Scrobbler - Open Graph Showcase f. PMD Summit 2012

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  • 1. Scrobbler f. Facebook http://die.socialisten.atOpen Graph Showcase - PMD Summit 2012 Michael Kamleitner, Die Socialisten
  • 2. About: Die Socialisten"Die Socialisten" is a Vienna-based social-software agencyfocussing on the design & implementation of apps andmarketing-solutions on social web platforms likeFacebook.To date, we have successfully built more than onehundredbrand-pages, applications and integrations of externalwebsites.Our clients include Red Bull, Axel Springer/,Bertelsmann, FTD, Krone Multimedia, ATV and Hitradio Ö3."Die Socialisten" are Austrias first agency listed in theofficial "Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer"-program. | social network development
  • 3. Scrobbler for Facebook:The only way to connect popular music service toFacebook Timeline. The app frequently fetches a users and publishes recently listened ("scrobbled") music to his/herFacebook Timeline with Open Gaph, similar to Spotify.
  • 4. Fact: in 2013, still doesn’t offer native Timeline-integration for their service!
  • 5. The Early DaysOctober 2011-January 2012Developed in October 2011 (soon after f8) as a weekend-project.First Beta signup on October 16th, 2011More than 800 Beta users in Sandbox (each approved manually)!Public Launch: “Scrobble”-Action approved in end of January 2012 social network development
  • 6. One Year later...Users!January 2013139.817 App-Installs total.87.547 MAU / 62.685 WAU / 37.511 DAU social network development
  • 7. One Year later...Actions!January 2012 - January 2013241 million action published!= 458 apm (“actions per minute” ;) social network development
  • 8. One Year later...Referrals!January 2012 - January 2013Distribution on News Feed, Timeline & Ticker:Up to 1% CTR (News Feed), Avg. 0.29% = that’s some traffic! social network development
  • 9. One Year later...Traffic!January 2012 - January 2013Traffic vs. User Growth (through Auth. Referrals + Passive Sharing) Auth. Referrals active social network development
  • 10. Scrobbler Fan-Page - 42.000 Likes so far!
  • 11. Scrobbler Fan-Page - HighlightsMany engaging posts on Fan-Page! Polls, Artists of the Week,, Misc & Fun.
  • 12. Actions, Stories & FeaturesOpen Graph Showcase - PMD Summit 2012
  • 13. Personalized Music-FeedMusic you’re friends are currently listening.
  • 14. Open Graph Action “Scrobble”...Tracks
  • 15. Open Graph Action “Comment”...Sets of Music. Published with user_message. Comment & Like on Music & Publish to Timeline (OG)
  • 16. Open Graph Action “Love”...Tracks. Published with fb_explicit_sharing Publish loved Tracks to Timeline (OG)
  • 17. Open Graph Action “Love” & “Scrobble” areconnected with “Action Links” Publish loved Tracks to Timeline (OG)
  • 18. Timeline AggreationsMost played Artists, Loved Tracks, No. of Tracks, Most Played Tracks...
  • 19. App-to-User NotificationsFor Comments & Likes.
  • 20. Personalized ChartsTop Artists & Tracks of Friends 4. Personalized Charts
  • 21. SCROBBLE FAST LOVE MUSIC Social Software Development
  • 22. Michael KamleitnerDie SocialistenLet’s connect!michael.kamleitner@socialisten.at