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@GregSwan's presentation to the Social Phonics Summer Camp on 7/16/2012.

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  • 1382 – John Wycliffe translates the bible into English. 1450 - The printing press brought the living Word to thousands of people who had not heard or read its words. Before Gutenberg’s time, only the monks and church officials could even read. 1522 - Luther's German translation of the New Testament is published. 2012 – the Jesus Daily FB page – most engaged page on Facebook – beating Barack Obama and Lady Gaga, with 13 MM fans.
  • Just as the church has evolved, so has communications. Who can sit where, who can speak, who can read the bible. One way communication, down.
  • Even aged churches have digital screens now. Check out those screens
  • Busting out phones during church isn’t bad anymore – tablets in services, taking notes, etc.
  • Heck, even the organist has gone mobile
  • Changing nature of church communications
  • Changing nature of church communications
  • Changing nature of church communications
  • Changing nature of church communications
  • Changing nature of church communications
  • Changing nature of church communications, first computers in churches, initial websites, introduction of big screen, social
  • Um, probably not phonebooks
  • Search? Definitely.
  • Maps – certainly.
  • Increasingly, geolocation based search, too
  • All the more reason to drop that yellow pages ad in favor of a mobile ad
  • Are your congregants checking into church on Sundays? Each one of their friends are seeing that.
  • Same with FourSquare.
  • Same with FourSquare.
  • Social Media Ministry 101

    1. 1. Social Media Ministry101Presented by Greg SwanJuly 16, 2012 1
    2. 2. @webershandwick@gregswan With You Today@perfectporridge @smshepherds 2
    3. 3. @smshepherds #smshep
    4. 4. Social Revolution is Old News
    5. 5. Social impacts every organization, whethersecular or religious
    6. 6. Social is woven into our daily habits
    7. 7. Embracechange.
    8. 8. "This world of ours is a newworld, in which the unity ofknowledge, the nature ofhuman communities, the orderof society, the order of ideas,the very notions of societyand culture have changedand will not return to whatthey have been in the past.”- Robert Oppenheimer (1963)
    9. 9. Communication revolutions are NOTnew to the church 1382 1450 1522 2012
    10. 10. CC @SF Brit
    11. 11. CC @FUMCPC
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    13. 13. CC @sjmaxson
    14. 14. Who cares? I’m interested in ministry, not gadgets.Real ministriesdon’t use social media.
    15. 15. 42%of churches actively use Facebook 20% use social tools in churchLifeWay Research, 1/2011 management software packages
    16. 16. 2%use a church-specific package like Cobblestone, Unifyer, or The City 40% of churches do not use any LifeWay Research, 1/2011 social networking tools.
    17. 17. More than 17 millionnon-churchgoers visited thewebsite of a local church orplace of worship in the past 12months.Grey Matter Research, May 30, 2012
    18. 18. What if that was your churchor ministry organization?What did they find?Did they come visit?Did you ask them if they visitedyour website?
    19. 19. CC @ Frank Gruber
    20. 20. How frequently do regular churchgoers(who are online) visit their owncongregations website?• 28% In the last 30 days. (21.5 million adults)• 44% In the past six months. (34 million adults)• 57% In the past year. (44.8 million adults)• 32% Never. (Or no website.) Grey Matter Research, May 30, 2012
    21. 21. How frequently do non-churchgoers (whoare online) visit the websites of places ofworship?• 2% In the last 30 days. (1.6 million adults)• 10% In the past six months. (10.6 million adults)• 16% In the past year. (17.4 million adults) Grey Matter Research, May 30, 2012
    22. 22. What people do on websites of places ofworship:• Check to see the times of services: 43%• Check what activities are offered: 29%• Look for a map or directions to the church’s location: 28%• Watch streaming video: 26%• Listen to streaming audio: 26%• Check to see what the church’s religious beliefs are: 22%• Request prayer: 18%• Downloading a podcast: 15%• Checking what denomination or group the church belongs to: 15%• Send a message to the pastor or leader: 12%• Post on a bulletin board or forum: 5% Grey Matter Research, May 30, 2012
    23. 23. Changing Nature of ChurchCommunications:1. Same Gospel2. Parables = storytelling3. Marketing is necessary4. Technology shifts happen5. IRL still critical
    24. 24. Social media is about ENGAGEMENT, notselling  Goal: strengthen relationships with your audiences and build your reputation  Tone: friendly, not too formal  Add value: provide news, ideas, drive conversation  ROI: establish measurable goals 25
    26. 26. We have limited resources…How can we be all things toall people?You can’t.Be what your ministry needsyou to be. Prioritize.
