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Keynote: Community, Code and Companies - Mark Hinkle, Director of Open Source Solutions, Citrix
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Keynote: Community, Code and Companies - Mark Hinkle, Director of Open Source Solutions, Citrix


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  • My name is Mark Hinkle and I work on open source at Citrix.
    We are active in the Apache CloudStack Cloud Computing Community. (
    The Linux Foundation’s Xen Project (the open source hypervisor) and Open Daylight projects. ( and
    We also operate XenServer as an open source project as well. (
  • We have products but we don’t want to cover
  • Thank you and have a great OSCON!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Mark Hinkle Senior Director Open Source Solutions @mrhinkle
    • 2. The mission of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is to provide software for the public good. We do this by providing services and support for many for like- minded software project communities of individuals.
    • 3. Act in the best interest of their shareholders, customers and employees.
    • 4. Apache Software Foundation Companies
    • 5. • Develop non-differentiating features • Promote the core technology • Build the Apache brand • Build the project brands • Improve relationships among like-minded people • Be charitable • Build user base for Apache projects
    • 6. • Ability to direct funds to projects I care about • Better ability to promote the brand to users, press and analysts • Help make it easier for our business partners to get involved • Make us all successful
    • 7. • Host events • Create promotional giveaways (free t-shirts) • Help with social media and PR • Provide travel scholarships • Hire Interns • Create goodwill • Create jobs for Apache committers • Sponsor the ASF and ASF events
    • 8. • Members, PMC boards, committers ask the ASF board to help improve the projects viability • Find a way for companies to help your project and make sure to be consistent with the Apache Way TM • If you ask for help make it clear what you want and why I should care • If you take the help make sure you treat our resources the same way you’d treat your own personal resources
    • 9. And I work on open source at Citrix.And I work on open source at Citrix. http://open.citrix.com Thank You