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Socialization Profile

  1. 1. ……Because Brands needs to be Social
  2. 2. www.socialization.meObjectiveTo empower people with an ultimate Social Branding Tool which helps createSocial Persona of brands easily and is a digital branding nursery enabling present and futurebrands to cultivate strong social media focused ecosystem. Acting as landing aswell as launch page for social initiatives, not only aggregatesdispersed social and digital media activities but also connects diverse brandassets into a consistent story. Further, also empowers brandmanagers to monitor, track, analyze and hence fine-tune strategy along withplan execution all from comfort of one intuitive – An is an aggregation of innovations with focus on user experience(UX) consistency across multiple access devices or platforms. Further it isaggregation of technology best practices on one hand while it converges stateof the art cutting edge technologies on the makes social media more effective and convenient for all,whether a seasoned social branding agency managing multiple brands or asocial media newbie surfing shallow water of social media enabled marketingand promotion. It makes harvesting of social branding power a breeze byremoving complexity associated with managing multiple social campaigns ordigital assets and making the process of engaging with audiences acrossdiverse social media channels and segments allow prospects, customers and other audience segmentsaccess all activities about the brand across different social channels at oneplace. On other hand it provides brand managers or content creators greatease and flexibility in creating, posting, commenting, and sharing is inspired by the usability, symmetry and neatness ofmodular design hence special care has been taken to ensure the presentationof all features including user’s public page as well dashboard are modular.
  3. 3. is an innovation of massive proportion is powered by HnyBPlatform and leverages all positives of HnyB tools as well as Social Networkingphilosophy while removing various gaps existing in present methods.Features Single Dashboard for your all Social Branding and Campaigning Needs. Real-time, Single click design interface with 3 different design layoutsand 7 beautiful themes. More than 14 leading Social Networks with a single click connectfeature. Real-time feeds from all the Networks which make your Page live andVibrant. One Click Creation of Unique Socially Integrated Webpage for yourBrand without writing a single code. Ability to showcase any Video or Document or Presentation on yourPublic Page without connecting specific Network. Rich Text Editor which helps you to create more stylish and customizedProfile. Automatic Creation of Slider with photos fetched from your selectedFlickr or Picasa Album. Single Click Post to one, multiple or all connected Social Networks fromyour dashboard only. No Need to login to everynetwork to post status. Separate Campaign Management Dashboard equipped with all featurefor effective Campaign Management. Unlimited Campaign Creation by customized Profiles and Pages whichfurther gives ability to Post and Manage Campaigns separately. Upload Rich Content including Photos and Videos to connectedNetworks from your Dashboard only.* Schedule your Posts and Uploads to create a fully automatedCampaign.* World’s First Intelligent Proprietary Post Identification System whichautomatically takes care of your Post’s compatibility with Networks. (i.e.If you Upload PPT or Document and select Slideshare and Facebook thanSystem will automatically identify the Network Post Specifications and
  4. 4. www.socialization.meBrands Social PresenceGateway for the wholeWorld created within aminute.Cutting Edge DigitalShowcase of your Brandwhich adds uniqueness toits Social front.Easier, faster andIntelligent Social MediaManagement equippedwith HnyB Social APIsDedicated CampaignMnagement Dashboardhelp you to MnaageSocial Campaignseffectively.Device IndependentDesign makes easy accessto your followers.Creation of your ownSocially Integratedwebsite in a minutewithout writing a singlecode.Go live by on yourCustom Domain andenrich your Brand with aunique Social Webpage.Save Time and efforts byManaging all SocialNetworks fromSocialization Dashboard.Beautiful Public PageCreation of your Brandwhich further makes itmore Communicative andSocial.Uplaod the PPT or Document to Slideshare first and post its link toFacebook.)* Innovative Responsive Design which will make your Socialization. meprofile’s look and feel just as sleek on a handheld like mobiles,Smartphones and tablets as it does on the desktop. Easy transfer to your Custom Domain which makes it easy to make itfully customized. Automatic Integration of Social Networks connected to HnyB Anyone in the World can see your Public profile withoutlogin to any Networks or which makes your PublicProfile Truly Public. No Flash Web Layout makes your Page accessible for everyone, on anydevice.*(Coming soon in Next Update)Advantages
  5. 5. your Social Persona…