BlogWell San Francisco Social Media Case Study: PepsiCo, presented by Josh Karpf


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In the BlogWell San Francisco case study presentation, "Connecting On and Offline Using Social Media," Manager, Digital and Social Media Josh Karpf describes how PepsiCo has integrated new media including FriendFeed and Twitter into campaigns to connect with consumers in new ways.

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BlogWell San Francisco Social Media Case Study: PepsiCo, presented by Josh Karpf

  1. 1. How Big Companies Use Social Media San Francisco | June 23, 2009 Josh Karpf PepsiCo “Connecting On and Offline Using Social Media”
  2. 2. Harnessing the power of digital @PepsiCo Josh Karpf Mgr, Digital Media ----------------------------------------- @jkarpf @pepsico 1
  3. 3. PepsiCo Digital and Social Media •  Drive digital collaboration, innovation, and education across the global communications discipline. –  Launch PepsiCo wide initiatives –  Creation of common platforms/services –  Build connections to new influencers –  Connect complementing ideas and programs –  Operationalize process and policies –  Share education and best practices 2
  4. 4. We need to shift our thinking Shift from impressions to connections Move from one-off content creation to editorial planning Static to editorial (think like a media company) Leverage digital storytelling and conversational marketing to drive news creation
  5. 5. PepsiCo Wide Initiatives – Digital Power of One Must Meets •  SxSW – Digital super bowl •  Internet Week •  BlogHer – Connecting with Mom Must Participate •  Embassy Strategy - The Pepsi Cooler - Twitter
  6. 6. Must Participate Establishing Embassies
  7. 7. Must Participate --- Twitter
  8. 8. Syndicating Content
  9. 9. Must Meets 8
  10. 10. Playing @ The PepsiCo Playground PepsiCo Podcast Playground was a major destination for broadcasting and connecting 9
  11. 11. PepsiCo Turns Trends into Art PepsiCo Zeitgeist •  The PepsiCo Zeitgeist monitored the pulse of SxSWi by mining and aggregating SxSW Twitter conversations and presenting trends in real-time •  The PepsiCo Zeitgeist was the talk of Austin and beyond generating over 4 million impressions on blogs and websites, 1,600 Diggs and 1,500 Tweets 10
  12. 12. PepsiCo’s SxSWi Immersion •  PepsiCo selected 10 employees from across the Company to participate in The Social Experiment •  Using a variety of social media tools and networks, the participants recorded their experiences and brought the best of SxSWi back to PepsiCo So what is it that I like so much for this program? Why should other brands follow the example of PepsiCo? Because PepsiCo is learning by doing and that is at the heart of Social Media 11
  13. 13. PepsiCo Celebrates Internet Week • Target online and social media plus select national print/broadcast outlets with tailored pitches to promote Internet Week activities • PepsiCo search for social communicators who will employ digital media skills to cover Internet Week news • Announced via AdWeek exclusive on May 15
  14. 14. PepsiCo Digital and Social Media Building into culture
  15. 15. A Tool for the Trusted Advisor PepsiCo Digital Compass
  16. 16. S.C.O.R.E. Decision Support Tool
  17. 17. Digital Strategy Framework Open  • Wikis  •  Viral Video  •  Blogs/Twi:er  Open Open •  Social nets Communication Collaboration Communica)on  Collabora)on  •  Podcasts  •  Search mktg  Controlled Controlled Communication Collaboration •  Video contests  •  SEO  •  Widgets  •  Social nets   Controlled 
  18. 18. The Journey Continues.. •  From impressions to connections •  Define the “cohorts” •  Lift and shift •  Collaboration •  Experiments 18
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