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BlogWell New York Social Media Case Study: Visa, presented by Lucas Mast

BlogWell New York Social Media Case Study: Visa, presented by Lucas Mast



In his BlogWell New York presentation, Visa's Senior Business Leader of Global Corporate Social Media, Lucas Mast, shares how they incorporated social media into a major event sponsorship. ...

In his BlogWell New York presentation, Visa's Senior Business Leader of Global Corporate Social Media, Lucas Mast, shares how they incorporated social media into a major event sponsorship.

Lucas talks about they utilized video content to promote their official sponsorship of the 2012 London Olympics.

Watch the video of this presentation here: https://vimeo.com/51965390



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    BlogWell New York Social Media Case Study: Visa, presented by Lucas Mast BlogWell New York Social Media Case Study: Visa, presented by Lucas Mast Presentation Transcript

    • SocialMedia.org Video Case Studies SocialMedia.org This video is from Case Studies BlogWell San Francisco June 20, 2011This presentation is from socialmedia.org/blogwellBlogWell Lucas Mast New YorkSeptember 12, 2012 Visa Corporate Social Media: socialmedia.org/blogwell Learnings from London 2012
    • Visa Corporate Social Media:Learnings From London 2012 Visa Confidential 1
    • What We Aimed to Accomplish Visa Viewpoints Mobile Studio : Brief interviews with Visa executives, partners, clients and Team Visa athletes for use on Visa corporate channels (internal/external) Photo/Video “Viewpoints from London” Postcard style documentation of Visa’s sponsorship presence and activations (branding, retail stores, merchants, cardholders, contactless/terminals, etc.) around London and at Olympic venues On-site news/marketing support Leverage Visa news (e.g. Samsung) created in London to syndicate across corporate social media channels and assist marketing team in capturing contentLondon 2012 Olympic Games
    • Laying the Foundation: Training & Education• Training required for all employees attending Olympic Games, with more detailed content for managers of global social media channels• Topics included marketing & brand campaign, Team Visa athletes, operations/logistics & corporate communications• Daily taskforce meetings during games included representatives from Corporate Relations, Marketing, Legal, Product & Visa EuropeLondon 2012 Olympic Games 3
    • Challenges We Encountered• Olympics rules and regulations created heightened environment of restricted behavior• Difficult to secure interviews with Team Visa athletes (schedules, cancellations)• Media/influencers more focused on athletic competition than brand/sponsorship issues• Efforts to promote content we were creating fell short due to time zones and staffing.• Underestimated time/resources to capture, edit, create and review content• Internal reviews/restrictions/approvals hindered the ability to post content in real timeLondon 2012 Olympic Games 4
    • Additional Guidelines and Limitations• No photos or video from inside Olympic venues on corporate social media sites• Photos/videos must be reviewed both internally and by IOC• No posting results until after the TV broadcast partner has aired the broadcast/posted the results digitally• Rule 40: Athletes may not promote any brand, product or service during games or credit company for performance during games• 24/7 moderation of channels required, with derogatory comments removed in timely manner• Only reference Team Visa athletes in Visa social media contentLondon 2012 Olympic Games 5
    • Our Content Goals: How We Fared• Our goals – Conduct multiple executive and Team Visa athlete interviews – Post 2-3 items to Visa Viewpoints each day (1 video post/day) – Photographic documentation of sponsorship (Flickr) – Tweets (3-4/day) – Sharing content with others (global CR, employee comms, Talent Acquisition, marketing)• What we accomplished – 5 executive interviews – 2 Interviews with Team Visa/Olympic athletes (Strug, Phelps) – 26 blog posts over two weeks (9 photo posts, 12 video posts) – 50+ tweets from VisaNews (2-3/day) – 8 blog posts reposted via InSite Olympics Hub – Created content for Security CR team, Brazil, and ChinaLondon 2012 Olympic Games 6
    • Metrics: Crunching the Numbers• Increased @VisaNews followers on Twitter by 10%• Average monthly traffic for Visa Viewpoints doubled during the two weeks of London 2012 coverage• Amassed 1000+ views of videos posted to Visa Communication YouTube channel: – What worked: Live product demo with Visa Global Head of Mobile Bill Gajda (550+ views), Team Visa athletes (500+ views), later executive interviews (250+ views) – What didn’t work: Early executive interviews• First time Visa Viewpoints has produced 25+ posts in the course of two weeks with an authentic voice and persona• Social sharing: 1000+ links to our content created during the Olympics across the webLondon 2012 Olympic Games 7