    27. 27. For example, ask:How are people finding yourchurch or ministryorganization?
    28. 28. CC @I am I.A.M.
    29. 29. How are people finding your church?
    30. 30. How are people finding your church?
    31. 31. How are people finding your church?
    32. 32. How are people finding your church?
    33. 33. How are people finding your church?
    34. 34. How are people finding your church?
    35. 35. How are people finding your church?
    36. 36. For example, ask:What is the online experience likefor our visitors before they evenwalk in the door?1. Website easy to find, relevant information2. Online maps, directions3. Social sites welcoming, populated4. Engaged membership socially
    37. 37. CC @ Loren Sztajer
    38. 38. 5W’S TO SOCIAL MEDIA MINISTRY…WHY: Build your brand and forgestronger connections with audienceWHO you want to reach with socialmedia – Congregation, Youth, UnreachedWHERE you want to reach them – Your website, social media channels, theirs or bothHOW you want to be represented – Tone of communications – Voice: ministry rep, spokesperson, volunteerWHAT you want to share… 39
    39. 39. Whose job is social media in ministry?CC @ amanky
    40. 40. 1. Leadership: establish vision2. Church/Org: set policies3. Communications team/lead: set tone, manage channels, recruit volunteers4. Everyone else: check-in, tweet, take photos, blog, share
    41. 41. Think YOU Don’tHave Enough To Share? Think Again! 42
    42. 42. • Church/Ministry news and facts• Financial information• Details on upcoming events, live stream links• Photos and recaps from events• Details on community, campaigns and contests• Positive news from members• News on missions, outreach and partnerships• Links to media stories• Prayer requests• Responses to questions or comments• And, of course, the gospel (sorry that’s last) 43
    43. 43. Lastly, a plea to start thinkingabout mobile…
    44. 44. • 50%+ - US mobile users will have a smartphone by the end of next year; highest 25-55, then 18-24 (eMarketer, April 2012)• 63% -- U.S. adults now access the Internet through a mobile device like a cell phone, laptop, e-reader, or tablet (Pew, April 2012)
    45. 45. • 58% -- Smartphone owners use geosocial and location-based services, like maps, Yelp, Foursquare (Pew, Sept. 2011).• 88% -- Of those who look for local information on their smartphones take action within a day (Google, April 2011)
    46. 46. Responsive Design?When you visit a webpage on a computer, phoneor tablet, its design should adapt – beresponsive -- to match the size and shape of thescreen. This is called "responsive design.”
    47. 47. 5 Steps to Mobilizing Your Ministry1. Research your target audience’s mobile behavior.2. Design responsive and mobile brand experiences that add value.3. Don’t just put a QR code on traditional marketing (see #2).4. Challenge your organization to think about mobile first.5. Measure. Evaluate. Adjust.
    48. 48. In summary…1. Social happened2. Stakeholders use it3. Mobile is now4. The More You Put In, The More You Get Out 49
    49. 49. Do be: Don’t be: Relevant Dishonest Honest RepetitiveTransparent Too salesy Informative Too corporate Respectful IgnorantCall for action Late Prepared Absent Polite Sharing
    50. 50. Thanks! @gregswan @smshepherds This presentation: