonprofits’ platform, talk about  Creates loyal supporters and donorsupcoming legislation or social happenings, encourage  Generates brand buzz and media attentionsocial sharing, and gain feedback directly from their fans.  Boosts brand awarenessWhile the economy has hurt charitable giving acrossthe board, many organizations are finding social mediaand grassroots efforts are helping take campaigns to thenext level for awareness, response, membership, and Contents donations. 1 How is Social Media Relevant 1 Key BenefitsNonprofits are also using social media, specifically 2 Nonprofits Using Social Mediamultimedia sites like YouTube, to set themselves apart in 4 Social Media Tools for Nonprofitsan innovative way. Through these unique social media 5 Common Mistakesventures, nonprofits are gaining valuable media attention 6 How You Should Use Social Mediaand positioning themselves as leaders within their sector. 6 About Social Media SolutionsFrom positioning and communicating to campaigning andraising awareness, social media is another great marketing Social Media Solutions | | Orlando, FL | p. 407.256.9233 | f. 407.539.6191
  • Nonprofits Using Social Media “We’re early adopters because our target audience is high school and college students,” Smalley says. “You have toSocial media is impacting the way potential members and go where your audience is and that’s where our audiencedonors approach the nonprofit industry. Mashable reports has been hanging out. Social networks are our home turf.”93 percent of the top U.S. charities have a Facebook page,87 percent have a Twitter profile, and 65 percent have a The organization’s socialblog. media efforts really paid off when they were enteredBy evaluating Nonprofits’ participation in social media, we into America’s Givingcan clearly establish a positive relationship between level Challenge- a 30-day nationalof involvement and success. From effectively using Twitter, competition that encouragesFacebook, YouTube, and blogging, the following are people to leverage theirexamples of how Nonprofits have been engaging in various personal networks and socialsocial media platforms. media to help win cash awards on behalf of their favorite cause. Awards are given based on the number of uniqueCase Study: Darius Goes West daily donations made over the 30 days of the challenge. Darius Goes West used photos and videos from localDarius Goes West is dedicated to raising money to support outreach to promote the cause online to the communitiesresearch of the fatal genetic disease, Duchenne Muscular they had visited. They also used YouTube and createdDystrophy (DMD). Logan Smalley founded the organization memorable, humorous videos with clickable calls to actionin honor of his best friend Darius Weems who lives with that featured Darius’s alter ego John Madden updatingDMD. Darius’s older brother died of the same disease, but the organization’s audience on their progress during thenot before asking Logan to watch over his little brother. challenge. Darius Goes West had 1,633 donations totaling The organization’s $24,459 with an additional $10,000 awarded after placing first big endeavor in the top 10 in the challenge. was a feature length Case Study: Amnesty UK documentary called “Darius Goes West.” Amnesty UK is the United Kingdom’s section of Amnesty The documentary International, the international human rights membership followed Darius and organization. In December 2008, Amnesty UK used his 11 best friends on a social media sporadically and without a clear strategy cross-country journey to communicate with their 6,500 followers. They hadto convince MTV to customize Darius’s wheelchair on the recently launched in Septembernetwork’s show, Pimp My Ride. The documentary was 2008 as a social media campaigning and communitya hit – raising over $2 million for DMD research to date. platform for the organization’s digital activists. As AmnestyDarius and Logan now visit students across the country to UK began delving deeper into popular social networks andraise awareness and money for DMD. Along the way, the engaging in conversations with the community on theirorganization uses social networks to stay connected.Remember Word-of-mouth spreads fast, and in the virtual world, it spreads even faster to a much wider audience. Positiveinteractions are important to build relationships and brand loyalty. There are several difference markets that nonprofitscan reach using social media – current supporters, possible supporters, donors, media. One messaging strategy likelywon’t fit all, so don’t be afraid to diversify. Social Media Solutions | | Orlando, FL | p. 407.256.9233 | f. 407.539.6191
