Dear important customer i may i twelp you


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Dear important customer i may i twelp you

  1. 1. Dear ImportantCustomer, HowMay I Twelp You?Now I don’t know about you, although I love tech gadgets, I am also a littleintimidated by them. I’d love to be able to have someone available who understoodwhat I was asking without going into a store where I’m likely to feel the salespressure. Enter Best Buy’s new social media customer support via Twittercalled Twelpforce!/TWELPFORCE.Twelpforce ToThe RescueTwelpforce is a few thousand of Best Buy’s employees joining together to useTwitter to reach out to help current or potential Best Buy customers. The rules forbeing part of Twelforce are that they have to identify themselves as Best Buyemployees, never ask a customer for personal information, and amazingly… don’ttry to sell the customer anything. The idea is that Best Buy is online and available24 hours a day to help answer your questions about something you bought orsomething you’re thinking of buying whether you are planning the make thepurchase at a Best Buy store or not.Here’s a brief description of the program. For such a big company, you’ve got tolove the unpolished human touch to this video.
  2. 2. In the case of Best Buy, they have identified their most important influencers asanybody interested in buying electronics. In my opinion it was a brilliant move toenlist thousands of their employees to pitch in and communicate directly with thesepeople.What Do WeThinkTwelpforce DoesRight?• It’s Real – Twelpforce is run by real employees of real stores. They deal on the ground level with customers everyday, so who better to put into conversation with them online?
  3. 3. • It’s always available – There are no office hours on Twelpforce. Need a question answered about your iPod at 2am… just ask.• It’s Transparent – Although Twelpforce is primarily a Twitter program they are testing out a related program called Feed that aggregates all the questions and answers that run through the system in real time. Go there now and see this living breathing customer service support system. All the comments both good and bad are there for anyone to see. Nothing to me builds trust faster than transparency.“I want to reachmy customer toobut don’t have2000 employeesto do it”While we love this story of out-of-the-box customer service thinking we are alsovery aware that most companies are pretty far from being able to pull offsomething like this. In fact, that’s the reason we started SocialMatica Inc. in thefirst place. We are building software for you to reach the people who already havethe ears and eyes of your audience. If you can reach them effectively they in turncan become your companies “Twelpforce.”Twelpforce is just one example of how big brands are reaching the most influentialpeople in their market and turning them into brand advocates. How do you connectto the influencers in your market?Posted in: Influencer Marketing, SocialMatica