BlogWell Atlanta Social Media Case Study: ConAgra Foods, presented by Stephanie Moritz


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BlogWell Atlanta Social Media Case Study: ConAgra Foods, presented by Stephanie Moritz

  1. 1. H wBg rn s s S c l da o iBa d U e oi Me i a Alna N v mb r 02 0 t t | o e e 1 ,0 9 a Se h ne rz tp a iMoi t C n ga o d o A rFo s Ce t g n e rc g rai a d mbai a n n sc l da utr oi me icl e a u w wg se a. m/lg l w .ap d lo Bo Wel c
  2. 2. Creating d Embracing C ti and E b i a Social Media Culture 1
  3. 3. The Social Media Landscape 75% 80% 85% OF U.S. ADULTS OF SOCIAL MEDIA USE OF WOMEN USE USERS ONLINE SOCIAL THE INTERNET BELIEVE BRANDS TOOLS TO OOLS O TO RESEARCH SHOULD CONNECT WITH PRODUCTS AND HAVE AN ACTIVE EACH OTHER SERVICES PRESENCE IN THEIR NETWORKS Source: Forrester’s Growth Of Social Technology Adoption, 10/20/2008 and Opinion Research Corporation for Cone 2008, BlogHer and Compass Partners, 2008 2
  4. 4. Social Media is now Mainstream Two Thirds of people 300M active users. online now use social networking or Greatest growth is g blogging from people age 35-49 5.5 5 5 billion unique video feeds in Wikipedia―120M April; #2 most visitors a month popular search engine g Twitter grew 1,382% 23% of mobile users in last 12 months; in the UK, and 19% More than 7M US in the U.S. i it d i th U S visited visitors in Feb. social network site 3
  5. 5. The Social Media Conundrum • We keep hearing…you must embrace social media, or risk being left behind, but … – How/when do you establish “the voice” of a brand and an organization within social media channels? di h l ? • Engaging in social media is fine, but … – How do you move beyond tactics to true adoption?
  6. 6. What Will it Take? • A targeted manageable plan targeted, • A plan that supports business goals • Affocus on consensus building b ildi • Enterprise-wide activation • Long-term commitment
  7. 7. ConAgra Foods
  8. 8. Use Social Media to Better Connect to Consumers TV, Print, Online, Search Media Content Paid Content Earned Owned PR Websites Social Media Events/Sponsorships Natural Search Packaging/Promotions/FSI’s g g
  10. 10. Establish Goal & Determine Approach Thoughtfully elevate ConAgra’s social media presence from individual brand participation to full-scale and proactive cross-brand and enterprise p p p p engagement from both an organizational and external vantage: Respond Participate Engage Answer questions, Proactive blogger outreach, Develop internal/external acknowledge comments become part of conversations community Listen Monitoring; Listening to what is being said and who is saying it Build the Foundation Governance, procedures, education, policies 9
  11. 11. Achieve Consensus • Senior management champion sponsorship through CMO • C Suite “digital immersion” then C-Suite digital immersion customized for the entire organization
  12. 12. Create Coalitions CAG Enterprise Customers, Social Media ConAgra Consumers, Social Media Activation Team Task Force Blogforce Influencers, ‘Providing Direction, ‘Coordinating ‘The Voices of our Brands Media, Guidance and Support Support’ & Employees and our Enterprise’ Orchestrating’ Agency Partners
  14. 14. When Should a Brand use Social Media? A ROADMAP FOR PLANNING DEFINE: What are your communications objects? Business object es objectives? Does social media make se se oes soc a ed a a e sense? LISTEN: What are the discussion topics about your brand? Where are they taking place? Who is leading/participating? What is being said? Do they already know about you? Are you welcome? STRATEGIZE: How do the discussion trends inform the overarching approach? How does this online effort tie into other communications from the brand? How do you sustain? IDEATE: What would bring the strategy to life online, in a way that will inform, educate, persuade or entertain our audience? PLAN: Apply the ideas to develop measurable tactics for online engagement. LAUNCH: Implement program, making sure to measure before you begin and as you go. EVALUATE: Did the effort perform as expected? Did we reach our goals? What would we do differently? 13
  15. 15. Brand Discovery Tools AUDIENCE PROFILE CONVERSATION AUDIT The audience profile showcases how a The conversation audit focuses on what is particular demographic interacts and being said about the brand online through behaves online. Sample outcomes include: influencers, sentiment, media breakdown, etc. Sample outcomes include: Media C M di Consumption H bit ti Habits Brand P B d Personality lit How He / She Participates Online Industry Insights Where H / Sh G Wh He She Goes Online O li Topic B kd T i Breakdown A Day in the Life Media Type Breakdown Is He Sh T lki Ab t Y I H / She Talking About Your B Brand d Brand S ti B d Sentiment / S t Samples l Online? Key Influencers Consumer Trends 14