  • custom website, they realized they had a large numberof supporters spread across numerous social mediaplatforms. Nonprofits ChecklistIn order to successfully reach these supporters, Amnesty 1. Use a relevant name. Make your account names easily searchable andUK realized they needed a better idea of these existing relevant to your brand.networks, so they conducted a network audit that allowedthem to map the size of each network and their existing 2. Strategically create content.supporter base. After using the audit to set benchmarks, Don’t just push out information. Think about whatAmnesty UK began posting to their networks multiple content would be most valuable to your audience.times each day with relevant content, continuouslymonitoring and responding to supporters, and getting to 3. Remember, it’s a conversation.know their community on a personal level. To monitor Talk to your audience like you would talk to realprogress, Amnesty UK began measuring their efforts people. Avoid contrived speech or industry jargon. Use content that is open-ended and inviting. 4. Consistently update your content. Manage the sites effectively by being current and up-to-date with content so customers return to the site for new updates and information. 5. Integrate your efforts. Tie social media into your other marketing efforts by focusing on the same underlying message about your brand and adding your social sites to your print materials.against their benchmarks on a weekly basis by using freebrand monitoring and analysis tools online. could be found across Europe. They used their blog toSoon Amnesty UK was ready to proactively use social create awareness and rewarded donations with ad spacemedia to launch support for a campaign that addressed a on the blog.major brand’s human rights issues in Nigeria. Amnesty UKhoped social media would help shame the opposing brand As a result of Amnesty UK’s efforts, the major opposingin front of its shareholders, raise awareness about human brand committed to reduce gas flaring in the Niger Delta,rights issues in Nigeria, raise funds for the cost of media and 2,285 people donated an average gift of £17.65.used to promote support for the campaign, empower Over 32 percent of those donations were made by first-Amnesty UK supporters, provide a fun and engaging way time donors. Over 70 online media resources, includingfor people to show their support via social media, and mainstream media, trade media, and bloggers, pickedrevitalize the perception of the Amnesty UK brand. up stories concerning Amnesty UK and the opposing brand. Over 250 prospects were converted to Amnesty UKAmnesty UK began by encouraging hundreds of activists to members, 91 lapsed members reactivated, and 565 newsend the opposing brand a mention on Twitter requesting contacts/donors were found.a web chat about their human rights record in the NigerDelta. Thirteen days later, the major brand responded on Case Study: TechSoupTwitter by saying they would host a webchat about theissue on their website. When the webchat arrived, 445 TechSoup is a nonprofitpeople registered, 145 people actively participated, and organization that specializesthe majority of the 60 questions answered focused on in helping other nonprofitshuman rights. Amnesty UK ran a parallel chat during the use technology to help reachmajor brand’s webchat to discuss responses with a panel organizational goals. Theyof experts. sell technology and software programs at a discounted priceAmnesty UK also leveraged social media in other creative and provide blog posts, webinars,ways during the campaign. Amnesty UK also created an forums, articles, and websites to guide nonprofits inonline editable map that used a derogatory play on the using technology effectively. TechSoup gained most ofopposing brand’s name that showed where the brand its support through blogs, websites, chat forums, and a Social Media Solutions | | Orlando, FL | p. 407.256.9233 | f. 407.539.6191
  • that reached over 22,000 people. Called “The Friend Get a Friend” campaign, the organization sent a new Facebook message to its reached goal of 5,000 supporters on June 1st, 24 hours before the vote, saying, “This year’s cuts are 10 times as bad, so we need 10 times as many fans on Facebook.” The results? Facebook fans grew from 517 to 45,000. Due to the fast growth, the organization’s efforts were picked up by several media outlets. The cross-channel campaign raised several hundred thousand dollars in non-member one time gifts, and the organization tripled the size of its email list. Social Media Tools for Nonprofits Global Giving Global Giving is an online organization that is dedicated toprinted content-centric magazines and product-centric connecting “good idea people,” or nonprofit organizationscatalog. and projects, to “generous giver people,” or online donors.As TechSoup strived to break further into a tight-knit Global Giving pre-screens nonprofit organizations sononprofit sector with very little time or money to spare, donors can know their money is in good hands. Donorsthey recognized the importance of providing easy-to- can browse the website by topic or location, pick the oneuse, easy-to-share content on a limited budget and while that matches their interests, and make a tax-deductiblecomplying with a new green initiative adopted b the donation with the knowledge that at least 85% of theorganization. donation in on-the-ground within 60 days. Global Giving charges a 15 percent fee for the online service which canTechSoup partnered with digital publisher Nxtbook be taken out of each individual donation or covered by theMedia to create a digital edition of TechSoup’s typical nonprofit.print publications that highlighted content, products, andcommunity. Immediately after releasing the digital edition, To get listed on Global Giving, nonprofits can participateTechSoup launched a Twitter campaign that asked their in an Open Challenge, which gives organizations acrossexisting audience to help spread the word about the digital the world the opportunity to raise funds for their causeedition. Within eight hours, over 300 tweets and retweets with the potential of becoming long term members ofabout the catalog were shared across Twitter. As time the GlobalGiving community. For