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  1. 1. SocialMedia.iePartner Pack
  2. 2. Who We is a specialist Irish Digital & Social Media Marketing business based in theDigital Hub in Dublin. Our clients include leading local and global B2B and B2C brandsacross all industry sectors including finance, media, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, sportsand education.Sample ClientsWhat We DoFor business marketing and customer service teams, our digital and social mediamethodology based strategies, analytics, monitoring and training services provide theroadmap and insight for success.By selecting as your partner, you will experience better audienceengagement, measurement of your key performance indicators and a return on yourinvestment. These offering will support your business growth objectives by deliveringinsight to allow you optimise your engagement and investment. We have experience in allthings social media, but our award winning expertise lies in;  Digital Marketing Reports  Digital Marketing Audits  Competitor Reports  Brand Monitoring  Digital & Social Media Strategy  Digital & Social Media Marketing Training  Studio
  3. 3. Digital Marketing ReportsWe offer digital marketing reports that allow you to keep track of your performance, witheasy to understand charts and data.Gathering metrics from Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics, our reports show youhow your channels are performing. Find out which posts are engaging users, understandwhich tweets lead to site traffic and see what’s going on across all your channels at aglance.Simple and easy to understand, these reports are perfect for companies that wantcomprehensive tracking of their digital marketing activity.Key Benefits  Highly convenient all in one reports on your digital marketing efforts  Monthly reporting at an affordable cost, straight to your inbox  Customisable reports based on your digital marketing activity
  4. 4. Digital Marketing AuditsAt we provide our customers with in-depth analysis reports of their Digital& Social Media Marketing and service performance. We recommend actions to optimiseyour return on investment based on best practice.Some of the key questions to consider are:  Are your digital marketing efforts measured correctly?  Do you know how your business is doing against your key performance indicators?  Do you know the return on your investment?  How well are you engaging your target audience?Key Benefits  Identify the areas that require attention and offer actionable advice  Learn how to improve your digital and social media marketing  Help you grow your business onlineHow it Works  We generate custom reports, analysing all aspects of your digital marketing presence  We analyse and interpret all your available data, using key metrics such as your visitors per month/week etc.  We emphasise conversion rates, retention rates, online sales, average order value and social sharing
  5. 5. Competitor analyse your main competitors’ digital and social media activity againstbest practices. We score their performance, providing you with a detailed analysis reportwhich you can compare with your organisations performance.Some of the key questions to consider are:  Do you know what your competitors are doing online?  Do you want insight into what activities are working for them?  Do you want an edge in digital marketing over your competitors?Key Benefits  Receive a detailed report on your industry or competitors with sections on Audits, Analysis and Action Plan  Get the competitive edge for your business with competitor ReportsHow it Works  Nominate your market sector and top competitors  access public data to prepare a customised report  We outline your competitors online strengths and weaknesses
  6. 6. Brand MonitoringSocial Media Monitoring is the observation and analysis of discussions that occur onwebsites, forums, blogs, micro-blogs and social communities. We monitor the internet foranywhere your brand is being discussed and report to you on what people are saying andwhether it is positive or negative sentiment.Some of the key questions to consider are:  Do you know where are people talking about you and what they are saying?  Do you want to be alert to potential public relations issues as soon as they happen?Key Benefits  Know what’s being said about your brand online  React to new opportunities and negative sentiment  Use social media to understand competitor activities  Identify social media influencers and online communitiesHow it Works  Fill out the Social Media Monitoring brief  We use the latest monitoring tools to monitor, discover and analyse the most relevant conversations  Get a detailed report of our findings and insights so you can act on our observations
