How to use Facebook Ads for your business


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Facebook is the biggest social media platform worldwide with over 1 billion users, what makes this platform really interesting as an advertising platform is that it doesn't go by the quantity of users but focuses on the targeting. With Facebook ads, it is possible to target whoever your audience is not only in terms of sex or age, but interest, studies… In this slideshare you can find really good pieces of advice to get the best form Facebook Ads for your business.

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How to use Facebook Ads for your business

  1. 1. How to use Facebook Ads
  2. 2. Why Facebook Ads? • • • • The main value of Facebook Ads is the targeting. 23% of users check Facebook 5 times or more daily The importance of the mobile The add can get viral and reach much more people the company is paying for (but for that really good content is mandatory)
  3. 3. Targeting • Really in detail targeting with a lot of opportunities • Potential reaching will change in real time regarding the criteria selected • The most restrictive, the smallestt target audience             Age: from 13-64 (or no max) Gender: male, female or both Location: Country, County or City Precise interests: using hashtags (i.e. #wine) Connections: If they are or not connected to the page Friends of connections: targeting pages, apps or events Languages Workplaces: select the company Interested in (all, men or women) Relationship status: Single, relationship, engaged, married... Broad categories (similar interests): It is possible to filter using a lot of interest shown on their profiles Education level
  4. 4. Get your landing page right • There are a lot of companies doing adds on Facebook focusing more in the budget rather that where are they landing. • Either is a company page link or a website, the landing page has to be optimized and have content related with the ad. • If you need to optimize your Facebook company page, check out this presentation.
  5. 5. Types of Facebook Ads • Before starting to post adds it is interesting to know what your specific interest is, what you want to achieve with the company. • There are different kinds of campaigns focused on the different contents you want the audience to engage with.
  6. 6. Get more likes • This ads helps a lot to increase the number of fans of your brand. • It can be shown on the news feed or in the right column. • Targeting properly, it can be a powerful weapon as well. • It’s not only about likes, get them to engage with your company.
  7. 7. Promote your post • Is one of the most effective kind of adds because it will be shown in the timeline between post off friends and companies liked before. • It’s really important to select the right content to be shared. • Is one of the easiest ways to advertise on Facebook, it can be done directly from the timeline (boot post).
  8. 8. Traffic to the website • Some companies goal is to drive traffic to their webpage • For that, it can be driven straight away, but a really strong call to action is needed to impact the audience. • As well, is it possible to add a tracking pixel for the ecommerce functionalities to measure the conversions.
  9. 9. Offer Claims • Other option is to create offers for the clients online. • With these adverts, users can join the offer and even go directly to the webpage to redeem it online (with a link to the web) • As well this promotion can use vouchers to be used offline. • It is a great opportunity for local business which needs to increase footpath. • Tip: be careful with the amount!
  10. 10. The budget • Unless you choose See Advanced Options, you’ll pay for impressions (CPM) on your ad. • Other option (and the most recommended) is pay per click. • Facebook Ad Quality score: In auctions, Facebook prefer advertiser with high quality of content so the campaigns with higher CTR (click-through rate) will be more likely to be shown even if the bid is smaller.
  11. 11. Quick guide 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Did you select the right format? Is the landing content optimized? Have you got visual content? Did you target the right demographics? Is the budget enough?
  12. 12. Like & interact with us on Facebook!