How to build a social media command center


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How to build a social media command center

  1. 1. SocialMatica’s Social Media Workshop SeriesBUILDING A SOCIAL MEDIACOMMAND CENTER
  2. 2. Building A Command CenterWhat You’re Going To Learn• What A Command Center Is• A Way To Build A Command Center• How To Spread The Load Across The Whole Company• A Check List For Tracking Campaign Response• PLUS – TWO Giveaways
  3. 3. Introduction• Who is SocialMatica – What We’re About – Why We’re Doing This – Free Software Tool• Who is Joshua Barnes – Director of Social Strategy• Hash Tag #smtca Questions – This week or future workshop content
  4. 4. A Couple Assumptions• You need to: – Measure performance – Listen – Learn – React• You’re Probably Looking For A Turn-Key System
  5. 5. The Process – Some Big Picture Problems• Most Listening Tools Are “Me” Focused• You Need A Context Focus• Social Interaction Should Be Thought Of Like The Parachute Game• Technology Cannot Fix A Broken Process• Strategy Must Drive All Touch-points
  6. 6. In Building A Command Center, Remember• It’s Not How It Looks, It’s What It Does That Matters• Context Rules (without it, you can’t find, measure or understand activity)
  7. 7. The Benefit Is• You’ll Be Able To Implement Everything We’ve Said From Day One• It Will Be Systematic & Programmatic• Your Campaigns Will Outperform Everyone Else!
  8. 8. Today’s Give-Aways• Example Dashboard – Complete With Tools (will be viewable for 3 days)• Performance Tracking Tool – Downloadable Tool - FREE
  9. 9. What Is A Social Media Command Center?• A Place Where “Stuff” Happens
  10. 10. Why Do We Need A Command Center• In The NASA Sense – We Don’t• In The “No Guessing” Sense – It’s Obvious Why We Do
  11. 11. Own The Reporting Own The Client• A System That Produces Empirical Ways Of Thinking Is Defensible• Tunable• Measurable• Effective“You Must Think In Terms Of Data, Not In Terms Of Interactions”
  12. 12. What Are The Essential Elements?• People – Sales & Marketing – Executive Staff• Processes – What We’re Going To Do When Stuff Happens• Technology – The Platforms & Applications That Help The People Implement The Processes
  13. 13. Operational Social Roles• Sales Could Distribute The Message & Build An Audience• Operations Could Answer Shop Questions• Management Could Encourage People During Events To Participate• Executive Staff Could Cast Their Vision• This Leaves Marketing To Measure & Respond
  14. 14. Marketing Alchemist!• Marketing People Create The Structure• Create The Ability For Others To Fluidly Interact With it• They Plug That Into Measurement Programs• It’s Like Teaching People To Create Clouds, Then Measuring How Much It Rains – That’s The Marketing Alchemist’s Role!
  15. 15. Campaign Specific Measurement• Content• Distribution• Tracking• Performance Evaluation• Leads To Funnel
  16. 16. Your First DownloadCampaign Performance Tracking
  17. 17. List Of Don’t Forgets• Which Network; Why?• Influencer Distribution Points; Rate Them In AgencySnap First!• Click Tracking;• Landing Page; Analytics• Watch AgencySnap For Peaks• Baseline Your Metrics; Watch It Grow…
  18. 18. NEXT WEEKTopic: The Truth About Google+Things you will learn:•Tactics, using Google + That Will Destroy Your CompetitionsMorale•3 Of the most notable features of Google +•Why You Should, or Should Not Spend Any Time Worrying AboutGoogle +
  19. 19. Survey• Please Rate This Workshop In The Chat Window (only to presenters) 1-5 before you exit – 1 will not attend again – 2 may not attend again – 3 may attend again – 4 will attend again – 5 will invite a friend
  20. 20. Let’s Look At Our Example
  21. 21. Appendix - Links••••••••
  22. 22. Questions?www.socialmatica.comtraining@socialmatica.comIf you’d like a free account to AgencySnap, justsend us a note to the email above and we’llreply with login details.