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Facebook Payments for Developers
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Facebook Payments for Developers


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Facebook Credits are dead – long live Local Currency Payments! Learn how-to use Facebook’s new Micropayment solution to charge users in your Facebook Apps or on your WordPress-Blog! …

Facebook Credits are dead – long live Local Currency Payments! Learn how-to use Facebook’s new Micropayment solution to charge users in your Facebook Apps or on your WordPress-Blog!

Michael Kameitner, November 6th, 2013 - AllFacebook DevCon Berlin

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Facebook Payments for Developers An Introduction to Facebook’s Micropayment Platform
 November 6th, 2013 - AllFacebook DevCon Berlin
 Michael Kamleitner, Die Socialisten
  • 2. "Die Socialisten" is a Vienna-based social-software agency focussing on the design & implementation of apps and marketing-solutions on social web platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Google+. To date, we have successfully built more than 100 brand-pages, applications and websites. Our clients include Red Bull, Axel Springer/, Bertelsmann, FTD, Krone Multimedia, ATV and Hitradio Ö3. "Die Socialisten" are Austria's first agency listed in the official 
 "Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer"-program. |

  • 3. Try out - Our Enterprise Social Media Management Suite! ( social network development
  • 4. Why Facebook Payments?
  • 5. Facebook Credits is Dead!
 2009 - September 2013
 Social Software Development
  • 6. While Facebook Credits has been discontinued for months, there are still misconceptions on its whereabouts or its successor, Local Currency Payments, as this recent scam shows… 
  • 7. From Credits to Local Currency Payments - Other than with Credits, users don’t maintain a separate balance on Facebook anymore -
 no more “charging” your Account with credits etc. - Instead, a users payment-method (creditcard, PayPal…) is charged 
 for each transaction immediately - No more virtual currency, transactions are done directly in a users local currency
  • 8. Facebook Credits Facebook Credits Buy Credits! 10 USD Hoarding you Credits on… 110 Credits …Use & Pay! 320 Farm Coins Facebook Local Currency Payments Facebook Local Currency Payments Buy directly! 10 USD …Use! 320 Farm Coins
  • 9. Facebook Local Currency Payments Facebook charges developers a processing fee of 30% for each transaction!
  • 10. Facebook Local Currency Payments 
 55 Currencies ! 80 Payment Methods Creditcards, PayPal, Gift Cards and a plethora of locally relevant payment instruments: ! PaySafeCard, Bank Transfer, ClickandBuy, DaoPay, Ukash, Giropay DaoPay, PaySafeCard, EPS, Online Banking, Bank Transfer, Ukash, Maestro, Moneybookers PaySafeCard, DaoPay, Ukash, Bank Transfer, Moneybookers
  • 11. Getting to know Facebook Payments…
  • 12. Create a Facebook Canvas-App! Pick a Namespace and enter Canva- & Secure Canvas-URLs…
  • 13. Activate Payments for your App! When starting with Facebook Payments first, you’ll have to create in-depth company profile.
  • 14. Create a Company Profile Besides legal type, address & contact info, you’ll have to provide your tax ID number. Important: Obviously you are responsible to pay taxes for revenues on Facebook yourself!
  • 15. Payment Info - in US/EU, a bank account is the fastest way…
  • 16. For payment through PayPal or
 through a bank account outside of US/EU: 
 - Upload your personal ID and your companies excerpt of commercial register - Check will take 2-4 weeks ! FAQ:,
  • 17. Defining Products…
  • 18. product-1.html …as Open Graph Objects with og:type = “product”! 
 - As usual, provide title, image, description & URL… - More importantly: provide the price at which your product should be sold. - There’s two ways to set the price…
  • 19. product-1.html Static Pricing 
 - Define a price for any number of currencies explicitly in the tags! - This allows to avoid awkward prices which might otherwise happen due to 
 automatic conversion between currencies (EUR 0.99 = USD 1.337) - If a users currency isn’t defined here, Facebook will still convert automatically! - Important: Open Graph objects are cached for 24 hours - 
 refresh / scrape them manually when changing prices!
  • 20. Test & scrape products with the Open Graph Object Debugger!
  • 21. product-1.html Dynamic Pricing 
 - Prices are not given in the Open Graph tags! - When a user wants to buy our product, Facebook is polling the actual price 
 from a Callback-URL of our application! - Might be a bit slower, but enables flexible pricing (useful for A/B-tests…)
  • 22. Using the Payment Dialog…
  • 23. Calling the Payment Dialogs with FB.ui() is easy!
  • 24. Calling the Payment Dialogs Just pass the URL of the product’s Open Graph object in the “product”-parameter, so Facebook actually knows what item should be sold!
  • 25. Testing the Payment Dialog on Canvas! It works! Facebook fetches the product info from the given Open Graph object and displays the payment-dialog accordingly - including, title, image, prize etc…
  • 26. Ergebnis des Callbacks: If the transaction is successful, A JavaScript-Callback returns the Payment-ID - But be aware…
  • 27. Ergebnis des Callbacks: …for security reasons, never process the transaction client-side!
 Instead, use the returned Signed Request…
  • 28. …and send it to the server!
  • 29. Inhalt des Signed Requests: On the server-side, decode the Signed Request as usual, check if the Payment-ID is valid and process the transaction!
  • 30. Payments also work on Mobile! :)
  • 31. Unfortunately, Payments won’t work on standalone websites/webapps outside the Canvas right now :(
  • 32. Facebook Payments work on App-/Tab-Canvas & Web-/Native-Mobile! ! It won’t work on stand-alone websites/web-apps! :(
  • 33. Using Facebook Payments…
  • 34. Facebook Payments might be a viable micropayment solution for most digital goods: 
 - Games, Games, Games - in-game currencies, virtual goods etc. - eBook-/mp3-Downloads - Paid access for Live video-streams - Paid content on websites or blogs…
  • 35. Usecase: ! Selling content on your Wordpress Blog with Facebook Payments!
  • 36. wp-content/plugins/paygate/paygate_backend.php Add Custom Fields to the Wordpress backend… Paygate active (Yes/No), Price, Currency
  • 37. wp-content/plugins/paygate/paygate_backend.php Save Custom Fields with post… Paygate active (Yes/No), Price, Currency
  • 38. wp-content/plugins/paygate/paygate_backend.php Settings dialog for the plugin… App-ID, App-Secret, Namespace (for Canvas-Redirect)
  • 39. wp-content/plugins/paygate/paygate_frontend.php Frontend - Insert the “Buy”-button…
  • 40. wp-content/plugins/paygate/paygate_frontend.php Frontend - Insert the “Buy”-button…
  • 41. wp-content/plugins/paygate/paygate_frontend.php Frontend - Insert the “Buy”-button…
  • 42. wp-content /plugins/paygate/index.php (Canvas) On Canvas: Lets’s open the Payment Dialog - if the transaction is completed, redirect back to the blog!
  • 43. wp-content/plugins/paygate/paygate_frontend.php Back on the blog: if a Payment-ID is passed, we check the ID against the API - if everything is fine, we display the whole post!
  • 44. Don’t Only try this at home! ! Code: Demo: Slides:
  • 45. Try out - Our Enterprise Social Media Management Suite! ( social network development
  • 46. Michael Kamleitner Die Socialisten Let’s connect! !