  17. 17. Healthy Choice Social Media Challenge Target Insight: Majority of the Healthy Choice consumers go online at least once a day and use the Internet for the latest news/current events, personal shopping, paying bills, searching for recipes, making travel plans and researching medical information. They LIKE to share their opinions online online. Brand Objectives: Surround consumer with information about the Healthy Choice reinvention while raising awareness and encouraging trial of the new All Natural Entrées. Encourage trial by leveraging the Just One Bite message, emphasizing the g g y g g g , p g great taste of the new Healthy Choice. Social Media Objective: Following the four-phased approach to blogger engagement, begin listening to bloggers and execute certain tactics to establish a baseline line presence for the Healthy Choice brand By conducting a blogger audit we learned: brand. 1. 1 All bloggers were open to hearing more from the brand brand. 2. Almost all the bloggers had a neutral reaction to the products. 3. Healthy Choice could see more online activation by offering coupons to bloggers. 4. Healthy Choice should identify an additional “vertical” of health, fitness, weight-management fitness weight management and professional bloggers. Healthy bloggers Choice could have a big impact within this space.
  18. 18. Healthy Choice Social Media Challenge We learned that the Healthy Choice core consumer is actively engaged in social media and were tasked with reaching them in this space. Established Healthy Choice Twitter page Established Sponsored Healthy Choice y Blog Posts Facebook page Used the new Began listening Healthy Choice as a platform to begin Hosted to bl t blogger Twitter Party conversations meaningful conversations Became a fixture in the social Attended two blog media space conferences Established strongg blogger relationships
  19. 19. Healthy Choice Social Media Results The program achieved: •Twitter account: more than 1,400 followers & growing •Increased Facebook fans I dF b kf •Secured more than 90 blog posts •Encouraged trial by providing samples and participated in one-on-one meetings with bloggers at BlogHer Food and BlogWorld & New Media Expo to listen, learn and advance in building a group of brand ambassadors
  20. 20. Sustained Engagement Continuing the Healthy Choice Conversation – Launched aggressive social media campaign, including blogger engagement, Twitter page and Parties, Facebook and Blog Talk Radio. – 1,000 Emmy House Parties, driving 3,000 comments prior to event – @H l h Ch i attended the E @Healthy_Choice d d h Emmy Awards, delivering celebrity news and show updates to consumers via Twitter & Facebook – Sampling & 1:1 blogger briefings - Blog World New Media & BlogHer Food 19
  21. 21. Evaluation of Results First, we listened to many bloggers because it’s what they want and what other brand’s didn’t do… As a result, we have established a baseline social media presence for Healthy Choice and began amassing a group on online ambassadors “For a company such as Healthy Choice from ConAgra Foods to be at a Social Media conference to LISTEN to us bloggers, to learn from us bloggers, and to learn more about the realm of social media in general is huge.” g g “I also met with the FANTASTIC folks at Healthy Choice during lunch. I was really excited to provide my voice as to what I think is important in the products I buy and what I look for. I LOVE that they are coming out with a REAL ingredient p y g g product line that has nothing artificial or added. I checked out the stats and you can recognize every ingredient ~ What a HUGE improvement I look forward to checking them out!” “BTW I just received an email just today about one of the winners stating what she got for her Healthy Choice coupon and how over the world she was. This is one alliance I would definitely love to keep.” 20
  23. 23. Keys to Success • Set Clear Goals & Determine Approach to Succeed • Create Enterprise-Wide Endorsement & p Resources • Determine Roadmap for Execution • Commit! 22
  24. 24. 23
  25. 25. Creating d Embracing C ti and E b i a Social Media Culture 24
  26. 26. Lan r a o t po n e r moe b u u cmig a d at lg l: n p sBo Wel s ht:g se a. m/lg l t / ap d lo Bo Wel p/ c or l e g se a. m i @ ap d lo v c