Enterprise social data success factors, presented by Marshall Sponder


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In his presentation, WebMetricsGuru's Marshall Sponder shares a methodology brands can use to decide their internal readiness for a converged analytics implementation.

He explains how to use data from signals that include their online social presences, team structure, and executive buy-in.

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Enterprise social data success factors, presented by Marshall Sponder

  1. 1. SOCIALMEDIA.ORG/SUMMIT2013ORLANDO Enterprise social data success factors MARSHALL SPONDER WEBMETRICSGURU DECEMBER 9–11, 2013
  2. 2. Enterprise Social Data Success Factors 12/9/13 Orlando, Brands Only Summit Marshall Sponder WebMetricsGuru INC.
  3. 3. What we will cover 1. Learn a simple approach to extend the utility of third party market research regarding your company, industry and competition using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. 2. Understand the Social Data Readiness of your organization using the same approach. 3. Develop simple Rubrics that can work in any organization.
  4. 4. Goal : Demonstrate a simple method you can use to better utilize Social Data and 3rd party research data in your organization
  5. 5. Setting Expectations About Data ......
  6. 6. Social Data is easier to work with, and potentially more valuable to develop in some industries, than others according to McKinsey
  7. 7. Effectiveness of social data correlated to the number of analysts who are working with social data integration Source: LinkedIn – number of analysts working with social data from companies represented at this conference
  8. 8. Social Data has several uses http://semphonic.blogs.com/semangel/2011/10/social-media-measurement-and-analytics.html
  9. 9. Social Data is barely recognized in the business processes of companies represented at this conference http://semphonic.blogs.com/semangel/2011/10/social-media-measurement-and-analytics.html 14,436 Total 9 with Social in title 442 CRM Total 27 Social in title 2% 0 Social in Title 0% 3 with Social in Title 1% Source: LinkedIn 344 Total 144 Total 1522 Total 0 with Social in Title 4523 Total 4 have social in Title
  10. 10. Social Data is often not formalized, standardized or centralized http://semphonic.blogs.com/semangel/2011/10/social-media-measurement-and-analytics.html 14,436 Total 9 with Social in title 442 CRM Total 27 Social in title 2% 0 Social in Title 0% 3 with Social in Title 1% Source: LinkedIn 344 Total 144 Total 1522 Total 106 PR with some connection to Social Media 31% 17 with some connection to Social Media 12% 213 with some connection to Social Media 14% 25 with some connection to Social Media 6% 0 with Social in Title 4523 Total 136 with some connection to Social Media 3% 4 have social in Title 37 with some connection to Social Media .3%
  11. 11. Rubrics are Needed to Evaluate Social Data Work http://www.toucaned.com/ART/product/RubricCards.jpg
  12. 12. Rubric: Is 1% your company's headcount made up of analysts working with Social Data? Hint: Use LinkedIn searches on company name where "analytics" or "analyst" http://www.clickz.com/clickz/column/2290887/the-1-percent-rubric-5-questions-leading-to-convergence
  13. 13. 662,169 or 99.97% 2,088 or .3% Not enough Analysts - 0.3% of the employees of work with social data attending this event Employees of companies at this conference on Linkedin Analysts in those companies involved with social data integration
  14. 14. Social Data Analysts may often lack visibility to the Exec Suite Hint: You can mine Followerwonk/Twitter, Facebook Graph Search, and LinkedIn to find out how many are visible in Social Media and what they are saying. http://www.clickz.com/clickz/column/2290887/the-1-percent-rubric-5-questions-leading-to-convergence
