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When influence is real

When influence is real






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    When influence is real When influence is real Document Transcript

    • When Influence is“Real”Mark did a cool post on Twelp Force and it inspired me to write about the fact that dthis idea of influence on the net is something that is very hard to quantitativelydefine. That is, while some of the steps required to be influential may besystematic, creating influence ultimately resides in the power of the influenced.Thus, just like war, the enemy gets a vote on the outcome of the events.Many big time thinkers are going about, trying to define real influence and I thinkmost agree that influence has two main categories from which all othe can be othersderived. Forgive the names, I wish there were better ones to choose from.Non-Cyber-Influence – Influence based on Title, Company, Brand Reputation,Experience, Documented Fact, Historical NarrativeCyber-Influence – Internet Influence based on the volume of charged sentimentfound on blogs, tweets, status, and indexed content.Best Buy is a company that has bridged the gap. They are a true example of theingenuity, taking a non-cyber based influence reputation and crossing it over, cyber crossingthrough the use of social media tools to a cyber based infleuencer model. Now,future generations have the reputation of the Twelp Force to lean on for their futurepurchasing decisions. Best Buy is a national retailer and like all retaile volume is retailerskey. One of the neat aspects of their approach is that they’ve takena stealthy approach to creating a relationship with you. See that’s the cool part.
    • Retailers and e-tailers traditionally haven’t been able to create a relationship withyou, which is why the focus on price. BUT NOW, through the use of Social Media,you might actually get to know some of your retailer-of-choice employees. Thiscreates a new standard of business operating procedure that gives Best Buy theadvantage of no longer having to rely on the lowest price as their de-factoadvantage.The question becomes, is there a value in demonstrating to organizations whattheir stored potential energy is in making this cross-over?A follow-up would be, can I create the same level of influence starting fromground up with a cyber only based influence system?What do you think?Posted in: Influencer Marketing