    • Live Demos: Bringing News to Life – Live demos take some planning, some luck and an executive willing to go with the flow – Doing a live demo (and shooting a few versions) allows people to see real technology in the wild – Less “corporate” content allowed for interest from media outlets— including Geek.com which created a blog post around the video and tweeted it to their 16K followers – Tip: If you want to shoot at a store, secure the necessary approvals in advance (and be prepared for people to say no)London 2012 Olympic Games 8
    • Sharing Content With Employees – Employee Communications team created landing page on InSite (corporate intranet) for London Olympics content – Worked with Employee Communications to syndicate the content we were creating in London to drive employee awareness and engagement – Visits from employees accounted for 10% of visitors to Visa Viewpoints for London 2012 contentLondon 2012 Olympic Games 9
    • Content For Colleagues: Chip & SignatureDemo – Help me help you: Connecting with colleagues in advance can help everyone get interesting, useful content – Creating a detailed script ensures that you get the shots you need (and saves time in post-production editing) – Tip: Privacy rules vary by country—understanding necessary approvals will make the lawyers more comfortable with the contentLondon 2012 Olympic Games 10
    • Building a Better Executive Interview – Being on-message is important, but being interesting creates engagement – Shooting an executive multiple times leads to more comfortable, more natural answers – Asking narrower questions and limiting responses to <1 minute makes for shorter, social-media friendly content – Think about Q&A that are interesting to external audiences – Executives are busy—plan for reschedules and cancellations – Consider your environment—a controlled, quiet room can come off as overly corporate (and even boring)London 2012 Olympic Games 11
    • Team Visa: Social Media Gold – Video interviews and behind the scenes moments with Team Visa athletes leverages access – Real engagement with athletes allows us to tap into their extensive social media networks – Tip: Like executives, athletes are busy people. They are also competing, so if they don’t perform well, they might not want to do media.London 2012 Olympic Games 12
    • Other People’s Social Media: Cadbury UK – Social media content should be less about broadcasting content and more about engaging in dialogue – Think about who else on Twitter might care about your content—and how you can actually engage with them – In this example, making the content more conversational and attaching CadburyUK (and their 67K Twitter followers) led to unexpected retweetsLondon 2012 Olympic Games 13
    • Reaching For the Stars – We identified a post from RyanSeacrest.com and used it to share our latest congratulatory video to offer context and relevance. – Turned tweet approvals around in real-time (30 minutes from IDing the article and reaching out to @RyanSeacrest and his 7.6M followers) – Identifying opportunities can lead to engagement. [Not everything will lead to a retweet—but like the lottery, you can’t win if you don’t play.]London 2012 Olympic Games 14
    • Postcards from London – Visa was literally everywhere you turned—being able to document it for people not in London expanded our presence to blog audience – Photos told a story of the various activations around London—from brand and sponsorship, technology and innovation and cardholder usage – Colorful and casual posts lent a more human voice to the images—more casual tone than typical Visa Viewpoints postsLondon 2012 Olympic Games 15
    • Technology Tool: Storify• Storify is a digital storyboard that allows you to centralize social and digital media content (blog posts, Flickr photos, tweets, YouTube videos, online articles) in one location• Visa London 2012 Storify Page: http://storify.com/visanews/visa-from-london• Corporate relations team was easily able to share themes (innovation, travel/tourism, branding/sponsorship) with mediaLondon 2012 Olympic Games 16
    • Key Learnings From London• Being on location is key to identifying interesting content opportunities.• Creating the content is half of the equation, but promoting the content is equally important.• You can’t use content you do not capture. Shoot first, secure permission later.• Social media content should be bite-sized and be put up quickly.• Photos can be an easier , equally engaging alternative to video.• Executive interviews are more interesting when tied to news or offer “behind the scenes” access.• Getting a streamlined approval process in place is essential.• Media are interested in leveraging access at events—working with them early is a key to coverage.London 2012 Olympic Games 17
    • Thank you! Lucas Mast Visa Inc. lmast@visa.com @VisaNews Visa Confidential 18
    • SocialMedia.org This video is from Case Studies Learn more about past and BlogWell San Francisco June 20, 2011 upcoming BlogWellsThis presentation is from socialmedia.org/blogwellBlogWell socialmedia.org/blogwell New YorkSeptember 12, 2012 socialmedia.org/blogwell