more information, visitpassed, more and more readers used the “Share” function the digital edition to post the publication to Twitterand other social media sights. By combining their digital Twestivaledition, relevant and shareable content, and social media,Techsoup saw 26,922 page views within the first week Twestival, orof the catalog’s release and 76 new subscriptions to the “Twitter-Festival,” isorganization newsletter. a single day, global movement that merges the virtualCase Study: The California State Parks Foundation and real world by using social media to organize offlineIn 2009, The California State Parks Foundation learned events in local communities to support a local cause. Overof proposed budget cuts that would significantly impact 200 cities have participated in Twestival since its beginningstate parks and result in 220 park closures. As part of in 2009, and nearly $1.2 million has been raised for causesa campaign to gain grassroots support, the Foundation like clean water and education. Twestival events areturned to their 517 Facebook fans on May 26th to stress coordinated by local volunteers, and 100 percent of thethe importance of reaching 5,000 Facebook fans by May funds raise through ticket sales and donations go towards29th in order to show support before the vote on June 2nd. charitable profits. To learn more about how to set up aThe Foundation also spotlighted a “Find us on Facebook” Twestival in your city or to get your organization involved,callout on their direct mail, telemarketing and email efforts visit Social Media Solutions | | Orlando, FL | p. 407.256.9233 | f. 407.539.6191
  • CauseWorld or $50 (or whatever they choose), but they would not be charged until at least $500 in donations were pledged. IfCauseWorld is a mobile application that partners with the deadline arrives and the tipping point has not beensponsors to help users support their favorite nonprofits. reached, no donations are made. The Point helps donorsTo use, an organization’s supporters simply open the feel confident that their contributions matter whileapp on their iPhone or Android and use the phone’s creating a sense of urgency surrounding the campaign.geolocation features to “check-in.” When a user checks in, Both campaign creators and donors can participatethey are awarded “karmas” from sponsors. Karmas can anonymously or openly, and a widget allows supporters tobe redeemed for specific actions to improve the world, donate straight from your website. For more informationsuch as donating to classrooms, planting a tree, or helping on The Point, visit injured animal. To learn more about CauseWorld, visit Mistakes Nonprofits are Making with Razoo Social MediaRazoo is an online Given the viral nature of social media, it is inevitable thatdonation platform some individuals or entities may find that the incorrect use offor nonprofits and it has actually damaged their reputations.fundraisers. Allnonprofits registered Using these tools incorrectly, such as ignoring rules aboutas a 501©3 and transparency, honestly, and trust, can do more damagelisted in the IRS Business Master File are listed on Razoo’s to a site’s reputation and media attention than taking thesite for donations. To use Razoo, an organization only extra time to understand your audience’s expectations andneeds to search for their brand and claim their page. From remaining patient as social media contributes to your long-there, an organization can update their profile, share their term growth plan. As nonprofits reach into the social mediastories, share their cause through social meida, create tool bag, they must be aware of the impact of their actionsfundraising projects, use the “DonateAnywhere” widget and understand exactly how these tools work.on their website or blog, and encourage supporters tocreate their own fundraisers for your nonprofit. Razoo To help nonprofits understand the potential pitfalls ofdoesn’t require any setup fees or monthly subscriptions, social media, we have identified common guidelines thatand processing fees have been negotiated with financial review sites can use to thwart negative feedback from theirinstitutions for lower rates. Donors are sent receipts from community:Razoo for their donations, but nonprofits can also use  Be upfront about any advertisers or sponsoredRazoo to view donations and send “Thank you” responses. content.For more information on Razoo, visit http://www.razoo.  Don’t use manipulation or bribery to gain reviewscom. or advertising.  Be transparent about your mission, motives, andRT2Give methods.  Provide consistent, valuable content and interactRT2Give is a social giving service sponsored by Twitpay. with your audience.Nonprofits can register with the service, and send outTweets requesting donations from other Twitter users.Twitter users that are registered with the service cansimply re-tweet the nonprofit’s message to donate. Formore information on RT2Give, visit PointThe Point combines nonprofit fundraising with Groupon-style donations. Organizations or individuals can set up acampaign based on pledges that are only donated if thecampaign “tips” over a certain amount by a specified date.For example, if an organization needed to raise $500 fora special initiative by December 1st, they would create acampaign with a $500 tipping point and a November 30thdeadline. Supporters would pledge amounts such as $5 Social Media Solutions | | Orlando, FL | p. 407.256.9233 | f. 407.539.6191