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  • 1. Grab ‘n’ Stitch1 Every day millions of pictures are published on the internet. Every minute hundred hours of video are uploaded. Due to the high penetration of connected smart phones, tablets and possibly Google Glasses in the near future, this multimedia content is instantaneously shared using social media. In a sense, this trend shows the development of a nationwide mobile camera network in an organic way. The probability that an event is digitally captured by any device is getting more and more certain. For this reason, this multimedia content has potential for new security and safety concepts. Towards media-driven intelligence! A media-driven intelligence capacity is required to exploit the implicit value of this multimedia content. This capacity should be able to make precise selections containing relevant data fractions. The Grab 'n' Stitch concept presents an approach that exploits pictures collected from Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. It illustrates its potential contribution to tactical investigations, event reconstructions or real-time intelligence. This concept is a first step towards this capacity. It provides possibilities to better understand our aims, and to formulate the most important hard and soft requirements. How do we get there? The development of this capacity is a grand challenge. It requires a unique combination of big data technologies, web crawling facilities, metadata management, computer vision techniques and user interaction schemes. Furthermore, it is by far non-trivial to design and implement this capacity properly. For this reason, we are aiming to cooperate with several public and private partners. Join cooperation? For questions, more information or to show interest to cooperate: Mark van Staalduinen - Mark.vanStaalduinen@tno.nl - 0031653763256 1 These results are achieved in cooperation with National Police within the iRN labs environment.