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How To Integrate Social Media Into Your Wordpress Site


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This is the deck from my presentation at WordCamp Chicago about how you can use WordPress as your social media hub.

This is the deck from my presentation at WordCamp Chicago about how you can use WordPress as your social media hub.

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  • Thanks for this Kevin. All good. Not sure if you mentioned multi-threaded comments some themse support this. I have tried the external comments systems Disqus and the other one but neither is really that useful yet in expanding comments.

    Pulling commenst back in from Twitter should be worth looking at though.
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  • 1. Using WordPress As Your Social Media Hub Kevin Palmer (@kevinpalmer) WordCamp Chicago June 6,2009
  • 2. Why WordPress As Your Social Media Hub? • Technical: • Design Flexibility • Plugin Development • Evolution of WordPress (MU to WP codebase, BuddyPress) • Social: • Hub and Spoke Model • Content Discovery and Sharing • Allow People to Connect on Their Terms
  • 3. Social News Micro Reputation Blogging Lifestreaming Video Major Social Podcasting Networks Niche Social Networks
  • 4. Make Your Outposts Visible
  • 5. Social Media Icons Resources • 20 Icon Sets- • Widgets • Lijit- • Blog Catalog-
  • 6. Give Readers The Ability To Share
  • 7. You Need to Experiment a Little • Don’t Get Discouraged Right Away • Try Different Deployment Methods • Try Different Plugins (Share This, DiggDigg, etc) • Code Custom Buttons Into Theme • Try Different Styles and Location • Track Results- (Crazy Egg, Analytics, etc)
  • 8. Sharing Resources • Share This- • DiggDigg- • Add This- • Add To Any- • TweetMeme- • Crazy Egg-
  • 9. Make Your Commenting System More Social • Spice Up Default Comments • Plugins: Social Profiles, Comment Luv, etc • Facebook Connect, Twitter Log In • Use a Third Party System • Intense Debate • Disqus
  • 10. Intense Debate vs. Disqus Both Intense Debate Only Disqus Only Comment Threading OpenID Facebook Connect Reply By E-mail Off Site Comment Off Site Comment Retrieval Retrieval- Friend Feed Only For Multiple Sites E-mail Notifications Profile Sync- Auto Log In Profile Sync- Log Into Disqus Commenter Profiles Twitter Sign In Moderation Comment Voting Comment on Twitter Comment RSS Gravatar Support Trackbacks Two-Way Comment Sync
  • 11. Commenting System Resources • Default Comments • Social Profiles- • Comment Luv- • Facebook Connect- • Facebook Connect- • Intense Debate- • Disqus- • Comparison-
  • 12. Where Are Conversations Happening? • Bring The Conversations Back to Your Blog • Integrate FriendFeed and Twitter Comments
  • 13. Bring Your Lifestream Into WordPress • Multiple plugins/widgets that do this (BC) • You can create a template for a page as well
  • 14. FF and Twitter Resources • FriendFeed Comments- • FreindFeedLifestream- • Twitter Comments-
  • 15. Facebook Connect • What Features Can You Enable? • Login • Commenting • Recent Visitors • Invite Friends • Share Comments via Newsfeed • Share Posts via Newsfeed • FacebookPlugin Directory-
  • 16. Google Friend Connect • What Features Can You Enable? • Members • Sign In • Social Bar • Comments • Rating and Reviews • Recommendations • Poll • Events • Friend Connect Gadgets-
  • 17. Video/Podcasting • Podcasting- Make sure you use a plugin that works with iTunes • Podcasting- • Powerpress- • Video- Embed play count is mattering more and more with YouTube stats • Leverage TubeMogl- • Think about self branding player and videos
  • 18. Have Your Content Go to Outposts • Don’t Forget To Fill Out Profiles Completely • Leverage Link Sharing on Facebook and Twitter when new posts go up • Networked Blogs on Facebook • WordPress Functionality on LinkedIn • RSS or Blog Links on Niche Sites
  • 19. Closing Thoughts • Don’t Deploy Everything Presented • See where your audience is • Examine other sites in this niche • Experiment • See where your audience is • Examine other sites in this niche • All About The Connection • People to your content and you to your readers
  • 20. Thanks! • Kevin Palmer • • • Twitter: @kevinpalmer