How to setup your DashboardIntel lige n ce in S o cial Med ia                                     Before you can start con...
Intel lige n ce in S o cial Med ia                                                                                   For a...
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How to set up your social media monitoring dashboard


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Before you can start conversing with social media, you need to know what people are saying and how your organization or brand fits into that conversation. Here's a quick guide to get you started on the very first step: listening.

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  • We cover this in much more depth (along with various other pointers) at our Social Media Crisis Communications instructional workshops. The next will be held on Feb. 29th in London:

    Again in 2012 we will be teaming with Neil Chapman, former comms chief at BP and a veteran of the Deepwater Horizon tragedy for our social media crisis comms workshops.
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How to set up your social media monitoring dashboard

  1. 1. How to setup your DashboardIntel lige n ce in S o cial Med ia Before you can start conversing you need to know what people are talking about, what they care about and how your brand or organisation fits in to this conversation. Its a simple formula that follows these four steps: 1: Listen 2: Learn 3: Engage 4: Repeat steps 1,2,3 Social media dashboards act as listening posts for organizations who would like to: monitor public opinion monitor on product launches, reputation new campaigns build/boost social CRM or customer media following service communicate develop sales/ expertise business leads There are scores of free and subscription-based tools to help you tune into pertinent online discussion, alert you about comments directed at your brand or organisation and determine the social media influence of select online voices. We break down many of the top tools here in terms of free and subscription services:
  2. 2. Intel lige n ce in S o cial Med ia For a monthly fee, these services tout their ability to track social media conversation Pay-for Tools: around your brand, perform sentiment analysis, rate influence of select online commenters and conduct competitive analysis. Each allows you to chart various analytics for company reports. Infosys Meltwater Alterian Radian6 iEngage Buzz SM2 Market Brand Trackur Scout Labs Sentinel Monitor Compared to all-in-one premium pay-for Free Tools: services above, the following free tools are good for listening, monitoring/measuring and competitive analysis. Listening: Measuring: Twitter Search Facebakers (measures Google Blog Facebook and Twitter) Search Viral Video Chart (videos) Google Alerts Archivist Google/Bing Brandpulse search YouTube Facebook Search Social Mention Backtype Influence: Boardtracker Listorious HootSuite WeFollow Twazzup Klout PeerIndex Comparisons: Tweepfind Omgili Quarkbase Topsy (Use the CompeteAlexa "Expert" tab) Quantcast FanPageList S o c ial M ed i a I n u e nce o e r s wo rk s h o p s , besp oke Researc hed a nd prod uc e d by t r ain in g an d e L e a r ni ng s e s s i ons on s o ci a l media S o cial Media I n ue nc e c on t en t c rea ti on. Fo r m o re d e ta i l , v i s i t h t t p://s o c ial m e d i a i n u e nce. com / tr a i ni ng / @ s oc ia lin ue nc e