  15. 15. Analysts working with Social Data are focused on growing the business
  16. 16. LinkedIn Search Query generating the statistics appearing on the last few slides http://www.linkedin.com/vsearch/p?keywords=%22social%20medi a%22%20OR%20%22social%20data%22&title=Analytics%20OR%2 0Analyst&openAdvancedForm=true&titleScope=C&locationType=I& countryCode=us&f_CC=1720,1307,1550,2381,2532,1103,19722,1882, 1207,3364,1035,2213,1864,1431,1703,4725,2467,4399,1534,2127,360 0,3589,4969,1128,2380,2775,4037,1669,1841,4501,1116,4128,3460,1 231,157329,9286,2822,4599,3240,3863,369633,163009,163225,3411 ,2551,5670,3388,4207,2576548,1304385,1397,1602,163886,1597,425 5,165109,4768,157353,4647,1879,2677,4999,4345,4729,7616,5471,30 65,3433,3549,163347,163787,2109,165755,7887,9112,3409,1929,467 5,7639,1526,4427,1497,2987,163234,7262,166905,165022,5892,1641 78,2193,4960,9152,15080,3144,165888,15648,4593,7197,8791,16522 2,2818,9062,10111,5291,26195,40025,52730,13212,104992,12518,163 025,23858,1885,227303,2038,318858,6257,24099,232888,1002745 ,1503601,948895,165493,350986,1089241,1333236,2268220&rsid= 3126411384560508886&orig=MDYS
  17. 17. Use this approach to look at any company’s culture Hint: Use Facebook Graph Search and Facebook Advertising - this is outside of the 1 percent head count search on LinkedIn. http://www.clickz.com/clickz/column/2290887/the-1-percent-rubric-5-questions-leading-to-convergence https://www.facebook.com/search/108146069213926/job-liker- union/employees/present/218566214841042/employees/present/intersect 4K 4 Execs
  18. 18. Here’s a example: using LinkedIn Premium - 18 CXO/VP’s at 3M have a connection with Social Data http://www.linkedin .com/vsearch/p?type =people&keywords= %22social%20media %22%20OR%20%22 social%20data%22& orig=FCTD&rsid=31 26411384646507771 &pageKey=voltron_ people_search_inter nal_jsp&openFacets =N,G,CC,SE&f_CC= 1864&f_SE=3,4
  19. 19. Executives can use LinkedIn and Facebook Data to get a quick snap shot at the Convergence Readiness of your organization http://www.clickz.com/clickz/column/2290887/the-1-percent-rubric-5-questions-leading-to-convergence
  20. 20. Methodology can be used to extend 3rd party research such as Altimter http://www.slideshare.net/Alt imeter/slides-social-data- intelligence-webinar-by- susan-etlinger
  21. 21. LinkedIn can provide organizations attending this conference with additional data to better leverage 3rd party market research Source: LinkedIn Searches - 5042 accounts total Sensor data, wearable computers and augmented reality are where the next business boom lies but there are few resources yet devoted to this area.
  22. 22. Social Data across functions of organizations at this conference Note: LinkedIn's Taxonomy doesn't match the categories Altimeter used when devising their survey and the results are not an exact match.
  23. 23. Takeaways and Learnings
  24. 24. 1. Use LinkedIn to extend out Third Party Survey Data (Qualitative Data)
  25. 25. 2. Organizations can better understand their Social Data readiness using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  26. 26. 3. Social Data needs to be formalized so it can be used at an Enterprise Level Source: http://dionhinchcliffe.com/2012/05/01/social-business-in-australia-in-2012/
  27. 27. Sneak Peek
  28. 28. Facegroup » Twitter Video Virality - Chris Hadfield Understanding how social media spreads has become a major interest as well as the subject of a new course @Rutgers
  29. 29. Two reasons why people share and spread the word - psychological and Social motivations
  30. 30. Encode Emotions ...
  31. 31. Launching Soon
  32. 32. Questions? Marshall Sponder WebMetricsGuru Inc. WebMetricsGuru.com now.seo@gmail.com @webmetricsguru Thank You!
  33. 33. SOCIALMEDIA.ORG/SUMMIT2013ORLANDO Learn more about past and upcoming events DECEMBER 9–11, 2013 SOCIALMEDIA.ORG/EVENTS