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10 Social Media Lessons from the Corporate World: National Smart Start 2011
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10 Social Media Lessons from the Corporate World: National Smart Start 2011


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Slides I developed for sessions 608/608-1 at the National Smart Start Conference on May 3rd, 2011. Photo attributions at the end.

Slides I developed for sessions 608/608-1 at the National Smart Start Conference on May 3rd, 2011. Photo attributions at the end.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Engagement = interactions between the brand and user in a social contextReason to Share (RTS) = incentives – financial, moral, egotistical, humorous, etc. – for the user to invite their friends to the experienceSocial Spread = the organic spread of brand content, promotions, and campaigns via user social actions
  • Photo on Flickr via Johnson Cameraface
  • Transcript

    • 1. Building Your Online Community Through Social Media:"Lessons from the Corporate World!!National Smart Start Conference 2011"Sessions 608 and 608-1 !May 3, 2011 Kevin Briody / Ignite Social Media / @kevinbriody
    • 2. Beneath all the hype and bling
    • 3. Social mediatruly thrivesthroughauthenticconnectionswithin apassionatecommunity
    • 4. Meaning it is a perfect tool foryour community
    • 5. Let’s review some "helpful lessons "we’ve picked up "over the years
    • 6. Don’t worry:!There will be a recap…
    • 7. #1 What’s init for me? The fan valueproposition is critical
    • 8. Exclusivecontent?Criticalinsights?Uniquediscounts?Urgentupdates?Touchingstories?
    • 9. Define whatyour fans get out of the relationship Andrespect that
    • 10. Takeaway:""Ask yourself honestly: What’s in it forour fans? Shape content, promotions,everything to this""
    • 11. #2Bloggingisn’tquitedead yet
    • 12. 377,784 bloggers 358,456 posts 249 posts per minute 82 million words / day 2x the Encyclopedia Britannica each daySource: for April 29, 2011
    • 13. A blog is: An ideal home forlong-form content Insanely good for SEO A flexible asset Not something you can whip up during a crisis
    • 14. Takeaway:""Don’t listen to the naysayers – blogsare alive and kicking and a majorpotential asset for any organization""Tips?"1. Define an editorial calendar: topics + rotation/frequency"2. Focus on long-form, helpful, keyword rich content"3. Ensure it consistently delivers your fan value proposition"4. Pick a simple platform, and set it up properly
    • 15. #3 YourFacebookwall iswhere thecommunitythrives
    • 16. 96%% of fans neverreturn to yourpage 199 # of comments, out of every 200, happening 650K in newsfeeds # of comments posted on Facebook every minute Source:  BrandGlue  and  Facebook  
    • 17. The average fan has 130 friends "Softly invite them into your community Source:  Facebook  
    • 18. A strong editorialplan and calendar is required. Don’t just wing it!
    • 19. Takeaway:Building a community on Facebookdepends on rockin’ your fansnewsfeedsTips?•  Develop an editorial calendar – pick 5 topics to rotate, create content for each.•  Mix in open-ended engagement questions.•  Test, optimize, rinse and repeat. Learn Facebook Insights. Embrace interaction rates. Apply monthly.
    • 20. #4 Reasonsto ShareThe neglectedfuel that drivessocial spread
    • 21. What’s  in  it  for  me?  
    • 22. Financial   Moral   Ego   Humor   Reputa:on  
    • 23. Takeaway:""Bake in a reason to share for any andall content or programs – from the start
    • 24. #5 When thecrisis hits, apoorresponse isvastlyworse thannone
    • 25. Takeaways:""Have a monitoring plan. Have anescalation plan. Respond fast, butthink it through.""Don’t leave the keys with the intern…
    • 26. #6A momentmight befleeting,but atweet lastsforever (or at least long enough)
    • 27. Scale: One persistent postcan help or reach thousands SEO: Strong content can make your message more discoverable… indefinitely
    • 28. On the flipside…Cache: It’simpossible totruly kill badcontent on the‘Net
    • 29. Takeaway:""Think before you post, and useseparate tools for professional andpersonal.
    • 30. #7YouTube isaboutdiscoveryandsharing
    • 31. Don’t worry about subscriber counts
    • 32. #8Just saymaybe toshiny newobjects(and socialnetworks)
    • 33. Just  8%  of  the  US  populaJon  uses  Twi6er   Compared  to  the  42.3%  on  Facebook  eMarketer  &  h6p://­‐Update-­‐2010/Findings.aspx  
    • 34. Be patient 2008   2011?  
    • 35. Do you really need to be there? At what cost?
    • 36. Takeaway:""Be mindful where your community is,where their influencers are. Be willingto say NO and focus."
    • 37. # ? F2F #10   #9 Face-to- face is still the ultimate social media
    • 38. 77% vs. 56% Face-to-face conversations vs. social networking, in terms of popular methods used to discuss products or services (US Young Adults 18-25)Source:  eMarketer  
    • 39. Practical aside:!Turn an offline event into a social butterfly•  Create a lasting video library on YouTube•  Stream it live with Ustream•  Create an event-based podcast mini-series•  Spread the speaker slides through Slideshare•  Open up the Q&A with a h6p:// Twitter chat v=iG9CE55wbtY&feature=player_embedded   h6p://­‐simple-­‐•  Capture the moment with ways-­‐to-­‐turn-­‐your-­‐event-­‐into-­‐a-­‐social-­‐bu6erfly/   tagged photos
    • 40. Takeaway:""Offline events are valuable parts ofyour social media mix, and contentgoldmines.
    • 41. #10 Data isking, andanalyticshis queen
    • 42. “ Friends and family I trust. Everyone else bring data.” " " – wise ex-officemate
    • 43. Ma@ers!   kinda   not  so  much   ©  AlJmeter  Group  
    • 44. Takeaway:""Start with clear organizationalobjectives, track the metrics thatmatter to those who own your budgets
    • 45. To recap•  Define the value proposition for your fans, and respect it•  Blogs remain a powerful asset for any organization – what’s your blogging strategy?•  To build on community on Facebook focus on rocking your fans newsfeeds•  Bake in reasons to share from the start for all content and programs
    • 46. To recap•  Create monitoring and escalation plans. Respond fast but think it through•  Use separate tools for posting to work vs. personal accounts•  Don’t jump into the latest social network too fast. Be willing to say no, stay focused.•  Offline events are valuable parts of your social media mix.•  Develop clear, measurable objectives that matter to your decision makers.
    • 47. Discuss(and thank you!) @kevinbriody
    • 48. Photo AttributionsPhotos not listed are my own, licensed via stock photography sites, or fair use screenshots ofsites or marketing creative. All listed below are from Flick via a Creative Commons license,with the owner’s Flickr handle provided. If I missed any, my apologies and please contact meat - shereen844 - D Sharon Pruitt7 – brandoncwarren11 - haijak15 - linneberg20 - ben_grey22 - enigmatic, mgrap27 - filminilman28 - 54459164@N0037 - solidether43 - damianhopper48 - delphwyndThe image on slide 45 - © Altimeter Group