  7. 7. Digital & Social MediaStrategyWe co-create a Digital & Social Media Marketing strategy with your team through aconsultative strategy development workshop. This will be based on our five stepmethodology – Discover, Plan, Engage, Measure and Optimise.This strategy will inform the decisions that the team will make in the future, and will directthem in terms of campaigns, content, scheduling and platforms. This strategy will beimplemented straight away and will set the ground work for improved short term and longterm results.It is proposed that these be attended by the management team.Workshop Content  Understanding your audience  Segmenting your audience and targeting  Defining/Tailoring your brand messages  Defining the most appropriate tools, techniques and content  Growing an online communityKey Benefits  Have a strategy for your business activities in Digital & Social Media Marketing  Use Digital Marketing Analytics to measure results against targets
  8. 8. Digital & Social MediaMarketing TrainingThis customised Social Media Training will take you through the latest tools andtechniques for creatively engaging your audience via social media marketing. Through in-depth practical advice, we enable attendees to develop integrated marketing strategieswith the latest tools for monitoring, measuring and managing social media.Ideal Participants: This workshop is designed for business managers, marketing and salesprofessionals who have the basics of online marketing and social media but who need todeliver positive return on investment for these important channels.Workshop ContentCourse content will be agreed beforehand and may include the following subjectsdepending on whether it is Beginner, Intermediate or Masterclass.  Social media principles and strategic models  Setting up and managing Facebook business pages  Identifying opportunities with Facebook Apps and social commerce  Master B2B social media, including Twitter and LinkedIn  Getting started with business blogging including WordPress  Becoming experts at digital video and YouTube  Using new platforms like Pinterest and Google+  Suggested social media monitoring, measuring and managing tools  Get up to speed with mobile websites and mobile apps  Business Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTubeKey Benefits  Have the latest tools and techniques  Learn from the experts
  9. 9. Studio - Website & BlogsThese are a sample of the websites and blogs created in the Studio.Travel Mood (2012) created a travel portal forour client Thompson Holidays.This attractive design integrated withbooking engines and was created (2011) partnered with Dublin CityEnterprise Board (DCEB) to create website/blog whichcelebrates the work of crafts peoplein Dublin. In conjunction with DCEB, helped to promote someof the events for the fashion and artscommunities where the craft work wasbeing showcased.www.designerdublin.ieESB International (2011) worked withESBI to design and develop their blog“” and to set up thesocial spaces through which it wouldengage with the global
  10. 10. Studio - Digital VideoThese are a sample of the Digital Videos created in the Studio.IIA Awards Digital Video PromoThis digital video was scripted and filmed in-houseby to promote Conor Lynch’snomination, and subsequent winning of an IIAAward for Social Media. This light-hearted“campaign” video was edited to give a 1950’snews report on Conor’s nomination. Snapfish UKHP commissioned to produce ashort digital video to show users “how to” create aSnapfish Photo Book.The video mixed real world animation and screencapture movie footage. Digital Video AwardsThis digital video was produced by SocialMedia.ieon behalf of Canon Ireland to promote the CanonIreland Digital Video Awards.Hollywood actor Liam Cunningham featured in ourproduction.
  11. 11. Studio - Facebook PagesThese are a sample of the Facebook Pages & Apps created in the Studio.LA Make Up AcademyThis was a bespoke competition application developed for LA Make Up Academy.Using an attractive prize from Dermologica as an incentivethis competition was aimed at a young female audience. Weachieved our goals of increasing awareness of LA Make Upservices and building an email database of prospects.American HolidaysThe American Holidays timeline competition was developedby with the objectives of promoting theircruises and generating email leads via entries which served asan opt-in for future marketing communication.The simple form design and single tick box questionencouraged entries and was accompanied with an onlineadvertising campaign to further drive entries. Within the firstten minutes the campaign had over 100 entries with eachentry including email contact details.St Oliver John GogartyThe St Oliver John Gogarty Ultimate 6 Nations Fan Quizcampaign saw a new set of applications go live for eachIreland 6 Nations match.Designed to increase page likes the application pitted Irishfans against fans of that weeks competing nation. Each set offans completed similar quizzes on separate tabs to see whichwere more knowledgeable about the 6 Nations.