Social Application Development Strategy


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This presentation is intended primarily for business people who are tasked with understanding, interpreting, and acting on social data — executives, strategic planners, social strategists, and marketers. It outlines the opportunities for leveraging social media applications like Facebook and Twitter with clear and pragmatic steps to ensure marketers are gaining insights, measuring effectively, interpreting accurately, and taking appropriate action with their campaigns.

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Social Application Development Strategy

  1. 1. Social ApplicationStrategyIncluding 3 Use Cases
  2. 2. The BenefitsCreate interactive experiences that bridge thephysical and digital worlds to activate consumerawarenessDeliver sustained compelling engagements withdigital social communitiesMotivate your community to interact with yourbrand by fostering natural, continuousconversation centered on “consumer-generatedmedia”123
  3. 3. What do youneed to knowbefore youengage inplay?
  4. 4. SocialApp LifecyclePaid, Owned,Earned &Shared MediaAnalytics &ReportingPre/PostCampaignStrategyDesign &DevelopmentConceptValidationInfluencerTargeting &OutreachEditorialCalendar &ResponseStrategyHow it works
  5. 5. Editorial Calendar+ Social Ad Spend= Reach & Impact1. Create a Campaign Strategy
  6. 6.  Contests User Generated Content Voting Exclusive Content Coupons Sweepstakes Quizzes Group Buying2. Choose Your Application Mix
  7. 7. – Find which channels your audience prefers– Determine what interests and motivatesthem– Strategize on how do you engage with them– Develop an integrated marketing planbased on the the audience size– Determine the best keywords, addesigns, and ad copy to reach thataudience3. Target your audience
  8. 8. Test.Iterate.Refine.Test.Iterate.Refine.4. Validate the concept
  9. 9.  Flash powered social games Flash powered animation Augmented reality Locked applications available only tofans with secret codes Campaign mini-sites with socialintegration Full mobile integration5. Design & develop the app
  10. 10. o Identify campaign goalso Create strategy to tease applicationand get highest level ofengagement possibleo Tweak ad spend and editorial todeal with ebbs and flows of trafficmaximizing the largest audiencepossible6. Develop a pre- & post- strategy
  11. 11. • Identify Key Performance Indicators forsuccess• Chart campaign analytics by goals• Monitor paid media and social applicationKPIs• Optimize performance of the campaign7. Analyze the data bi-weekly
  12. 12. Case Studies
  13. 13. USA: psych, tag iiit!ChallengeUSA Network needed to grow its online fanbase and grow its TV viewership leveragingsocial media techniques such assweepstakes and TV series engagement.SolutionA strategy to design, develop and deployfourteen social applications across elevenTV shows promoting USA’s premieres andseason finales via Facebook wasimplemented. Sweepstakes applicationswere co-branded to target potential newfans and grow the fan base.BenefitThe social applications grossed 1,000,000+entrants from the applications’ mobileoptimization and accessibility (traffic andengagement was sourced fromsmartphone and tablet users).
  14. 14. Nuance: Where do you Dragon?ChallengeAs part of an ongoing campaign promotingNuance’s voice activated MobileAssistant, Dragon, and its continuous newversion releases, the need to continuouslyengage with and leverage Dragon’s onlinefan base through social media wasrequired.SolutionA User Generated Content (U.G.C.) photocontest and social sweepstakes applicationwas developed. Organic reach and targetedad spend was used to activate andsimultaneously grow Dragon’s Facebookpage ‘likes’ and Twitter following.BenefitThe sweepstakes application hassuccessfully engaged and enlargedDragon’s online fan base.
  15. 15. Gazelle: iPhone 5 Release Twitter needed an engaging way to activateand grow their Twitter fan base by tapping intothe excitement leading up to and during Apple’siPhone 5 release.SolutionA strategy was formulated, designed anddeveloped a Twitter hashtag counter sweepstakescampaign with mobile accessibility that leverageda sleek user interface and incentives to encouragesharing with friends, family and colleagues. Themore cumulative tweets, the better the prizesTweeters were eligible to win.BenefitDue to the sweepstake’s organic sharability(technical design) and exciting engagementtechnique, Gazelle’s brand significantly expandedits awareness and reach. In just 3 weeks, theGazelle’s influence on Twitter grew by 2,000+ newfollowers and achieved a total reach of 10+million impressions.
  16. 16. A socially empowereddigital agency.Kevin PalmerVice President Emerging Media &