BlogWell Dallas Social Media Case Study: Texas Instruments, presented by Aimee Kalnoskas & Forrest Lymburner


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In their BlogWell Dallas presentation, Texas Instrument's Worldwide Manager of Community & Social Media, Aimee Kalnoskas, and Worldwide Community Program Manager, Forrest Lymburner, share how they use community as an integrated part of their sales strategy.

Watch the video of this presentation here:

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BlogWell Dallas Social Media Case Study: Texas Instruments, presented by Aimee Kalnoskas & Forrest Lymburner

  1. 1. The Big Social 2011
  2. 2. Integrating Community into Sales StrategyA Case Study of Texas InstrumentsAimee Kalnoskas – WW Manager Community & Social MediaForrest Lymburner – WW Community Program ManagerJanuary 24, 2012
  3. 3. Who is ?
  4. 4. Understand Amplify Integrate The Big Social 2011
  5. 5. The Big Social 2011
  6. 6. What We Asked Ourselves?• How did we sell?• What was the process?• How are our sales forces organized?• Where are the sales offices?• Did we have any central sales/support?• What tools was our field using?• Who were our largest customers?
  7. 7. What We Found Déjà-vu  Lost  Old Way of Email was Treasure Thinking King
  8. 8. Integrate The Big Social 2011
  9. 9. Construction Began… • Emphasis on make it “part of” and not “extra” • We strived to become an integrated part of our sales processes • We realized if we became too much “extra work” we would fail out of the gate
  10. 10. What We Implemented Started  Launched  Wrote a an external story… with pilot with a internal started handful of first product telling the focusing segments… story… on field to just those selling the factory who were “idea” willing to support experiment
  11. 11. What We Learned• Social Media is scary• Solve a problem …use the gratitude• Use the momentum• Never Stop Selling!
  12. 12. The Big Social 2011
  13. 13. Sell It! If you build it, they will come… doesn’t work The Big Social 2011
  14. 14. We Started Rewarding • Field Motivation… Money and Recognition • Recognized our advocates and early adopters • Encouraged competition • Physical and virtual awards programs
  15. 15. What We Implemented Combined  Expanded  Rolled our our internal the pilot to social & external include the media sites into entire principles one business and our conversation agent training
  16. 16. How We Took it GlobalIn the beginning… Where we are today…• We Cookie Cutter’ed • We learned you can’t assume• Launched from Central to the Regional • Cookie cutter didn’t work• Launched three • We realized field sales is regional communities different regionally • We are now trying to create programs within the region, by the region, for the region
  17. 17. Aimee Kalnoskasaimee@ti.comForrest The Big Social 2011