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BlogWell Seattle Case Study: Cargill, presented by Chris Obray

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In his BlogWell presentation, Cargill's Internet Marketing Manager, Chris Obray, shares how their Truvia brand uses social media to find the sweet spot among consumers.

In his BlogWell presentation, Cargill's Internet Marketing Manager, Chris Obray, shares how their Truvia brand uses social media to find the sweet spot among consumers.

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  • 1. 8/18/2011
    Truvia® Ingredient Marketing Update
  • 2. Truvia®Natural SweetenerGoing Digital to Get to First Trial
    09 August 2011
  • 3. Things to know about Truvia® Natural Sweetener
    Truvia (pronounced Tru-VEE-a) is the brand name for the first great-tasting, natural, zero-calorie sweetener made from rebiana, the best-tasting part of the stevia leaf
    Cargill sells Truvia ® natural sweetener as both an ingredient for food and beverages as well as a consumer product
    Launched in 2008, Truvia® natural sweetener has already become the #2 sugar substitute in retail sales
  • 4. 8/18/2011
    Timeline of the sugar substitute category
    1982- Equal (Aspartame) introduced. Bulletin Board Systems trending (if you were fortunate enough to own a 1,200 bit/s modem)
    1957-Sweet’n Low (Saccharin) introduced. Tupperware parties are all the rage, an early example of a brand leveraging personal networks to build awareness and move product
    1999- Splenda®(Sucralose) introduced to the US; Napster is released to the delight of a pre-Facebook college student body
    2006- Cargill begins development of a stevia based sweetener. Classmates.com sees an emerging threat from Facebook
  • 5. New brand, new product, new sweetness and new marketing
    Stage 1: Learning about
    Truvia® natural sweetener
    Stage 2: Deciding to try
    Truvia® natural sweetener
    Stage 3: Making Truvia® natural sweetener a
    household item
    All natural sweetener?
    Meet the family
    Tastes Great 
  • 6. “Yoga Momma”
    About Me
    • I work to keep myself and my family healthy through exercise and eating well
    • 7. I count calories and feel guilty when I eat sweets
    • 8. However, I love food and enjoy cooking
    • 9. I enjoy seeking out and trying new healthy products
    • 10. My friends come to me for nutritional advice
    • 11. I equate price with quality
    • 12. Women
    • 13. Married
    • 14. College graduate or higher level of education
    • 15. Affluent
    Active Wellness Striver
    Food Habits
    Bringing It Together
    • Maintaining health & wellness for herself & her family
    • 16. Trend setter when it comes to trying out healthy products
    • 17. Thinks about the calories in the food she eats which leads her to make smart choices to live her healthy lifestyle
    • 18. Active and engaged shopper, looking for organic or natural foods when she shops
    • 19. I prefer foods without artificial additives and feel
    most comfortable knowing the ingredients before
    buying a product
    • When shopping I look for organic/natural products
    • 20. Fattening food makes me feel guilty
    • 21. I take steps to limit the sugar intake in my family
    • 22. I will purchase a low calorie sweetener as a safe substitute for sugar (quite often, Splenda)
    Source: Universal McCann Media in Mind 2008 (Simmons 2008)
  • 23. Social Media in “Yoga Momma’s” path to purchase
    Honestly Sweet® e-club
    Post Purchase
  • 24. Case Study: How the Truvia® brand uses digital media to drive trial with a new target audience
    Cargill Restricted and Confidential
    Post Purchase
  • 25. Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics and a Few Grains of Salt
    • In 2011, 40% of consumers 18-24 reported drinking coffee daily, up from 31% in 2010 (National Coffee Association)
    • 26. 40% of younger coffee drinkers (18-34) are much more likely to prefer sweetened coffee drinks (40% vs. 25% 55-64s and 21% of 65+) (Mintel)
    • 27. Over half of adult Americans claim to be on a diet at any given time (Mintel)
  • This Falls Incoming Freshman Class
    Born in 1993, the same year Seinfeld won its first Emmy for outstanding series
    Heaviest Mobile Video Viewers:
    More Receptive to Mobile Advertising
    Out-Text All Other Age Groups
    Talk Less on the Phone
    Grew Up in the Age of Social Media…and It Shows
    Watch TV on their computer, iPhone, tablet etc..
    Does not appreciate Seinfeld nearly enough
    Young Beverage Experimenter
  • 28. Barnes & Nobles bookstore sampling
    Free samples of Truvia® natural sweetener and posters/tabletents to be displayed at B&N College Bookstores throughout the US
    Sorority sampling with Truvia® Natural Sweetener
    1,200 Sororities nationwide get a chance to sample Truvia® natural sweetener
  • 29. Aspretto/SodexoHonestly Sweet®sweepstakes
    175 selected Aspretto/Sodexo College Café locations across the country
    In Café marketing materials highlightingthe product attributes of Truvia® natural sweetener
    Text-to-win sweepstakes
    Freshëns yogurt and smoothies sweetened with Truvia®rebiana
    Largest frozen yogurt and smoothie company in the US
    Dedication to natural ingredients, while highlighting the better-for-you nutritional changes to their loyal customer base, which primarily consists of 18-24 year olds living on college campuses
  • 30. Finding campus advocates
    Cargill Restricted and Confidential
  • 31. The most important thing about these impressions is that they were unsolicited from college students to college students
    Cargill Restricted and Confidential
  • 32. On-campus with HerCampus
    Truvia® Naturally Sweetened photo contest: Best photo taken at the Barnes & Nobles Café sampling location are entered into local and national giveaways of cosmetics, gift cards, etc…
    Her Campus giveaway: Anyone who tweets with the hash tag #TruviaHC is automatically entered into a Her Campus drawing
    Her Campus Social Media Inclusion: Cooperative and promotions
    Her Campus Web and E-mail spotlight:Use of Her Campus school specific newsletters and microsites highlighting various on-campus sampling opportunities
  • 33. Truvia® brand social media “bread and butter”
    Cargill Restricted and Confidential
  • 34. Questions?
    Chris Obray
    Internet Marketing Manager- Truvia®
    Truvia.com, cargill.com
    @truvia, @cargill
  • 35. 8/18/2011
    Truvia® Ingredient Marketing Update